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   Chapter 18 Nightmare

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"Not enough?" But he misunderstood her meaning. He took the pen and changed the number on the check and handed it to her. "Twenty million. Is that enough for you?"

He didn't want to marry Summer, nor did he want to be set up by his mother to be with someone else. For the child, he had Rain. Even if he wanted his mother to give up the idea of setting him up with other women, he wished to do it in an indirect way.

It was written in black and white, and the words above were vigorous and powerful and had summarized what he meant. "Check it if you want. If you agree, I can make an appointment with the lawyer tomorrow..."

He stopped, and his pupils gradually became smaller. Because the pale girl in front of him should grab the paper and slowly tear it into pieces.

"I don't want money." She gritted her teeth and said, "Can twenty million buy a person's life? Can it raise my child from the dead? I can agree to your request, but..." She took a deep breath and said, "it's just because I don't want aunt Ellie to be sad!"

He narrowed his eyes while she gritted her teeth. "I will find evidence to prove that I am not a murderer in the next half a year! I also hope to cure Rain's autism as soon as possible..."

She wiped her tears and said, "If I can make up for Rain losing her mother, I'm willing to spend the next half year with you to act this play!"

Yes, all the affection would only be a performance!

The teary girl in front of him overlapped inexplicably with the little girl with a sweet smile in his memory. He took a deep breath and reminded himself that the Summer in front of him was no longer innocent.

'Well, evidence? That was a good excuse. No, since she could set up his mother to make a match between them, she must have other reason to do this.'

If he guessed it right, now that she had already win over his mother, was she going to win over Rain, and then him?

How stupid she was!

He smiled coldly and said, "Well, I have to make it clear that I will try my best to take care of you in front of my mother, but without my mother's presence, I have no obligation to treat you as my wife, understand?"

He would let her know that she was doomed to fail in such a plan! From the beginning to the end, he only loved Snow!

"I understand." She took a deep breath. Her lower abdomen was still aching. She needed more time to recuperate from having an abortion. Her legs, which had been standing for a long time, trembled slightly. She looked back at the bed and decided to sleep on the floor.

He let her sleep on the ground the whole night on their wedding night, and now the two of them were forced to share a room. He had just emphasized that he didn't have the obligation to take care of her without his mother's presence, so she did not expect him to let her sleep on the large bed.

So she looked around and took out a thin bed sheet and spread it on the carpet beside the bed. Finally, she could lay down and gave a break to her sore back.

"In that case, Mr. Nick, do you mind if I take a rest now?" She closed her eyes and suddenly felt warmth coming t

o her.

Her chin was raised. "Are you going to call me Mr. Nick in front of my mother?" He raised his eyebrows slightly and looked into her eyes. "Call me honey."

Her face turned red all of a sudden. Although they had known each other for many years, she had never called him so intimately. After the relationship between the two had worsened, she had even been asked to call him Mr. Nick, which made her tongue-tied.

"Honey..." She stammered.

"Awful." He said impolitely, "Be natural."

"Em... Nicky... " She was so anxious that she blurted out the name she had been calling him in her heart for more than ten years. The familiar name made him frown.

"Sorry, I will practice more..."

"Forget it." He suddenly loosened his grip on her and said, "Call me by this name if you want. Just be natural."

His standing up made her feel relieved and her body shrank.

Although the heating was on, it was December after all. The floor was hard and cold. She had just had a miscarriage, and her body was already weak, wrapped in a thin quilt, she trembled with cold.

She tried her best to close her eyes, trying to ignore the other person in the room. The light suddenly dimmed, and she secretly breathed a sigh of relief before she dared to relax a little.

As soon as she turned around, her sleepy eyes froze. The light in the room was turned off, except Nick's computer, which emitted the blue light. But in front of Summer, there was another pair of charming eyes looking at her with a faint smile.

Summer knew that it was the eyes of Snow in the oil painting. The oil painting was very lifelike, she felt that Snow was really standing in front of her and staring at her.

This should be Snow's room and Nick should be Snow's husband, but somehow she got them all.

She shivered and had to turn her body, trying to avoid the gaze of the "eyes". Vaguely, she seemed to have fallen asleep, but she could vaguely see that the eyes with green light were getting brighter and brighter, and that pair of slightly drooping hands were gradually reaching out to her.

"Ah!" Panting, she stood up and stepped back. "Nicky..."

"Do you have the right to ask him to save you?" The voice was shrill and spooky and as ear-splitting as the sound of long nails scratching the ground glass. "Why didn't you save me? Why?"

She held her by the neck with her cold hands, making her difficult to breathe and move her hands subconsciously.

"You stole my man, ruined my marriage, and even wore my ring! Summer, you should go to hell!"

The sharp voice got closer and closer to her ear, and a hand seemed to have reached into her lower abdomen, tearing out her organs. "A woman like you deserves to lose your own child! You are a murderer!"

"I am not!" She screamed, like a drowning woman who was struggling desperately.

She had such nightmares every night... She didn't kill her, but why she felt guilty about her death... Because of guilt, she risked her life to save Rain and lost her own child? Because of guilt, she accepted Nick's unreasonable request and still wanted to prove her innocence?

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