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   Chapter 6 Visiting Mother

Fall For You At The First Sight And Everyday By Xiang Si Characters: 6962

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"Hey! I'm here!" Bella shouted, waving her arm.

Unfortunately, her phone was out of power. Otherwise, she could turn on the flashlight and wave it, so they could see her.

"I'm here! Here!" Bella shouted loudly as she walked towards the moving light. Gradually, the distance between them became shorter and shorter, and a smile gradually appeared on Bella's face.

The smile on Bella's face suddenly stopped when the light came near to her.

The man in front of her held the flashlight expressionlessly, like a god bathed in warm light, and suddenly appeared in front of her, just like how he had done at that time.

It was at that time that Bella fell in love with him without hesitation.

Bella's face was pale, and the cold sweat on her face was stuck to her slightly messy hair. Her light colored dress had been stained with a lot of dirt, and her white legs were covered with red and swollen bites, and there were many small scratches on her ankles.

Charles's anger disappeared miraculously the moment he saw Bella, and he seemed to be a little... He seemed to feel a little sorry for her...

No, it was impossible. He should know what kind of person the woman in front of him was!

Charles cast a glance at her with a frown, took off his coat expressionlessly and wrapped the lower part of Bella's body. Then he held her horizontally and walked towards the exit without saying a word.

Bella was stiff in Charles's arms, and suddenly wanted to cry.

Why? When she had made up her mind not to love him anymore, why did he do this? Was he sure that she couldn't give up her love for him easily? Fate really liked to play tricks on people!

The two of them returned to the villa without saying a word. Charles sat on the sofa in silence, while Bella stood aside at a loss, not knowing where to put her hands.

When she was in a dilemma, the Butler asked the servant to bring a bath towel.

"Miss Gu, take a hot shower first. It's cold outside."

Bella thanked him and went to the bathroom with a towel.

The Butler looked at Charles, who was sitting on the sofa and lost in thought, and asked, "Do you really think Miss Gu did that?"

Charles looked at somewhere without any expression on his face. He had been silent for a long time, but when the Butler thought he would not answer him, a sentence came to his ears.

"Michelle won't lie."

The Butler knew what he was thinking, but he still said nothing. He left the room, but in fact, Charles didn't say the rest.

Bella... She didn't seem to be a person who would do that.

As soon as Bella came out of the bathroom, she heard what Charles said. She lowered her eyes and blinked, but in the end, she pretended not to hear it.

In Charles's eyes, Michelle was the kindest person in the world, while she, Bella, was probably just a vicious nobody to him. Their friendship was only based on the help during childhood.

Wearing pajamas, Bella passed through the living room and planned to take a nap. She was indeed exhausted after tonight's experience.

However, as soon as she passed by Charles, she was pulled over by him mercilessly. Bella lost her balance and fell directly on Charles.

The man looked not strong, but beneath his clothes, his body was full of strong muscles, which made her nose red and she almost thought that the bridge of her nose was broken. Bella felt so painful that her eyes fell all of a sudden. She bit her lips tightly and frowned without saying

a word.

Charles turned her face and saw her tears. He wanted to ask her if she was okay, but when he saw her stubborn expression, a nameless anger arose in his heart.

When she was a child, every time she was wronged or got hurt, she would cry and come to him for comfort, lying in his arms. Why was she getting more and more annoying now!

With a straight face, Charles pressed Bella on the sofa and began to kiss her without mercy.

She was not cute, and she should be punished!

Charles didn't know why he got annoyed and sullen when he saw Bella holding back her tears.

It was the same at school. Every time something happened, she would solve it by herself when he was waiting for her to ask him for help.

However, after waiting for a long time, he still couldn't see her ask for his help.

Michelle was more adorable. Every time she encountered any difficulties, she would come to him for help.

Bella endured the physical and mental discomfort, gritted her teeth and endured the relentless plunder of Charles. Under a burst of force, the pain stimulated her brain harder.

Gradually, Bella felt that her eyelids became heavier and heavier, and the figure in front of her became more and more blurred. Finally, she couldn't hold on and fainted.

With a complicated expression on his face, Charles looked at the unconscious Bella, slowly stood up, carefully wiped her body and sent her back to her room.

Downstairs, a servant brought a bowl of soup that had just been made to dispel the cold. As soon as it was placed on the table, Charles said indifferently, "Pour it."

The servant was stunned. Seeing that Charles looked grim, she immediately took it down.

On the second day, it was already nine o'clock in the morning when Bella woke up.

As soon as she sat up, she felt a burst of pain as if her body was about to fall apart. She gently rubbed her shoulder and slowly got out of bed. There was no sticky feeling on her body. It seemed that she had been cleaned up. She wanted to laugh.

It was the same every time. Every time he did something cruel to her, he would do some trivial thing which made her couldn't continue to hate him.

It was just because she loved him. However, she was a person who was stubborn. Every time she fell into his trap even though she knew that he didn't love her at all.

She was angry with Charles's viciousness and schemes, but also hated herself for being so weak that she still loved him.

After tidying herself up, Bella was about to go out, but was stopped by the butler.

Bella laughed at herself, "Can't I go to see my mother?"

The Butler lowered his head and said expressionlessly, "Mr. Si has told me that you must be followed when you go out, and he has arranged a special driver for you."

"Okay. Where is the driver?" Bella suppressed her anger and asked. After all, he just sent people to follow her instead of forbidding her to go out. Bella, who knew Charles well, knew that he compromised.

The Butler saw that Bella had calmed down, so he took her to the garage.

Looking at all kinds of luxury cars in front of her, Bella couldn't help having a headache. Did she really have to take this kind of car to the hospital?

She was afraid that before she arrived at the hospital, there would be news titled "Tens of millions of luxurious cars entering and leaving the hospital. How could an infamous actress be so arrogant?" Or something like "The man behind Bella.".

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