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   Chapter 7 Entrance Guard

Fall For You At The First Sight And Everyday By Xiang Si Characters: 6450

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"Can I change to a normal car?" Bella looked at the Butler beside her.

The Butler shook his head awkwardly and said, "Mr. Si has told me that you must be followed when you go out."

"I know. It's just a change of car. There must be less flamboyant luxury cars in such a big villa, right?" Bella looked at the butler.

She didn't believe that the servants, housekeepers and drivers here also drove luxury cars to work.

The Butler thought for a moment and nodded at the driver arranged specially for Bella. In this way, she left in an ordinary car used by the servants.

Although Bella tried her best to hide her face, wearing a hoodie, big black frame glasses and mask, she was still recognized by some people.

After all, although she was still a small star of the third class, there had just been a TV series she starred in some time ago, so she had earned a small number of fans.

Bella patiently took a group photo with everyone and signed her signatures one by one. It took her a long time to pass through the crowd.

Bella, who just came out of the crowd, lowered her head and smiled bitterly. Even if she wanted to be recognized in the future, she probably wouldn't have the chance, would she?

After all, what Charles did was not just to scare her. It was impossible for her to come back to the entertainment circle again in the future.

After hiding all the way, Bella finally arrived at her mother's ward.

Bella closed the door and gently put the fruit bedside the table. Looking at her mother's haggard face, she couldn't help but cry.

"Mom, I'm here to see you. How are you feeling these days? Do you feel uncomfortable?" Bella asked with concern.

Gloria held Bella's hand with a smile and said, "It's an age-old illness. It can't heal all of a sudden. But I feel much better these two days. Bella, I'd better go back."

Bella refused decisively, "Mom! Look at your pale face. Do you still want to leave the hospital and go home? I won't let you go back until you recover!" Bella said seriously.

"Ha ha!" An old lady on the next bed looked at Gloria with admiration and said with a smile, "You are really lucky. Your daughter is so filial to you. Aren't you happy? If I had such a filial daughter, I would be willing to stay in hospital every day."

Speaking of this, the old lady's face showed a little loneliness.

Gloria and Bella looked at each other and Bella changed the topic immediately, "Yes! Mom, you are such a troublemaker!"

The old lady's surname was Wang, and she was from a rich family. She had given birth to several sons and daughters, but unfortunately, when they grew up, they only cared about their own family's affairs and had no care for their old mother.

Especially after the old lady's husband died, they left the old lady in the nursing home, sent some food and other things she needed to her every month. Even when she was sick, no one came to see her. Only Gloria chatted with her every day to relieve her boredom.

Grandma Wang looked at Bella kindly and said, "Does such a good girl have a boyfriend? Although I don't know many people, there are several good young men around me. May I be a matchmaker for you?"

Bella blushed and smil

ed shyly. Before she could say anything, Gloria refused with a smile, "Auntie Wang, she has a boyfriend, and he is good!"

Hearing this, Grandma Wang immediately showed an excited expression of gossip on her face. "Really? What kind of person is he? He must be very good since even you praise him so highly."

"Well, that kid..." At the mention of Charles, Gloria immediately became talkative and expressed how much she liked him.

Hearing Gloria's praise for Charles, Gloria felt a burst of bitterness in her heart. The truth was often hard to accept. She tried her best to hold back the bitterness in her heart and forced a smile. "Mom! It's me who visit you today. Why do you keep talking about him?"

Grandma immediately teased, "Oh! Are you shy?"

Gloria was also amused, so Bella had to escape with the excuse of taking the lunch.

How could she say that she was no longer Charles's girlfriend? She was just a mistress who was despised by others now. Could she get rid of him only when Charles was completely tired of her and abandoned her?

Bella leaned against the door of the ward, looking depressed.

Bella didn't leave the hospital until night. Fortunately, there were fewer people in the hospital at night. She didn't get blocked as she had been when she came here.

After leaving the hospital, Bella suddenly didn't want to go back to the villa. It was the castle built by Charles for Michelle, not for her.

"You can go back first. I'll take a walk outside." Bella said to the driver.

The driver frowned and was about to say something, but Bella immediately said, "I have some personal affairs to deal with. It's not convenient for you to follow me. And I'll be back soon. Your CEO won't find it."

The driver was still worried. Bella had no choice but to concede and said, "Then you can follow me from afar, okay?"

The driver thought for a while and nodded, following Bella from a distance.

Regardless of the driver behind, Bella began to run on the sidewalk alone.

When her father passed away, Bella not only had to take care of her who was sick because of the blow, but also had to take care of her own study, and also had to endure others' insults.

She had a hard time at that time. Every time she felt that she really couldn't hold on, she would learn from those uncles and aunts to run on the playground, round after round. She didn't stop until she couldn't run anymore.

At the beginning, she was very tired every day, and her two legs were sore and painful, which didn't seem to belong to her anymore. Every time she ran to the end, it was difficult for her to breathe. But when she gradually got used to the pain, she began to enjoy that feeling, enjoying the feeling of relieving pressure when sweating heavily.

Bella ran more than ten kilometers this time. She ran tirelessly along the somewhat secluded road in front of her, like a tourist who was trapped in a maze, and the invisible light in front of her was the exit she was looking for.

It was getting dark. The driver drove slowly following her, and he couldn't help but feel surprised in his heart. 'Miss Gu looks weak, but why was she so energetic? Isn't she tired after running for so long?'

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