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   Chapter 16 A Good Start

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"Let's go. The caretaker will come to take care of you at night. You just had an abortion, which has a great impact on your health. You have to stay in bed for the whole month." Nick handed the coat to her and watched her put it on silently.

She lowered her eyes and felt a faint pain in her heart. Was this a compensation? Was it to compensate her for saving his daughter? Or to compensate her for his killing her child?

Ellie also stood up. She snapped her fingers and said, "Nick, that's what I am thinking! Summer must take good care of herself in order to prepare for the next pregnancy. But the caretaker was definitely not as considerate as family members, so... I've made up my mind!"

Nick had a bad feeling. "So?"

"So, as a qualified and excellent mother-in-law, I'm going to take good care of Summer 24 hours a day. Don't worry. I'll take care of your wife!" Ellie raised her eyebrows proudly.

"No, thanks." When he was about to refuse, he felt more and more uneasy when he saw his mother's sly smile. It was an open secret that her mother favored Summer. As the former vice director of the company, she was smart enough to notice that he and Summer were not on good terms.

"You're welcome." Ellie held Ellie gracefully and said, "By the way, I forgot to tell you that in order to take care of Rain, I have moved to your place in advance." She smiled at Summer and said, "You're married. Why do you sleep in separate bedrooms?

Summer stuck out her tongue secretly and took a look at Nick unconsciously. When she was about to call for his help, Ellie found an excuse for her. "I know you were pregnant at that time, and you had to take care of Rain. You were afraid that Nick couldn't help it, weren't you? It doesn't matter. Now, I've moved all your things into Nick's room. From now on, I'll share a room with Rain. You two can sleep in the same room! "

As soon as she announced this, the two people's faces darkened.

Nick almost blurted out to stop her, but finally he could only sigh, "Mom, thank you so much for your consideration."

"You're welcome." Ellie said, "Well, let's go home now. When I came out just now, I was still stewing the chicken soup with rock sugar in it. I don't want to burn it."

Chicken soup with rock sugar? Summer doubted if she had heard it wrong, but Ellie had already held her and slowly went downstairs. The bodyguard considerately opened the elevator door for her.

Before she got in the car, Nick put a hard object in her palm. She looked down and found that it was a bottle of stomach medicine.

She didn't have a stomachache. Why did he give her stomach medicine? She wanted to ask him, but he had gotten into the driver's seat.

When Ellie served two large bowls of noodles, Summer had found the answer.

"Come on, have a taste of my cooking. I really can't find any food at home, so... "

After swallowing two stomach medicine silently in front of her, he rubbed his nose expressionlessly and said, "Really? I don't think there is instant noodles in my house?"

Ellie stunned and handed the chopsticks to Summer courteously and said, "Come on, honey, dig in."

Summer's hand trembled, along with the chopsticks in her hand. Under the eag

er gaze of her mother-in-law, she ate the first mouthful of noodles.

Oh my God...

Her eyes turned red...

This bowl of instant noodle was definitely the most unsavory food she had ever had.

It was a bowl of instant noodles! But why it had the spicy taste of ginger, the bitter taste of bitter gourd and the sweet taste of sugar? What was in the bowl of noodles!

"How does it taste?" Ellie asked expectantly.

It took Summer a long time to swallow the noodles. Pitifully, she had to say with difficulty, "Well, it's delicious. It tastes very special..."

As soon as she said that, she couldn't help but want to vomit. She covered her mouth and rushed into the bathroom. Before she could close the door, she vomited violently.

The noodles were not for filling the stomach, but for clearing the stomach!

"Poor girl..." Ellie sighed behind her, "Is it because of the side effects of the surgical medicine? You are so weak. How about eating more and replenishing your energy..."

God, Summer nearly fell but for the support of wall. She finally knew what's the meaning of reap what you sow.

However, Nick picked up the bowl of noodles on the table and walked straight to her. With a plop, she was stunned to see him pour the noodles into the toilet and quickly press the flush button. With a swish, the terrible noodles were all sucked up by the sewer.

Ellie stood akimbo, "Nick, what are you doing?"

"I'll cook. She was almost poisoned by the noodles." He rolled up his sleeves and went back to the kitchen. He began to cook porridge and cut vegetables deftly.

Just now, Ellie said that there was no food in the fridge, and miraculously, he conjured tomatoes, eggs, and all kinds of meat...

Ellie immediately sat down at the table and said, "I want a portion too. In order to cook noodles for you two, I didn't have anything and now I am starving!"

Summer, who just came out of the bathroom, slipped and almost fell down. My dear mother-in-law, you know you are a bad cook. Isn't that why you didn't prepare noodles for yourself?

Ellie turned around and gave her an understanding smile. She was confused by her smile.

"Look." Ellie said in a low voice, "Is it worth it? He didn't want you to suffer, so he started to cook for you. This is a good start."

Summer couldn't help but look at the person standing in the kitchen, who was as calm as holding a scalpel. She was confused. "A good start?"

They were waiting for each other to say divorce. Could they really have a good start?

"I know how stubborn my son is. I have watched you grow up, Summer. If he doesn't want to take the first step, please help him."

Summer bit her lower lip. At this moment, Nick had already taken the food out of the kitchen. "Rain, it's time for dinner. Don't hide upstairs all the time..."

Rain turned a deaf ear to him. She was busy looking for her album. In the past few days, the house was in a mess. Ellie moved out the things of Summer out of Rain's room and moved in her own things, which made Rain's room messy.

She couldn't find her album anywhere, so she had to open the wardrobe. She got into the wardrobe, and her little head accidentally bumped into a secret drawer above.

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