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   Chapter 63 The Worst Of The Lots

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As soon as the bamboo skewer fell on the ground, her heart sank.

This was the worst of the lots. She didn't even want to look at the bamboo skewer. She just put it into her bag and left in a hurry.

Her heart was full of regret.

Did she do something wrong to bring Nick and Summer together? She not only hurt the young couple, but also her two poor children.

Sitting in the back seat of the car, she couldn't help but burst into tears. The shrewd and capable leader of the An Family in the past was gone. At this time, she was just a mother who cared about the safety of her son and granddaughter.

Summer went back to the hospital absentmindedly. Rain had already been sent to the intensive care unit. Now she was still in danger, and she almost had no resistance ability to the outside world. She was still lying on the bed with numerous medical instruments.

Nick sat quietly across the glass. It was because he was a doctor that he knew more clearly that although he really wanted to stand by Rain's side and encourage her, the bacteria he brought might even kill the poor child. He could only sit still and look at her, hoping that the child could get through this.

Because he had done what he could.

"Hasn't she woken up yet?" Summer sat next to him and he turned to look at her.

"Why are you here?" He took off his coat and put it on her shoulder. "There are many bacteria in the hospital. Didn't I tell you to go back?"

Nick didn't know that the two of them had been to the huge mountain temple in the suburbs early in the morning. He thought that Summer came to the hospital as soon as she woke up.

Tears almost streamed down Summer's face. "Rain... How can I feel at ease? " She wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes. "Nick, do you think Rain's sudden relapse has anything to do with the sudden removal of that painting?"

With his eyes wide open, he asked, "What are you talking about?" He said reluctantly, "Don't think too much. Summer, don't think too much about these messy things. You should relax yourself. You are not fighting alone. Don't forget that you have all the hope of Rain. "

Summer bit her lower lip tightly. She choked with sobs and took a deep breath before saying, "I know. But Rain's illness was too strange. Wasn't she fine? Why did she suddenly... "

Nick held her in his arms and said, "Silly girl. Rain just got better before, but she hasn't been cured. So it's normal that her condition goes back and forth. Don't take everything on yourself. There will be hail in the sky one day. Is it also because of you? I'm a doctor, not a witch. I don't believe it and you can't think too much. Do you hear me? "

Summer could only nod.

"Go home and rest." He said, "I'll tell you when Rain wakes up. You haven't had a good rest these two days. I don't want the two girls I'm most worried about to make me worried. OK?"

Summer agreed. She could tell that there was sadness between h

said indifferently, "I think Rain wants to see you too later."

Her silence made Summer restless. She didn't believe that a shrewd person like Ellie would forget everything that she had heard this morning.

But Summer had no time to think about it. She knew that in the An Family, she had lost the last person who really wanted to keep her.

Rain, who just woke up, was still very weak. Lying on the bed, she had been checked again and again and finally transferred to the general ward. "I don't want to stay in the ward." The child said weakly.

The pain of the injection during these days made her have nightmares in the ward.

"I think I'm very healthy." The child insisted, "Dad, I want to go home, I want to go to the kindergarten, I want to draw..."

Summer held the baby's arms and said, "Don't worry, Rain. You have a slight cold and need to be well nurtured. When you're done, I'll take you home. "

Nick had brought some porridge to the child and fed her.

Polly pushed the door open and came in. She and Nick were in charge of the treatment of Rain's illness. When the child woke up, the smile on her face was beautiful and warm.

She continued Summer's words, "Eat more nutrition. When your face flushes, you don't have to come to the hospital anymore." She glanced at Summer and said in surprise. "Summer, why do you look so bad? You are still pregnant. You can't do that. "

Hearing Polly's words, Nick turned his head. It was only then that he saw Summer's face, which was so pale that the blood vessels on her face could be seen. He frowned and asked, "Have you eaten well these days? If I don't keep an eye on you one day, you won't realize it, will you? "

He put down the bowl and held Summer's slender hand in his hand. His face darkened. He quickly turned her little hand over and saw several bruises on her fingers.

"Where have you been?" He touched the scars gently with his fingertips, feeling both painful and anxious.

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