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   Chapter 3 Charles' Conspiracy

Fall For You At The First Sight And Everyday By Xiang Si Characters: 6687

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When Bella had gotten the contract, she had been so happy. It was not only because she was the heroine, but also because Charles helped her get the role. What made her happy was his love. She never wanted his wealth, she wanted his attitude.

When she thought about this now, she felt like a fool. She had been fooled by him without knowing at all. Charles must have laughed at her behind her back.

When Bella was still at school, she already had many opportunities to play a lot of roles. This helped her become a familiar face to the public. Although she was not very famous, she was able to make some acquaintances in the entertainment industry.

Therefore, after graduation, she entered the entertainment industry. On the one hand, she would get well paid. On the other hand, she really liked acting. Whenever she was filmed her scenes, she felt like she was another person and enjoyed mimicking a different life.

Not long ago, she starred in a TV series as a female supporting role. This made her much richer because of the high paying salary per episode.

During this time, Charles, who was on a business trip far away, called her and asked her to sign the contract that would make her the heroine of a TV series.

It was the very first time that he encouraged her in such a gentle tone through the phone. He asked her not to let him down and to seize this opportunity.

After all, ever since Michelle left, Bella became Charles' girlfriend without knowing why. However, their relationship began to be more distant.

Other than the sexual needs that they scheduled every week, Bella hardly saw Charles, let alone chat with him. He didn't even seem to care about her work.

The ecstatic Bella never thought that it would be a conspiracy against her!

Because of this, she wasn't able to carefully read the contract.

During that time, she was in a hurry to finish the next play. Ecstatic with Charles' trust in her, she signed the contract without thinking about it. She didn't even know how many pages the contract contained.

However, after that day, the nightmare finally came.

Those people threatened her with the contract and forced her to shoot an adult film and nude photos.

Bella didn't want to do that, but the contract was legally binding. If one of the parties broke the contract, they must pay ten million.

How could Bella pay that much money? In order to avoid having those people make trouble, she was forced to hide at home.

She also lost contact with Charles. Bella didn't know what was his job before, and she always thought that he couldn't contact her because he was busy.

Now she thought that he must be laughing at her behind her back.

But she didn't expect that the other party would hire some hooligans to break into her house. They even made falsified nude photos of her and said something terrible in front of her mother.

"You don't know yet, do you? Your daughter is a prostitute. Look, these are all her nude photos!"

The leading hooligan threw a stack of photos in front of her mother. Bella wanted to stop him, but someone kicked her and pressed her tightly on the floor. She could not move at all. She could only watch her mother's pale face.

"Bullshit! Fuck off! Get out of my house!"

She saw her mother's face getting worse as if she was about to fall

down. Bella's heart was already in her throat and in anger, she started to shout at them.

As a result of her protest, they kicked and punched her. As she saw this, Gloria became angry and anxious. She rolled her eyes to the back of her head and fainted on the floor. Bella was so scared that her heart almost stopped beating.

Ever since her father passed away, her mother was her only family and her home.

She couldn't imagine what she would do if something bad happened to her mother because of her. She would never forgive herself.

Fortunately, those people didn't expect that Gloria would react in such a way. Afraid to cause any more trouble, they decided to flee. Even though she was in pain, Bella took Gloria to the hospital alone.

Fortunately, her mother was sent to the hospital on time. If they had gotten there any later, then they would have been separated forever.

However, that incident was far from over.

Gradually, more and more people in the industry began to hear that she was going to shoot that type of movie in order to attain a higher position.

Since she didn't have many friends at the industry, her image was shattered. The role that had already been set for, was suddenly taken away.

However, those people still didn't let Bella go and there was no news from Charles either.

Although she was not very clever, Bella was aware that someone was deliberately setting her up.

But, she had no idea who wanted to hurt her at all. Although she didn't talk much, she never did anything to offend anyone.

Besides, she was just a not-so-famous actress. Who would waste so much energy to frame her?

Yesterday, those people forcibly tied her up with the intention of taking nude photos of her. Just as she was about to fall into despair, Charles suddenly appeared.

She never thought that all the incidents that almost drove her crazy were conducted by Charles himself.

At first, she still had a glimmer of hope that Charles was being deceived by others. As long as he came back, she would finally be able to get rid of the trouble. However, she did not expect that after he came back, she would fall into deeper abyss.

Bella recalled what happened a few days ago and started to walk. Her eyes were empty and even though she smiled, tears streamed down her face.

Since Charles was willing to spend so much effort to force her into becoming his mistress, it was obvious that he wouldn't give up so easily. She couldn't imagine the terrible things he would do to her.

"Well, I'll be his mistress. This is nothing big deal. It's almost the same as being his sex partner." Bella tried to comfort herself and walked towards Charles' villa.

The Green Field Villa was where Charles lived. Originally, he had planned to build a villa area for sale.

But he changed his mind after Michelle said, "The scenery here is so beautiful. If I can live here with my loved one all the time, then I will be very happy." Regardless of the obstruction of the board of directors, he turned the whole villa area into his private residential home. It was forbidden for any outsiders to enter.

Even when Bella dated Charles, he never took her there.

She only heard about the Green Field Villa when Michelle was showing off in front of her.

Michelle was the only person he cared about.

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