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   Chapter 60 The Mansion Of An Family

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It had been a year. No one would remember her birthday now. All right. She withdrew her fingertips and played the last syllable to end the noisy music class.

When she led the children out of the music room, there was already a man smiling at her outside.

"Nick?" Summer stepped forward. He frowned, took off his coat and put it on her.

"It's still a little cold. Why do you wear so little clothes?" He rubbed her nose and said, "Let's go. I'll take you to skip work today."

Summer was overjoyed. Did he still remember her birthday? Larissa winked at her, hinting her to enjoy his efforts. Summer blushed.

Summer exclaimed in a low voice when she saw the familiar signboard in front of her.

It was the high-end modeling house in S city that she often visited when she was the second miss of the Lin family.

She looked at him in confusion. He smiled and said, "Let them dress you up well and go to a dinner party with me tonight."

Summer stepped out of the car and looked down at her swollen belly with a bitter smile. With such a figure, she shouldn't look good no matter what clothes she wore. In addition, she might meet some people in her previous life in social activities, which made her feel bad.

But after all, she was Nick's wife. Could she still ask him to find another woman to accompany him?

After all, she was expecting too much from Nick. He took her to the salon. Didn't he have no confidence in her current image?

She touched her short hair hidden under the flannel cap. As soon as she walked in, the beauties in uniforms standing on both sides had respectfully bent down. "Miss Lin, long time no see."

The foreman smiled apologetically, "Miss Lin was quite satisfied with our service before. I don't know why she hasn't come for a long time. Don't you like it? I'll follow you all the way today. I'm sure you'll be satisfied. "

Summer could only smile bitterly. She wanted to come here, but the problem was that she was no longer the daughter of the Lin family. How could she have the qualifications to enjoy noble service in the most prosperous beauty salon in the city? Thinking of this, she felt a chill in her head. At the same time, Nick had taken off her hat in a condescending manner.

She screamed and reached out to take it back.

"Ugly!" She remembered that he had said that women with long hair were beautiful, just like Belinda.

"Make her as beautiful as you can." He said lightly, "If she is not satisfied, I will ask your boss to fire you all."

"Yes, yes, yes." With a splash, five or six professional stylists surrounded her and took her aside.

"Nick..." She turned around to look for him, only to find that he was sitting leisurely on the sofa waiting for her, and his deep and dark eyes were staring at her.

Her short hair was picked up, and countless wigs tried on her head. "Miss Lin, do you like long hair or sh

m. The second of was in charge of the entertainment company, and the youngest son's business was the largest. Now the second son and the youngest son's business had been merged, and were now under the management of Jason. But everyone knew that as the only son of the youngest son of the An Family, Nick was the most rightful heir.

As the wife of Nick, she had never stepped into the most luxurious mansion in S city. One could imagine how low her status was.

After parking the car, he gently pulled her out of the car. Summer nervously fixed her hair towards the window and said, "Am I too impolite?"

"They have seen you since you were a child. Why do you think you are impolite?" Nick couldn't help laughing and pulled her all the way from the underground garage to the yard.

He could feel that her hands were still shivering even if he held her tightly and the weather was getting warm. He knew she was nervous.

Suddenly, Summer stopped. Looking in her direction, Nick saw a woman with thick powder swaying her body and approaching them.

Nick had no impression of this woman, but Summer's body was shaking more and more violently. With a glass of fruit wine in her hand, the woman approached. The strong smell of perfume made Nick frown.

"Eh, it's Summer!" The coquettish voice of the woman who was pinching her throat was really uncomfortable. Summer tightened her fingers, but it was not for this reason. This voice was so familiar to her. It was her most loyal friend in the past. "Why are you here? Haven't you been... " The woman pretended to be ignorant and covered her mouth. "I'm sorry. The buffet here is very good. You haven't had it for a long time, have you? I'll take you to eat something secretly... "

With a cold smile at the corners of his mouth, Nick pulled Summer into his arms. Only then did the woman notice his existence. Her small mouth had opened into an oval shape. "You, you..."

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