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   Chapter 41 How Dare You

Avenger Of Love: Heal Your Broken Heart By Hui Hui Characters: 9254

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Summer shook her head and said, "I didn't say that. I just said, thank you. You not... Well, I... "

Malcolm fell into silence. After a while, he said, "What if I tell you that I really want to?"

Summer was shocked and he continued, "But I'm not a beast. I want you. I want you to give it to me willingly. You love me, so you are with me. I don't want to use such a method to get it. You can leave at any time. But he did cherish you very much. Your body is very beautiful... "

Summer smiled bitterly. She knew the truth. Although he cared about her, he couldn't face her affectionately. Subconsciously, he still treated her as Snow. 'Is this cherish? Is this love?'

She dialed the number one by one. The special ring tone set by Rain for him rang downstairs!

She exclaimed in a low voice and looked at Malcolm in panic.

"Nicky, there seems to be some noise here!" A voice came from outside. The sound of going upstairs was almost heard in Summer's heart!

He pressed his forehead and rushed upstairs. "Where is she?" Regardless of his tenderness, he grabbed Polly's wrist and asked anxiously, "What happened? Is she okay? Did she get hurt? "

The man asking these questions was totally different from the usual calm and unhurried Nick. Polly's lips opened and closed. Looking at the blood slowly flowing down from his forehead, she stuttered, "What's wrong with your forehead?"

"Nothing serious!" He took out a white handkerchief and wiped off the blood drop on his forehead. His car was driving so fast that he bumped into a street lamp on the road. Even if the air bag exploded quickly, his head still knocked on the steering wheel, leaving a bloody mark.

He was afraid that Summer would be in danger, so he left the car there and called another car. On the way, he found that his wound had been bleeding.

"She should be inside, but... Nick, be prepared... "

She guessed that he might have run too fast all the way and didn't pay attention to the things left on the ground, because he had already begun to knock the door without saying a word. "Summer! Summer! "

How dare Summer call him again?! She threw the phone away, wrapped herself with the quilt, and jumped off the bed. She couldn't stay here any longer. The door would be knocked open by Nick soon. Under the current situation, she couldn't let him see this!

Malcolm hurried to block the door. Summer pushed the only window door open and jumped out.

"Summer!" "Bang!" Malcolm was almost scared to death. With a loud bang, Summer fell into the flowering shrubs downstairs. She twisted her ankle hard and it swelled up quickly. She tried to get up, but the pain all over her body made her grit her teeth and endure.

Petals, mud and skin exposed outside the quilt were sta

en Summer into the taxi. He only saw Leon, with his hands behind his back, looking at the direction they left thoughtfully.

"Mr. Leon..." He gasped.

Leon raised his hand and said, "You don't have to say anything more." He touched his smooth chin and smiled meaningfully. "Be careful recently. Nick... The blood thirsty gene was circulating in his body. Why did he choose to be a doctor instead of living a life of cutting and licking blood like his father? It's time for me to shift my attention from Jason. "

"Mr. Leon, do you mean..."

"I'll find a place to hide you." After saying that, Leon walked away slowly with his hands clasped behind his back. The Butler in the dark came up and bowed respectfully to him

"Let go of me!" Summer was rudely thrown into the car, and a coat was thrown on her face. Looking at her trembling body, Nick gritted his teeth and warned her, "Summer Lin, I warn you, don't say a word to me before you go back to your room! Don't forget that you are my wife now! "

Summer pursed her lips into a straight line.

She was almost dragged back to the bedroom. Rain and Ellie had already fallen asleep. After closing the bedroom door gently, Nick threw her on the bed and lifted the quilt hard. The quilt covering her body made a mournful sound.

The marks on her body couldn't be hidden under the bright light like day. Summer was frightened to see that Nick's pupils had suddenly contracted. She gritted her teeth and said, "If you want to listen to my explanation, I'll tell you that I was drunk at the party and then I knew nothing. When I woke up, I found me..."

He pounced on her and strangled her neck with one hand.

She swallowed and was ready to be strangled to death by him, but he didn't use much strength. His eyes were red and he shouted, "Summer Lin, Summer Lin... How dare you! "

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