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   Chapter 15 Fall Down Together

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He bit his lower lip hard.

It was right not to tell her. The baby was small, and it stuck on the placenta and wouldn't come off. So after the baby died, it was impossible for Summer to excrete it out of her body. He could only crumble the baby and separate it from the placenta, and then slowly take it out from Summer's body.

The baby was less than three months old. It was also his child. When he did all this, he was also painful! But he must remain calm. If he trembled, he might tear Summer and may cause massive hemorrhage. His heart ache with every cut.

Tears welled up in his eyes. He raised his head and held them back. He walked faster. "Squeak!" a pipe made a piercing sound under his feet, and Summer suddenly turned her head.

He gasped for breath. She saw panic in his eyes and couldn't help laughing. She must have cried her eyes out. Otherwise, how could she see worry in his eyes?

"Are you crazy? Come here now." He reached out to her and said, "It's late at night. Do you want to scare people to death?"

"I want to see my child." She turned her head and continued to look at the dark night outside. "Tell me, where is my child... Even if you don't want him, I want to bury my child..." Her voice choked with sobs. Perhaps, she would never have another child in her life.

"Come down. I'll take you to see it." He paused and said.

However, she shook her head and said, "You'll be free soon. I won't bother you. Give the child back to me, and I'll take him with me..."

Her words made him even more shocked. He took a few steps forward and was about to take her down when she suddenly turned around.

Seeing him suddenly so close to her, she seemed to be startled.

"Do you think I am going to kill myself?" She smiled bitterly and said, "I have said that even if I die, I won't die in the place of your family, in case my death affect the stock price of your company..."

She withdrew one of her feet and was about to turn around. "Okay..." Before she finished her words, she missed her step when she retracted her other foot and hooked the rope beside her. She screamed and lost her balance, her body was now hanging outside the balcony.

His heart almost stopped beating. Before he could think about it, he pounced on her and grabbed her tightly with both hands.

"Summer!" He could only hear his own shout.

All of a sudden, she fell out of the balcony. In order to hold her hands, he jumped to the edge of the balcony. But he couldn't pull her up, instead, he was pulled outside by her...

Her scream resounded through the night sky, but he held her hands tightly.

"I'm sorry..." He heard her cry. They were falling fast, he could even feel that his body was almost blown up by the wind.

She closed her eyes tightly and felt that he tried hard to hold her in his arms.

She was dying...

And so was him...

And so was their child...

It was all because of her!

"Ah!" She cried bitterly, and in the next second, her whole body was bounced up high.

The searchlight shone on their faces, and she could even see his undulating chest. "I... are we dead?" She was still in a state of shock.

He closed his eyes and held her tightly. "It's OK. We are all right..."

The surroundings were noisy, and the police staff kept compla

ining! How could that be! She wants to commit suicide. You should persuade her out of it. How can you jump down with her? Fortunately, we have time to prepare the air cushion bed, or the two people will die! "

Nick held Summer and jumped off the air cushion bed. Summer's feet were weak.

"I wasn't committing suicide..." She trembled in his arms, and all her stubbornness completely shattered on this day. "I just want to stay on the top floor with my child for a little longer..."

"Don't think too much..." He held her tighter and said, "Tomorrow, I'll go with you to book a grave for our child. Listen carefully, if you dare to commit suicide, I'll destroy your child's grave so that he won't rest in peace!"

She whimpered, but felt that he held her more tightly. She couldn't help crying, "Nick, I want to go home..."

He hadn't heard her calling him that for a long time, but he didn't scold her this time. "Okay, let's go home... Let's go home..."

She was carried into the ward by him, and her body was still trembling. "Don't run around. You will have sequela if you don't take good care of yourself now." He tucked her in and said, "Don't worry. When we get back, I'll hire a professional caretaker to take care of you 24 / 7."

She didn't answer, but shrank her body even more. Only then did he see that she was holding a small piece of paper in her hand, on which there was a small corner of B-scan picture.

She didn't lie. She didn't have the chance to say goodbye to her child, so she could only take this only memory to the top floor to remember her child. He reached out for the piece of paper. She trembled and looked up, begging.

"That's all I have left... Don't..." Her tears fell down. "I won't cause you any trouble again. You don't have to worry about me..."

He wanted to comfort her that she would have a second child, but he didn't say it out.

Without the child, it was unknown when they would divorce. If he said she would have another child, he was giving her the unreachable hope.

Seeing that he was silent, she silently opened her palm. Tears fell on the piece of paper, and the dot in the B-scan picture was blurred.

He sighed, held her in his arms and lay down with her.

At this moment, he didn't care about whether she plotted to get the child anymore. In his arms, there was only a poor mother who had lost her child, and who was his wife...

He didn't sleep well last night. Summer was asleep, but she was awakened by nightmares from time to time. She opened her eyes and didn't dare to close them for a long time. He could only hold her in his arms silently and tell her that he was by her side.

If she had a say in this, she would rather that he had given up on her, not the child...

The second day, Nick's mother, Ellie, came early. The two of them were determined to hide the accident happened last night from Ellie. In addition, Summer's ankle, which was scratched in the accident was bandaged, so Nick went out to complete the discharge formalities for her.

He had a deeper worry in his heart. If they continued to stay here, Summer would probably think of her lost child again and again. It was better for her to go back home and have a rest, so that she could stay away from the gossipy people in the hospital.

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