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   Chapter 4 Became His Mistress

Fall For You At The First Sight And Everyday By Xiang Si Characters: 5988

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There was still some distance from the Green Field Villa district where Charles lived. Bella didn't take a taxi and walked there with her own feet. About two hours later, she stood in front of the villa barefoot and rang the doorbell.

She pressed the button again and again, but there was no response in the villa. Bella suddenly panicked. Was Charles playing a trick on her?

No, she had no other choice now. He...

"Open the door. I'm Bella! Charles, didn't you say that you would keep me as your mistress?

I'm here. Open the door. Do you want to break your promise?" Bella hurriedly knocked on the door of the villa, again and again.

After a long time, Bella's hand was red and swollen, and she was desperate, intending to leave here. Then the door of the villa was opened with a squeak.

The Butler looked at Bella indifferently and said emotionlessly, "Miss Gu, Mr. Si has been waiting for you for a long time."

Bella didn't say anything. She lowered her head and followed the Butler into the room.

Although it was raining heavily outside, the room was warm and dry. The bright light shone on the figure on the sofa, showing a noble aura.

Bella pushed away the hair on her face and stared at Charles sitting on the sofa silently.

"Well, that's how you beg me?" Charles put down his notebook and frowned at the discomfited Bella.

'Damn it! Why does she look like a ghost in such a short time? Is she an idiot?'

Bella clenched her fists and said, "Mr. Si, you said you would like to keep me as your mistress."

Her pale lips were tightly pressed, and gradually turned a little red. Bella felt that when she said this, her spine was oppressed by the sense of humiliation.

Since her father passed away, her family's situation had been getting worse and worse, but she had never begged anyone, even if the rich guys who had been against her before came to provoke her and insulted her, she did not feel any sense of humiliation.

She hadn't lowered her head before, but her pride she had maintained for so many years was shattered at this moment.

"Now, it depends on your sincerity." Charles crossed his arms on his crossed legs, casually but sensibly.

Bella lowered her head. Her wet hair slid down from her ear and fell on her collarbone. She suddenly turned her head and stopped looking at Charles.

Enraged, Charles sneered, "How dare you take off your clothes in front of that old man just now? Are you going to pretend to be innocent in front of me? We've slept together before. So stop playing innocent in front of me."

Bella's face turned pale. Gritting her teeth, she quickly reached out her hand and pulled off the wet dress.

Although Bella was not a hot sexy beauty, she was still famous in the entertainment circle for her pure appearance and curvaceous figure.

Her skin was very soft and white, and now in the light, it looked more beautiful.

Her figure was plump. Her whole body was chubby, but it was well proportioned

without any extra fat.

Looking at the woman who took off her dress and only wore her underwear, Charles's eyes became brighter and brighter. Finally, he couldn't help but hold Bella horizontally and press her against the wall.

It had to be said that even though Charles had seen countless beauties, and there were many women who were naked in front of him and tried to lure him, no one could attract him like Bella's body.

It was a long night. And she completely fainted in the end.

On the next day, Bella woke up in a daze and found herself lying in the silk quilt. There was no sticky feeling on her body, just like before when Charles hadn't done anything to her.

She smiled with self mockery. "Not bad. At least he didn't leave me in the living room for the whole night."

Bella stood up and put on her clothes.

Since she sent her mother to the hospital last time, she had never been to the hospital to see her. She wanted to go to the hospital to see her mother, or she was really worried about her.

When she came to the living room, the Butler had been waiting for her for a long time. Seeing that Bella went downstairs, he immediately ordered the servants to prepare breakfast.

The breakfast was a pot of fish porridge and fried dumplings. Bella didn't like fried dumplings. She took a few bites and put them down.

At this time, the Butler said, "Mr. Si has told me that Miss Gu can't go out of this house unless you have something important to do. If there is really anything, you have to tell him first and can only go out after getting his permission."

Hearing this, Bella was so angry that she put down her chopsticks on the table and asked, "What? According to your CEO's rule, a mistress must be locked in the yard like a pet dog?"

The Butler lowered his head and said nothing.

After calming down, Bella lowered her head and said "sorry" in a low voice. Then she rushed upstairs and locked herself in the room.

Lying on the bed, Bella thought of her current situation.

'Never mind. I'm living under someone's roof. That's it. The less trouble the better.'

At the same time, Charles was in a weird atmosphere.

In the dim room, there were several people crawling on the ground.

Charles sat on the sofa expressionlessly with a cigarette in his hand. The gloomy and unpredictable expression on his face made people tremble with fear.

"Si... Mr. Si, I... I've followed your orders. Don't worry. I've taught that bitch a good lesson and helped you vent your anger!"

The man in the lead raised his head and looked at the expressionless bodyguards around him with fear.

If Bella were there, she would recognize that the man was the so-called director who had deceived her into signing the contract and the person who had threatened and intimidated her many times later.

After hearing what the man said, Charles's expressionless face suddenly darkened.

'Damn it! How dare he call her like that? Is he tired of living?'

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