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   Chapter 12 Being Drunk

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"Live on." "How can you hate me if you are not alive?"

"I would rather you had killed me! Give my child back to me!" Summer cried out in grief and indignation. Then she collapsed into his arms.

Looking at her bleeding lips, the desperate expression on her face was like a sharp sword, stabbing into his heart. He had experience such agony three months ago...

That night was the coldest day in the winter.

Summer couldn't fall asleep. Because that day was the hundredth day after Snow's death. If she was still alive, that day should be the three-month memorial day of their wedding. Unfortunately, Snow was dead, and only the jar of ashes had proved her existence.

What's more, it was almost midnight and Nick hadn't come back yet.

Summer paced back and forth in the living room, restless. When the electric bell rang, she rushed to open the door and almost kicked over Rain's small easel.

"Nick..." She called out before she opened the door. There were two people standing in front of her. To be exact, one of them fell down on the other, and the latter nearly fell down even with the support of the wall.

"Help me!" Sweat dripped from Warren' forehead. "He is so heavy. He's too drunk to walk by himself!"

Summer hurriedly reached out her hand to help him. Being drunk, Warren said, "Then I'll leave him to you." He took a look at Summer and said, "He is in a bad mood tonight. Summer, please take good care of him."

Summer tried her best to carry Nick on her shoulder, but she was much shorter than him. As soon as the door was closed, the two of them stumbled and fell onto the door.

"HMM..." Touching his head, Nick opened his eyes slightly.

"Sorry, I'm sorry." Summer apologized again and again, "Mr. Nick," she remembered the order he gave her. She was just a housekeeper who helped him take care of his daughter to atone for her sin. If it weren't for Rain, Nick would never want to see her again in his life, let alone let her live in his house. "Did I hurt you?"

"Wine..." Lying on the ground, Nick said, "Wine..."

"You can't drink anymore!" Summer bit her lower lip tightly. She put her hands under his armpit and tried to pull him up. "I know you are sad, but you have to move on. You can vent all your anger on me. Only a fool will drink himself to death!"

God, why was he so heavy? Her hand was almost broken, but she still failed to pull him up. What was worse, he suddenly pulled her down with his hand. She screamed and her eyes met his deep eyes. "Go and get some wine. Drink with me."

Tears welled up in her eyes. In his eyes, she was a murderer who had killed his beloved woman, and who had gotten away from the punishment. It had been a long time since he had talked to her so nicely...

She bit her lower lip and said, "Promise me that you will cheer up after today..." Before she finished speaking, he had already got up by himself and stumbled to the wine cabinet. His hit hi

s head on the cabinet door hard and cursed.

She still felt heartbroken. Even if she didn't want him to drink any more wine, she took down the wine for him. He uncorked two bottles of wine and put one bottle into her hand.

"Drink!" He raised his head and gulped down more than half a bottle of wine.


"Shh..." His suddenly blocked her cherry lips with his hand. Her heart skipped a beat, and she found that they were very close to each other. "Don't call me like that. Please don't..." There was a hint of drunkenness in his eyes, but more were the tears. "Tonight, I'm not Nick. I'm not a father. I'm not a doctor, so let me get drunk once. Tomorrow, tomorrow..."

He took another gulp of wine and said, "I have made an appointment with a psychologist tomorrow for my daughter. She's all I have... I have to cure her..."

He covered his ears and said, "Don't call me Nicky anymore..." He murmured, "I can't stand it... I'm a father... How can I tell my daughter that her mother will never come back... And that the person who killed her mother was her favorite teacher, who had always called me Nicky..."

Tears streamed down Summer's face. She covered her mouth with her hand, but he closed his eyes and said, "So don't call me that anymore. Let me get drunk. I wonder if you would do such a thing when you were still a child..."

She suddenly held his hand and said, "No, Nicky. I didn't kill her! I wanted to save her, but I couldn't..."

"I told you to stop calling me that!" He suddenly opened his eyes and held her heart-shaped face with both hands. Her tears fell into his palm. "Don't call me that again!"

"I'm sorry..." Before she finished her words, he had kissed her on the lips, making her unable to speak.

She was completely stunned. He kissed her? How was that possible?

"Don't..." He closed his eyes tightly. He was dead drunk. She could taste the wine in his mouth. They kissed each other wholeheartedly.

When his lips touched hers, a sense of feeling sprang up in his mind. He tightly held the woman in his arms, and gradually lost his sense. Who was he holding?

"Nick, Nick..." He saw a pair of charming eyes in his mind.

He couldn't help murmuring, "Snow..."

Did he hurt her? Five years ago, on the night he went abroad, if he hadn't been so drunk, he wouldn't have had slept with Snow. After she was pregnant, she had lost contact with him. When he came back, and managed to find her, only to find that their child had serious autism, and hadn't spoken for five years.

Did he hurt her? He wanted to marry her and make her happy, but she was drowned in the cold lake. He thought he could kill the murderer, but in the end, he...

He suddenly opened his eyes, and the tears of the woman in his arms seemed to have softened his heart. Her delicate face covered with tear stains, and her innocent eyes, which were pure as before, overlapped with Snow's face in his memory.

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