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   Chapter 12 Fish For Sympathy

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Bella was taken out of the hospital by Charles on the second day after being observed overnight.

Of course, Gloria was glad to know that Bella was going to be discharged from the hospital. That meant that she was fine.

For Bella, she had a doubt about that. She felt much more comfortable in the hospital than in the Green Field Villa.

Gloria sent Bella to the gate of the hospital and told her to take good care of herself and be good with Charles.

Seeing that Bella was reluctant to leave and frowned, a gust of anger flooded Charles's mind. Why was she so reluctant to go back?

"Don't worry, Aunt Floria. I will 'take good care' of her!" Charles walked over, held Bella's hand and promised.

Gloria was overjoyed and said, "That's great. Fine!"

However, Bella frowned more seriously, because only she knew how hard Charles was holding her hand and how painful that grip was.

She could also feel some threat as he stressed the words 'take good care'.

Seeing that Bella didn't say anything, Bella was a little unhappy. In her mind, Bella was still not a sensible girl. "Bella, you know Charles cares about you. You should be good to him and be sensible, understand?" she said in a complaint tone.

Bella felt bitter in her heart and forced a smile, "Mom, don't worry. I got it!"

After saying goodbye, Bella subconsciously took a look at Charles and found his eyes. He was also staring at her with a faint smile and a touch of coldness and harshness in her eyes.

Bella's body stiffened slightly, and then she quickly turned her head away, not daring to look at him ever again.

Charles frowned unhappily and tightened his grip on Bella's wrist, expecting her reaction.

Bella frowned more tightly, biting her lower lip and looking a little painful.

Seeing this, Gloria didn't think too much. She thought it was caused by Bella's physical discomfort, so she hurriedly urged them to get in the car and leave.

In the car, the two of them sat on one side. Bella tried hard to keep her sense of existence in a low profile state and kept silent.

On the other side, Charles felt a little resentful as he saw Bella's expression.

When the car arrived at the villa, Charles pulled her out of the car without demur.

Bella staggered behind Charles and almost fell down several times, but he just ignored her. After pulling her into the room, he threw her heavily on the bed.

"Ouch!" Bella let out a light cry and felt a sense of dizziness. Before she could react, Charles weighed her down.

Bella closed her eyes helplessly and bit her lower lip, waiting for Charles's attack and ravage.

Bella's expression only made Charles more furious. Why could she smile to everyone, but only pull a long face to him...

Instead of getting his penis inside of her body, Charles reached out his hand and pinched her chin. He said in a cold voice, "Why are you pulling a long face to me every day?"

Waves of pain flooded her mind, but she tried her best to cover it up. Slowly, she opened her eyes, looked at Charles and sneered, "Isn't this what you want, President Charles Si?"

"Yeah?" Charles's eyes darkened. Why was he in the dark about that?

Out of rage, he tore off Bella's clothes wildly like a beast. Hearing the sound of silk tearing on her body, Bella felt a burst of

pain in her heart, and her body could not help trembling slightly.

Looking at the change of Bella's body, Charles felt a nameless fire burning in his heart. Why didn't she beg for mercy?

It hurt her deeply...

However, Bella chose to close her eyes and endured the repeated torture.

After his desire vented, Charles left directly without saying anything. But as he turned around, Bella saw the strong hatred in his eyes.

It was all because of hatred.

The pain in her heart had surpassed that in her body. Bella struggled to stand up and walked into the bathroom, letting the cold water flow down on her body. She trembled as if falling into an ice cave.

Not knowing how long she had washed in the cold water, Bella numbly walked out of the bathroom, took out her clothes from the wardrobe and put them on. Looking up at the scenery outside the French window, she could not help but feel depressed.

Legs curled up, she sat before the French window and watched the beautiful scenery outside.

She smiled bitterly. All the flowers and plants here were designed by Charles for Michelle. He loved Michelle as much as he could, but she was ruthlessly ravaged here. How ironic it was! If possible, she wished she hadn't known these two people before, so that she wouldn't have suffered such an undeserved catastrophe.

Silently, Bella just sat in front of the French window for a whole day!

When Charles returned home from work, he glanced around the living room and found no one, nor did he see her in the dining room.

It was dinner time, but she was not there.

"Where is Bella?" Charles asked butler.

"Mr Charles, Miss Gu has locked herself in her room for a whole day. She didn't even ate a grain of rice today. Nor did she open the door for servants." The butler replied respectfully after hesitating for a while.

"Not even a grain of rice?"

Charles's face suddenly darkened. Seeing this, the butler dared not take a deep breath.

'What the hell is this woman doing? Is she fighting against me and announcing her dissatisfaction?' Charles mulled angrily.

With a cold face, Charles walked quickly to Bella's room and kicked the door open with a loud bang.

The sudden voice startled Bella, but she calmed down soon. She knew who it was without looking, but she did not expect him to be so violent.

It was already dark outside, and Bella's room was also pitch dark. Charles was slightly stunned. After adapting to the darkness, he could see the faint light projected through the French window outside.

In front of the French window, a petite figure curled up there motionlessly. She looked so thin and helpless. Somehow, Charles had a strange feeling in his heart. That feeling was... It was heartbreaking!

Heartbreaking for her? Huh!

Charles sneered. How could he feel sorry for such a shameless woman?

Perhaps, this was another trick for her to fish for sympathy?

Anyway, she was good at acting, wasn't she?

Bella's calm reaction again irritated Charles. With a bang, he flipped the switch and turned on the light, now he was able to see her expression.

The sudden glare from the light blinded Bella. Subconsciously, she raised her hand and put the back of her hand against her eyes and gently rubbed her eyes which were stung because of the glare.

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