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   Chapter 10 Punishment

Fall For You At The First Sight And Everyday By Xiang Si Characters: 6292

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Charles looked at his hand on Bella's head with a hint of cruelty in his eyes.

The people behind Charles dropped their heads lowered, not daring to breathe heavily. The others in the hall had already seen this and left. At this time, only they were left here.

The most miserable one was the one who came to discuss cooperation with Charles. He thought to himself, 'It's not a good to go out today. Why did I run into this?' The calendar didn't say that it was not appropriate to talk about business today.

However, when Francis walked to the door, he suddenly remembered something. He turned to Bella and said gently, "Take good care of yourself. Don't harm your body for losing weight. Someone will feel sorry for you."

After saying that, regardless of the expression on Charles's face, he went out gracefully.

Perhaps it was because he had received the etiquette education of the royal family since he was a child, his every move was as elegant as a painting, as if carved in his bones.

As soon as he left, Charles pulled Bella up from the chair.

The tableware on the table immediately dropped to the ground, making a harsh sound.

"Hello, what happened here? Oh! It's Mr. Si. Please go ahead with your work!"

The manager came to ask what was going on. As soon as he saw Charles, he immediately left with his head down.

As a manager, he couldn't afford to offend him!

"Charles, let go of me!" Bella felt extremely uncomfortable being pulled by him. Besides, there were so many people around her. She didn't want to be laughed at.

"Let you go? How dare you! What then? Do you think you have nothing to fear after climbing into the bed of Francis?" Charles cursed maliciously.

The waiters hiding aside secretly looked at Bella. Obviously. They didn't expect her to be such a person.

They were jealous and envious of her, who was so excellent in seducing men.

Bella blushed with embarrassment and said in a low voice, "What nonsense are you talking about? I... Let's go back and talk about it."

"Huh! Bella, you are just a bitch. Stop playing innocent. You pretend to be more innocent than anyone else, but in fact, you have seduced many men."

"Clap!" Bella slapped Charles. The hall was so quiet that everyone could hear their breaths clearly.


Charles stared at Bella with red eyes, as if he was going to swallow her.

Bella bit her lips and looked at Charles stubbornly.

He knew clearly that she valued her self-esteem, but he still deliberately humiliated her in front of everyone. The waiters' eyes were about to pierce her.

Bella felt that her dignity was totally trampled on the ground.

"Good! Very good!" Looking at Bella, Charles suddenly grabbed her wrist and quickly dragged her out.

The assistant followed him with a bitter face, "Mr. Si, the contract! Contract!"

The man who came to talk about business with Charles immediately pulled the assistant and wiped the sweat on his head. His fat face was full of embarrassment. He said, "Forget it. Mr. Si seems to have something more important to deal with. We'd better delay the contract. It's not in a h

urry anyway."

The assistant raised her eyebrows and thought, 'Was't he in a hurry before? He kept urging me before. He even said that they wouldn't further the cooperation if we didn't sign the contract as soon as possible.'

The man seemed to have read the assistant's mind, and his fat face was even more embarrassed.

The assistant understood.

In the past few years, under the leadership of the CEO, their company had become more and more advanced and flourished. They were also generous, and many companies would rush to seek cooperation with them.

Of course, it didn't rule out those who deliberately put on airs and wanted to get more benefits. This fatty should belong to this kind of person.


"Humph! Then you can go back and wait." The assistant said and left.

However, those who wanted to fool them had never come to a good end!

At the same time, Bella was dragged all the way to the parking lot by Charles and stopped in front of a Rolls-Royce.

With a gloomy face, Charles opened the door and threw Bella in.

Bella was caught off guard. She banged her head on the car door with a thud. However, before Bella sat up, Charles's aggressive kiss swept over her body.

"Let... Let me go..."

Bella kept struggling. Someone would come to the parking lot at any time, not to mention that Charles didn't even close the door. She grabbed her clothes in panic and didn't want to be violated like this.

However, Charles seemed to be crazy. He grabbed her clothes in a frenzy. Bella grabbed her collar tightly and didn't want to let it go. Several fingernails were broken, and blood instantly oozed from her fingertips.

However, Charles, who was in a rage, did not care about her.

With the more and more intense movements of Charles Bella's face turned pale.

What did he think of her!

The two lines of tears ran into her hair and soon disappeared.

A trace of determination flashed across Bella's face, as if she had made up her mind.

After a long time, Charles slowly stopped. Fortunately, no one appeared in the parking lot.

As soon as Charles got himself off Bella's body, a touch of determination flashed through her eyes. She gritted her teeth and slammed into the door on the other side.

Charles didn't notice it and Bella bumped into the door and made a loud sound!

Blood gushed from Bella's fair forehead and her forehead was red and swollen.

Charles's face turned pale. He immediately pulled Bella into his arms, only to find that the woman in his arms had fainted. Her tightly pursed lips showed a trace of stubbornness.

Charles felt as if his heart was gripped by a hand, so painful that he could not breathe.

"Bella! Are you a fool?" Charles pounded on the car door with his fist, quickly got Bella dressed and then made a phone call.

"Come down! Go to the hospital!"

The bodyguards guarding outside the parking lot didn't know what had happened. When they heard Charles's nervous tone, they immediately rushed out. The drivers who were stopped outside looked angry but restrained his anger then went to the parking lot to pick up their cars.

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