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   Chapter 14 Do You Feel Pain

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Summer covered her ears and rushed upstairs without looking back. She buried herself in the quilt and burst into tears.

He had succeeded in humiliating her!

Nick put on his pants in a hurry and opened the door.

"Mom, what are you doing here?" He scratched his head irritably.

"Of course you don't want me to come. But it's okay." Ellie said with a smile, "Now that Snow is dead, it's time for you to find another companion. Summer is a good girl, and Rain likes her..."

"Mom!" Nick said impatiently, "I'll handle it myself."

"What are you going to do with it?" Ellie glared at him and said, "How am I supposed to accept the daughter-in-law and granddaughter who appeared out of blue? At least I have watched Summer grow up. I know what you have done. I just saw it. You have to be responsible for her..."

"I know what I'm doing!" Nick sat down and asked, "Mom, what are you doing here?"

"What? Didn't Summer tell you?" Ellie blinked her eyes and said, "I called her just now. She answered it. I heard that Rain is going to see a doctor today, so I am thinking..."

"You mean she knows that you are coming?" Somehow, a cold smile appeared on his face. Well, Summer's trick was brilliant enough. She planned to let his mother to saw them naked together and force him to admit what he had done to her.

He was wrong just now. In his eyes, she was even more despicable than a prostitute! At most, she was just a vile woman who wanted to blackmail him!

He said word by word, "No matter what you say, I will never marry this woman. She wants to marry into the An Family? No way!"

His words were still lingering in her ears, but Summer's pregnancy report completely shattered these words.

How could he forget? Since this woman had plotted to let her mother see their naked, of course she won't let him go so easily.

They were married because of this child. Now that the child was gone, there was no need for them to maintain their marriage!

Nick suddenly opened his eyes. At midnight, the hospital was still desolate. His arms were empty, and the person who should have fallen asleep had already run away without a trace.

He turned over and felt a little uneasy. Summer had just lost her baby. Where could she go alone? He could not forget her tearful eyes and desperate expression on her face. Although she got the child by scheme, and she probably was sad for the failure of her plan, the child was innocent. He was inevitably a little sad.

"Summer!" He ran out of the room and dialed her number.

The phone rang in the ward behind him. She didn't even take her phone with her!

"Damn it!" He cursed. Somehow, he just couldn't get rid of her desperate eyes out of his mind. Would that woman commit suicide?

His heart tightened and he rushed to the medical station. "Have you seen Summer?"

"Mr... Mr. Nick... It seems that she left half an hour ago. We didn't notice whether she came back or not..."

Nick cursed in a low voice and quickly dialed the number of the duty room. "Check all the surveillance videos and find out where she is!"

If she was in this hospital, it would be easy to find her. If she had left the hospital, then... His heart was beating rapidly, and

a faint voice was asking him repeatedly. She was just a woman who tried every means to marry into the An Family. What does it have to do with you whether she commit suicide or not?

But when he closed his eyes, he would always recall her calling, "Nick"...

"Why did you have sex with me? Have you ever liked me, even just a little?"

"In my eyes, you are more despicable than a prostitute! Summer, I just mistook you for Snow after getting drunk! It's a pity that you got nothing on her!" She had slapped him hard on the face for saying that.

She didn't even commit suicide after such a blow, why would she do it now?

He comforted himself like this, but his quick steps showed his nervousness. In fact, he lied... Five years ago when he was with Snow, he was so drunk that he couldn't remember whether he had slept with Snow. He could only barely tell by his naked body that he had. But when he was with Summer, he remembered what had happened in detail that night...

He knew it was her, but he couldn't control himself anymore... Therefore, it was his fault that she got pregnant!

He rushed into the duty room, and all the surveillance cameras were shown in front of him, except the one in the bathroom.

"Mr. Nick!" Someone shouted in his ear, "We found her. She is on the top floor!" He trembled and had to stand steadily with the support of wall.

"I'll go upstairs to find her. Call the police right now!"

The snow was still falling. On the top floor of the RA Hospital, the wind was blowing.

When he arrived at the transparent glass door, Nick stopped. At the edge of the balcony on the top floor, there was a lonely figure sitting with her back to him. Her two fair feet was hanging outside the balcony. As long as she wanted, she could jump down from the 25th floor.

His heart almost stopped beating. With a squeak, he pushed open the door of the balcony and slowly approached the figure step by step.

His palms were sweating, but his footsteps were still steady. He was ten meters away from her, as long as he reached her, he could hold her in his arms and forcefully pull her back from the edge of the balcony.

But he stopped.

Because he heard her singing. "Doll, doll... A mud doll... She doesn't have a father nor a mother..."

The song was echoing the cold wind, and the tears of the singer fell to the ground drop by drop.

That was Rain's favorite song, so every night when she went to bed, Summer would sing her this song to her softly. Every time she sang, she would cry.

He knew that it was because she remembered her origin. She was abandoned by her mother, and kicked out of the house by her "father" who had no blood relationship with her. Like a doll, she was also parentless?

He once said that she had him.


"Honey..." Summer said in a low voice, "Don't be sad. Even if daddy doesn't like you and doesn't accept you, mommy will still love you and protect you... Honey, are you cold? I've looked for you all over the hospital, but I haven't found you... Tell mommy, where are you... Let me see you for the last time, okay?"

She covered her belly tightly and cried, "Honey, tell me, do you feel pain? Don't be afraid. Mommy is here..."

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