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   Chapter 11 Bella's Mom Was Made Aware Of What Had Happened

Fall For You At The First Sight And Everyday By Xiang Si Characters: 6889

Updated: 2020-08-17 00:03

When Bella woke up, she was already lying in the hospital with a burst of pain on her forehead. Struggling, she braced herself and sat up, not realizing she had woken up her mom Gloria, who was sleeping while her head propped up on her crossed arms.

"Bella, did you have a sound sleep? You silly girl, why were you so careless?" Seeing that Bella had woken up and her pale face had gradually turned better, Gloria gave her a mighty prod in her unharmed forehead with her forefinger.

However, Gloria's unexpected visit only caught Bella off guard. Regardless of her infusion, she quickly leaned forward to observe her mother's face and asked anxiously, "Mom, why are you here?" "I heard you were in hospital, weren't you?" Did Charles tell you everything?"

Bella only felt a throbbing pain in her heart at that thought.

'Charles. Ah, Charles, you were really vicious enough!

You said that you wanted to take revenge on me, and I also admitted it. Oh, god! Why would I fall in love with you desperately? But why did you get my mom involved?'

"Mom, I'm sorry. I..." Bella explained with a paler face.

"Aunt, is Bella awake?" Suddenly, Charles stepped in. He stared at Bella with a pair of emotionless deep eyes, as if warning or sneering at her.

Bella swallowed the words she was about to speak, silently lowered her head and tightly clenched her hands.

"Hey, Charles, come and sit here." Gloria warmly pulled him to sit in front of Bella's bed.

Being immersed in her own thoughts, Bella didn't pay much attention to her Mom's attitude toward Charles.

"Charles, it's very kind of you to take care of Bella these days. Oh, sorry for all the inconveniences to you. I know you are a good lad. It's my daughter who should be blamed, she is just a naive girl."

Facing Charles and Bella who were sitting together, tears silently filled her eye sockets. Her dainty daughter and handsome Charles would be a perfect match, which was much to her relief.

Seeing this, Bella got shocked, flung herself upon Gloria and hugged her tightly, choking, "Mom, please don't say that. It's all my fault. It's all my fault. I won't lie to you anymore. No more tears, my dear mom."

Bella's sudden reaction only confused Gloria. She blinked her eyes and asked in bewilderment, "Bella, I just thought of your father all of a sudden. Why are you so excited? What did you lie to me?"

Bella's sobbing body stiffened and looked up at Charles blankly.

Gloria, of course, noticed the abnormality between the two. She looked back and forth between them two and inquired, "Tell me what you lied to me about?"

'What's going on? Didn't... Didn't Charles tell my mom the whole story?' Bella pondered.

A kaleidoscope of feelings rose in her mind. She bit her lips, lowered her head and stopped saying anything.

Charles smiled and said, "Aunt Gloria, nothing serious. It was just Bella offended a director a few days ago and was banned. She can't act in the future. She was afraid that you might be worried, so she didn't tell you. She might think that I have told you."

"Oh, I see. Bella, being an actress is not a good option for you. Moreover, how can you live in the entertainment circle? Get out of here as soon as possible. That would be a relief to me!" Gloria clapped Bella's hands and agreed.

"Mom, I got it." Bella said bitterly.

"Bella, you are just as stubborn as your father. You are even too simple to rea

lize you have offended your director. Now you have Charles to protect you. I am wondering what you will suffer if Charles was not by your side?"

Gloria taught her a lesson with a straight face.

"That's right. That director didn't dare to do anything to you because of me. Next time... You know the consequences!" Charles threatened with a faint smile on his face.

Gloria didn't know what he was talking about, but Bella certainly knew. He was warning her to be obedient in the future.

Bella bit her lips and didn't say anything. Gloria smiled and said, "Correct. Just keep me informed if anything happens next time. I am glad to teach her another lesson."

Charles punned, "Next time, I am sure I will arrange you two a meeting to have a good talk with her."

Bella looked at Charles but he just gave her a threatening smile. She turned around and didn't look at him anymore.

"Silly girl, thanks to Charles. Or else no one will send you here. How could you be so reckless? How could you be hit by a car while walking?"

Gloria held Bella's hand tightly and said with lingering fear.

Knowing Charles had kept silent to Gloria about her story, Bella was relieved. She held back Gloria's hand and said with a forced smile, "Mom, I won't do that again. I will be more careful when I go out. Don't worry."

"Well, forget it. The driver who hit you is still outside. I'll let him in." Gloria shook her head and suddenly remembered that the driver who hit her was still waiting outside. She quickly stood up.

"Mom, forget it. It's my fault. I was too careless while walking. It had nothing to do with him. Let him go."

Headache caught her. Bella had no interest to see that so-called driver at all. Anyway, it was arranged by Charles. Why would she waste her time meeting him?

"He has been waiting outside. How could I just drive him away?" Gloria said disapprovingly, turned around and went out, leaving Bella and Charles in that big inpatient ward.

"Have you learned your lesson?" Charles stood up, glanced at her and asked expressionlessly.

"Got it." Bella lowered her head and averted his gaze.

"Why don't you look into my eyes?" Charles lowered his head, pinched her chin and forced her to look up at him. He glanced at her bandaged wound faintly.

Bella pressed her lips and said nothing.

Looking at Bella's stubborn face, Charles got angry and kissed her hard on the lips.

Bella's head had been aching faintly. The conversation between her and Gloria had depleted her energy. Charles's wild kiss only made her feel uncomfortable and dizzy.

"Hmm... You Let me go..." Bella waved her hands and struggled. Suddenly, she caught a glimpse of Charles's warning eyes. Thinking of her mother who was still outside, she immediately stopped struggling and closed her eyes, enduring Charles's kiss and attack.

It was not until Gloria's voice came from outside that Charles let go of his prey. Bella's head was splitting because of the kiss. Her face, which was not red at all, turned paler and she fell on the bed softly.

"What's wrong with you, Bella?" Gloria curiously looked at Bella who was lying in bed and asked.

"Nothing. She's just tired. Let's go out. She needs to have a good rest." As if nothing had happened, Charles pulled Gloria and the so-called driver out of the ward with a smile.

Not knowing how long it had passed, a burst of muffled sobs came from the curled quilt.

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