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   Chapter 42 So Cheap

Avenger Of Love: Heal Your Broken Heart By Hui Hui Characters: 9614

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"I didn't do anything!" She screamed, but was turned over by him. She felt dizzy and wanted to vomit, but her body was pushed away by him.

The man behind her said coldly, "Are you so cheap? Again and again, you climbed into another man's bed because you were drunk! Can't I satisfy you? Or you've always been interested in adventures, and now you've shifted your interest to Malcolm? "

His anger and pain were unbearable, after he saw countless marks on her body. She had to deny in face of such irrefutable evidence saying that she was just drunk and happened to wake up by sleeping in the same bed with Malcolm?

Again and again... Did she take him as a fool?

"You are slinging mud at me! I didn't! Nothing happened between me and him! My body is clean! " She yelled hysterically, trying to turn her head to look at him. "Can you trust me once?"

"Tell me, what can I believe in you? !" He was heartbroken. He really wanted to believe her, but she lied to him again and again. He was softhearted because of her so-called "sacrifice", but in the end, he was set up with such a big cuckold!

His reason told him that he couldn't have this woman anymore at this point. He should immediately drive her out, in case that the An Family would continue to be ashamed. But at this moment, the deepest feeling he felt was not anger, but heartache. She lied to him that she loved him!

"Every word I said is true!" She struggled and turned around. "I said nothing happened, it's true. You said you cared about me, but it was not true at all. You were lying! If you care about me, you won't always let me turn my back to you in bed, because you have always regarded me as Snow! "

"You flatter yourself!" He trembled with anger. "You can't even compare with Snow's hair! You slut! How can you compare Snow's innocence with yours? How can you compare her loyalty to yours? You don't even deserve to mention her! "

All the blood color seemed to disappear from Summer's face at the same time. Her lips were trembling, as if she had been cut by a knife, and the pain was unbearable.

Her body was forcibly turned over, and her hot body was pressed on the bed. She was humiliated. It hurt her, but more painful was her heart.

She was like an thoughtless doll at the mercy of others, but her heart was getting colder and colder.

Her head was pressed on the pillow. She didn't get a kiss or love. She could only get his repeated movements mechanically and emotionlessly.

"Don't you want a man? Didn't you want to have sex with the help of alcohol again and again? Are you satisfied now? Do you deserve to say love? Don't you care? " The man's voice echoed in her ears, and her head seemed to be cut in half.

With one half, she was listening to him.

The other half was dead.

Summer didn't cry. She was bleeding.

Before everything was over, she had fainted.

" Nick bent down and picked up his suit jacket on his wrist. He turned his face and kissed Summer's face. "You were too tired yesterday. Go to bed. Be a good girl."

Love was brewing in his eyes, but only Summer could see the coldness hidden in his eyes.

This was equivalent to asking her to leave. Ellie also stood up and said, "Okay, I'll go change my clothes."

"In that case, I won't bother you anymore." Leon also stood up gracefully. Although his goal was not achieved today, he also had a major discovery. It seemed that in order to protect Summer, Nick had exposed his trump card.

Thinking of this, his smile deepened. No matter how strong a person was, he or she would no longer be a threat once he or she had a bottom line and scruples. Fortunately, he had more surprises waiting for Nick.

After saying goodbye to Leon, Ellie went back to her room to change her clothes. Nick put down Rain silently and let her go to the car first. He turned around and looked at Summer coldly. "Do you think that I cover up for you in front of my mother because I love you and I'm afraid that she will have other thoughts on you?"

She looked up at him and said calmly, "I'm not flattering myself. I know you just feel ashamed and angry. You don't want mom to know about it. As for me, you should be eager to throw me out of your house now, right? "

"Mom?" The smile at the corners of his mouth was cold. "Don't call her that intimately. What you have done is so different from what you have said!"

Summer bit her lower lip and tried her best to hold back the pain in her chest. "In that case, let's divorce now..."

"You are wrong." He slowly put on his coat and said, "Even if we divorce, it's not now." He turned his back to her and said, "Summer, if you really betray me, I will never let you leave me so easily! You have to remember that I will return the humiliation you inflicted on me to you! "

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