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   Chapter 9 Go With Me

Fall For You At The First Sight And Everyday By Xiang Si Characters: 6353

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By the time Bella arrived, Francis had already arrived.

"Francis, I'm late. Have you been waiting for a long time?" Bella said shyly.

"No, I just arrived." Francis smiled at her gently.

"I haven't seen you for only a short time. Why do you lose so much weight?" Looking at Bella's pale face, he frowned and asked with concern.

"I... I'm fine. I'm on a diet." Bella quickly changed the topic and explained awkwardly.

Since she signed the ridiculous contract and went to Charles's villa, she had been in a state of nervous tension. She tended to only have a few bites of food and then put it down. She couldn't fall asleep every night. It would be strange if she looked fine.

Francis looked at Bella for a while, and when Bella was about to feel awkward, he finally said, "You should pay attention to your health before losing weight. Don't harm your body."

Bella touched her nose awkwardly and said with a smile, "I know. Thank you for your concern. You came back so soon from this business trip."

The Lu Family's business was basically overseas. In the past two years, they planned to move all their industries overseas, and they would never come back except for business.

After all, his grandmother was a lady from the UK. The Lu Family had developed and flourished in the UK, and he had to rectify the power of the Lu Family in the country before returning to the UK.

Therefore, every time he went on a business trip, he would go home to report the situation. Normally, he would come back after at least half a year, but this time it was only two months.

"Yes, it's almost over here. I'm afraid I won't have a chance to come back in the future." Looking at Bella, he said in a sad tone.

"Is it difficult to see you in the future?" Bella asked sadly.

She didn't have many friends. Maybe it was because she used to be a girl from a rich family. When she was in trouble, people from ordinary families would only laugh at her and see her return to ordinary life.

As for those rich people, they couldn't wait to laugh at her. They wouldn't have any connection with a person who was worthless.

Their relationship was based on interests.

Upon hearing this, he was stunned. He had thought about what she should do after he left.

For many times, he wanted to take her away directly, but she didn't love him and he didn't want to force her to do anything.

If that time came, he would be very reluctant to leave the girl in front of him, wouldn't he?

Thinking that he might never see this girl again, his eyes became darker and darker, but Bella didn't notice it at all.

Without Charles being around, Bella felt relaxed all over her body. Even she, who had no appetite all the time, could not help but gobble down the food on the table, without noticing the man's eyes on her.

"Bella, you... I want you to go to England with me!" Looking at Bella's mouth, he said abruptly.

"Where do you want to go with my woman, Mr. Lu?" However, before Bella could respond, a voice full of danger and warning came from behind.

Hearing this voice, Bella stood still stiffly, slowly swallowed the food in her mouth and sat there sil


Her eyes, which had been filled with light, suddenly became dull. She looked down at the table, but she didn't know where she was looking at, and returned to the lifeless look.

Seeing this, Charles became more furious and the air around him became colder. All the staff behind him suddenly shivered.

'What should I do? The boss seemed to be angry again. He is coming here to discuss the contract today. It can't be screwed up.'

The partner of Charles wiped his sweat secretly. Charles was indeed as difficult to deal with as the rumors said. He was even more terrible than the rumors described. The partner could not help but feel nervous.

'She was talking and laughing so happily with another man. Why did she pull a long face as soon as she saw her? Who gave her the courage? Francis?'

Charles stared at Bella with his gloomy eyes, as if he was going to burn her with his eyes.

Noticing Bella's change, Francis stood up and said politely to Charles, "I don't know Mr. Si is here. Nice to meet you."

Charles looked at the hand stretched out by Francis with a gloomy face. He had no intention of shaking it.

Francis took his hand back with a smile and didn't feel embarrassed.

"Mr. Si, are you here to talk about business? I'm have dinner with my friend here. I won't disturb you. I'll visit you next time." With a gentle smile on his face, Francis meant to let him leave them alone.

"Bella, good for you! You manage to seduce another man so soon." Charles ignored Francis's words and sneered at the silent Bella.

Bella bit her lips tightly and remained silent.

"Mr. Si, this is my friend. Please don't make things difficult for her." Standing in front of Charles, Francis blocked his aggressive gaze.

Charles then turned to look at Francis and said with a gloomy tone, "What? I'm disciplining my woman. Do I need your permission, Mr. Lu?"

Seeing that Bella didn't deny it, Francis e was in a trance for a moment, but soon he calmed down and said, "Really? But it seems that Bella doesn't want to see you."

Looking at the gentle man smiling in front of him, Charles said to Bella coldly, "Bella, don't forget what I have!"

Upon hearing this, the expression on Francis's face changed. He thought to himself, 'Charles must know something secret about Bella. But I don't know what it is.'

Hearing this, Bella suddenly thought of her mother! 'Is he threatening her with my mother?'

Her mother couldn't be stimulated in any way. If her mother knew the grudge between her and Charles and knew that she was forced to be his mistress, her mother would be hospitalized again.

Bella raised her head and looked straight at Charles for the first time. There was no emotion in her eyes, so no one could tell what she was thinking. Suddenly, Charles became more irritable.

"Francis, I'm afraid I can't accompany you today. I'm really sorry. I'll treat you next time." Bella said to Francis apologetically.

Taking a look at Charles who seemed to be about to burst into anger, Francis rubbed Bella's head with a smile and said dotingly, "It doesn't matter. We'll meet next time. I'll be waiting for you at any time."

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