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   Chapter 13 Make Your Life A Living Hell

Fall For You At The First Sight And Everyday By Xiang Si Characters: 6101

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Charles squinted his eyes. As far as he saw, Bella was just pretending to be delicate and weak in front of him!

He stepped forward in a fury and gave her collar a yank," What the hell are you doing? Are you going to fast to death?"

Bella gave him a surprised look and was lost in thought. 'Is he caring about me?'

"I won't let you die so easily. I will torture you and make your life a living hell!" Charles said very slowly, his eyes scarlet like a monster's.

Bella smiled bitterly. Yeah, how could he really care about her? That would never happen. He was the only one who wanted to see her suffer the most!

What was she expecting?

Everything had changed since the time when Michelle disappeared inexplicably!

Frowning at the bitter smile on Bella's lips, Charles grew more and more annoyed. He pulled her to the table with all his strength.

Bella stared at the delicacies on the table. Although her stomach was crying out for food, she had no appetite at all.

Looking at Charles's gloomy face, Bella gave a helpless sigh, sat down gently, picked up the food and put it into her mouth. It tasted indescribably bland and insipid like cardboard.

Seeing that Bella finished the meal in her bowl one by one, Charles felt a little delighted.

He didn't know why he had such a feeling. Maybe it was because Bella had obediently finished her meal. Maybe the pleasure of conquering Bella satisfied him much.

After the meal, Bella stood up silently and was about to go back to her room when she suddenly felt her arm tightened. She turned around subconsciously and happened to meet Charles's dark eyes.

That pair of dark eyes only sent chill down her spine. She seemed to have foreseen something...

As expected, next second, Charles rudely pulled Bella back. Her waist hit hard to the edge of the table and that made her frown spontaneously. However, Charles only took her reaction as smugness and swept all the tableware to the ground.

The bowls and plates smashed to the ground and broke into pieces. The housekeeper and servants who were waiting aside trembled with fear and didn't say a word. Getting Charles angrier was the last thing they wanted to see.

"Get out, all of you!" Charles's tone was cold and sullen, but his eyes were fixed tightly on Bella's body.

Hearing Charles's words, the butler and the servants ran away as soon as they got an amnesty. None of them even noticed the debris on the ground.

Charles was just deliberately embarrassing and torturing her.

The more embarrassed she was, the happier he was.

Bella slowly closed her eyes, her long curly eyelashes trembling slightly, revealing her inner fluster.

When she woke up, she found herself in her own room with no one around her. Bella gave a grim sneer. Yes, he would never stay in her room for one second more.

Except for some pain, there was no sticky feeling on her body.

Bella put on her clothes and felt dizzy as she got out of bed. She touched her forehead and found the gauze on it. She didn't think too

much and thought it was the sequela of the collision.

After washing up, Bella went downstairs, greeted by pitiful look the servants cast at her in unison.

Head lowered and eyes drooped, she averted their eyes as far as possible. Now all her dignity had been deprived of her.

"Miss Gu, this is your breakfast!" The butler brought the breakfast and placed it respectfully in front of her.

He still remembered the order from Charles this morning. Bella had to be fed well three meals a day, or else he would be held accountable.

Of course, the butler refused to lift even a finger against Charles. The moment he saw Bella, he brought the breakfast to her.

Looking at the toast and fried eggs, Bella had a lack of appetite. She only drank a few mouthfuls of milk and didn't want to eat any more.

Seeing that Bella was about to leave, the butler immediately stopped her and said with some embarrassment, "Miss Gu, Charles has said that we must watch you finish these breakfast. Please don't make it difficult for us!"

Hearing this, Bella closed her eyes and frowned. She clenched her fists with rising anger and. She had never expected Charles could be such overbearing and unreasonable!

Why did he have to threaten her to eat something she didn't want?

Seeing Bella's appearance, the butler felt a little distressed. In fact, it seemed that President Charles should care about Miss Bella, or he wouldn't have been so angry last night.

"Miss Gu, in fact, I think Charles did it for your own good!" The butler said gingerly.

Well, for her good?

Of course, Bella had doubt on that. Charles had said that he wouldn't let her die so easily.

After a long time, Bella opened her eyes and slowly loosened her fists. 'Forget it. It's just breakfast. I will take it.'

With an apologetic smile to the housekeeper, she sat back at the table and took a bite of the fried egg, the greasy taste really made her feel sick. She immediately put down the knife and fork and rushed to the bathroom.

Her stomach was churning, Bella spit out the milk she had just drunk.

She didn't think too much. She thought it was because she had a bad appetite.

She leaned against the basin and vomited for a long time until nothing could be spit out. Her stomach slowly calmed down. Bella took a long breath and then returned to the table. The sight of the fried egg suddenly sent a quiver down her spine.

"Take it away and pour it down. Anyway, he won't know that if I keep silent." Bella said lightly, then turned around and went upstairs.

The butler looked at Bella's receding figure and whispered in his heart, "She is always willing to eat fried eggs. Why did she vomit so badly today? Such a weird thing!"

Bella went back to her room and looked at the soft bed. Her sore eyes began to shed tears again. It was strange. She was not like this usually. Was it because of the injury?

Bella smiled. When did she become so delicate?

Drowsiness came again, she put all that behind her head and caught some more sleep.

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