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   Chapter 59 Ellie's Worry

Avenger Of Love: Heal Your Broken Heart By Chang Du Characters: 9915

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It was too bad. On one hand, she had to pay attention to the people passing by occasionally outside, and on the other hand, she had to push his unruly hands away. More importantly, she had to fight with her own desires.

"Don't touch me! Someone will come to the parking lot here... " Her weak protest was swallowed by him, and her body was pressed into the back seat. She waved her small hands in the air and protested, "Child, child..."

"I know." His kiss became softer. "I'll be more careful. Honey, let me handle it..."

She closed her eyes gradually. The breath of the person on her body gradually became wild. She was too familiar with him, knowing that he could no longer endure. However, it was not far from the hall of the banquet, and there were occasionally people passing by outside, but the two of them were...

She covered her eyes with her hands and indulged herself in breathing wildly. 'Damn it! I've learned to be bad from him... '

The car didn't stop shaking for a long time. Because of the pregnancy reaction that had not completely faded away, Summer was dizzy and could only lie on the seat and breathe hard. She was wearing his suit jacket, and the smell that did not belong to her above made her extremely uncomfortable.

"Do you feel uncomfortable lying here?" He kissed her on the lips and said, "How about I take you home?"

The banquet seemed to have come to an end. As more and more people passed by the car, Summer held her breath and didn't dare to sit up. She could only exhale in a low voice with a red face. "Don't say anything. When others see you, then..."

Nick smiled. He didn't mind. He bowed and carefully helped her put on her clothes, as gentle as the night before the earthquake.

Summer's eyes turned red. She stared at him and said, "I finally know how you felt when you saw me and Malcolm that day..."

His body trembled, and she could even feel that his hand, which was rubbing her skin, became completely cold in an instant. He turned away and said, "Stop talking about it."

Summer struggled to sit up, grabbed her half opened collar and said anxiously, "No, no, can you believe me? I have never had such a relationship with him as you think... " She stuttered, "I didn't know why I felt dizzy after drinking two glasses of wine that day. It was Mr. Leon who invited me to host Polly's birthday party, but I had no idea of why Malcolm also appeared there..."

She cried hurriedly in a low voice, "I still remember that I asked them to send me back, but I fainted and knew nothing. I only know that I was awakened by the sound of Polly knocking at the door. We didn't do anything else, really! I mistook him for you, but I know it clearly whether it happened or not! Malcolm was a gentleman, and he let go of me when I pushed him... "

There was a hint of sadness in his eyes. He wouldn't tell her that he had specially done a blood test for her, and he had also received a video that made people's

t was pushed out of the office by Nick. "Mom, I know what to do. Listen carefully, don't mention it to Summer from the beginning to the end. I want her to save Rain willingly. "

Ellie sighed, "She is also a poor child. Don't lie to her."

"I won't lie." He said with a faint smile, but such comfort was not convincing in Ellie's eyes. 'Anyway. Let children deal with their own business. If Summer is kicked out and her child is taken away, I will definitely compensate this poor girl!'

"Boom!" Summer's fingertips missed a beat. "I'm sorry." She shook her head, trying to keep herself awake.

"Are you tired?" Larissa whispered, "How about you take a rest?"

"No, thanks." Summer rubbed between her eyebrows and forced a smile. "I was just distracted." The children were having a music class. Summer's slender fingers fell on the black and white keys, but her thoughts were gradually drifting away.

A year ago, at this time, she was also practicing the piano in her exclusive piano room. However, the piano under her fingertips was not this old and inferior one, but a piano specially made by a famous expert and was worth of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Her parents were waiting outside the door, waiting for her to walk out of the piano room. It was a birthday gift, a friend's hug, and an unexpected party.

The birthday gift she received was a kindergarten with complete procedures. It cost a lot of money for Braden to buy it from the former principal of the kindergarten as a graduation gift.

But who would have thought... In just a few months, she had been reduced from a spoiled daughter to the point that her biological mother abandoned her and her adoptive father drove her away from home? Her kindergarten was gone, so was her close friends. She had nothing in both hands, and the only person she could rely on was Nick. She thought he was the only hope in her life, but when she went to him, she found that she was doomed from that moment on.

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