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   Chapter 62 Went To The Temple

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His kiss fell on her forehead, but her heart was trembling uneasily. Rain rubbed against the two men's arms and suddenly snorted. Blood spurted out from her nose.

It was the first time that Summer had seen Rain have a relapse of the disease. The menacing nosebleed could not be stopped no matter what, and the child soon fell into a coma. Having no time to think about anything else, Nick picked up Rain and rushed to the hospital.

Summer gritted her teeth and followed them. Her clothes were stained with blood dripping from Rain's body. She didn't realize her powerlessness until the door of the emergency room was closed.

"Isn't she getting better?" She covered her lips and looked at Warren who rushed here after hearing the news. She didn't know if she was asking herself or him.

"This disease can't be directly controlled by medicine. It is difficult to control when she has a relapse. Every time the disease relapses, it means that it will get worse again. Even if it gets better, it will enter the next worse stage. " After saying that, Warren opened the curtain and went into the emergency room.

Summer was wandering around the door in a daze. Nick hadn't come out for a long time, but Polly often needed to go in and out for medicine. When she came out for the last time, it was already dark.

"Summer, Nick asked you to go back first. Rain is still in danger. Your health is the most important. Don't stay up late here. " However, Summer grabbed her hand.

"Is it bad?" She asked anxiously.

After hesitating for a moment, Polly replied, "I'm not very optimistic. She is having a high fever now, and all the indexes haven't been lowered after rescue... "

Summer was in despair. "Can she hold on until the baby in my belly is born?"

"Well..." Polly lowered her voice, she said, "In our plan, there should be absolutely no problem. Nick has been fully prepared. I just don't know why the child's relapse of disease is so sudden. Does she have any symptoms before? "

Ellie had arrived. She also persuaded Summer, "Well, we can't help with this. I'll take you back. Your body is not only pregnant now, but also the hope of Rain."

Summer cried, "I feed the baby medicine every day. She has always been acting normal. What happened... "

Ellie comforted, "It's okay. How about we go to the temple and ask for an amulet for our child? It would be better to put it on the baby. Don't be panic. The more you are afraid, the more worried the baby is. You should also know that this kind of disease sometimes depends not only on external medicine, but also mental medicine! "

Summer nodded with tears in her eyes. Polly had already comforted her in a low voice, "Yes, Aunt is right. I know an eminent monk in the temple outside the city. Maybe it's more efficient to ask him for the amulet. " Polly told them the name of the monk, Ellie was stunned.

"This master is quite famous. I didn't expect you to know him."

"The master set the Fengshui for my family. My brother and he are good friends. "

Nick didn't believe a word about Fengshui, but Ell

went down the mountain. "Summer, I remember that I'm going to find an old friend. Let the driver send you back first. I can walk down the mountain by myself. "

Watching Summer go down the mountain, Ellie turned around and returned to the master's room.

"My lady." The master stood up and bowed to her. "Your ladyship is a smart person. I know you will come back."

Ellie looked unhappy. She asked a pieces of paper to write down the date of birth of Nick and Summer on it. She held the bodyguard back and handed the paper to the host. "Master, I want to bother you one more thing. Can you read the dates of birth of these two people for me?"

This time, the other party did not refuse. He only closed his eyes and calculated. Then he smiled slightly and said, "If these two people are brother and sister, they can protect the safety of the family. If they are a couple, I'm afraid it's inevitable that their family will be destroyed."

Ellie suddenly stood up and said, "It's true..." She couldn't tell how pure and kind Summer was. From her homeless to her being accused of murder, she had always trusted her.

But how could she convince herself? Since the appearance of Summer, Rain's mother had died. Summer's first child had been miscarried, and Rain had been seriously ill. The An Family had undergone ups and downs. Was it really related to fate?

"Your ladyship, please think twice for the An family's business!" Ellie said coldly after the man recited a Buddhist title.

"Thank you, master." She pushed an envelope in front of him and said, "You can pretend that you haven't seen me today."

"Since you're here, why don't you go to the temple and pray for the Buddha's ancestor's safety? And by the way, ask for the amulet, so that you can rest assured." The man pushed the envelope back and said, "This is my last runes. I won't do it for anyone else in my life. It's a sin!"

His refusal to take a penny made Ellie's mind surge. She knelt down in front of the Buddha and begged for a long time before she drew a lot casually.

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