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   Chapter 11 Murderer

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Countless voices rushed into Summer's ears. Her belly was in pain and she felt weak all over. She could see nothing but Snow's horrified eyes.

"Summer, you are a murderer!"


Summer heard the noisy crowd in the court.

"If you are innocent, why are you still alive while she is dead? Didn't you fall into water together?"

"Why is she injured? But you didn't?"

"Why did you murder her before her wedding? Are you jealous of her? Or you did it because you love Nick? You cruel woman!"

"Ah!" She screamed, her hands brandishing randomly in the air. She opened her eyes in horror, but in front of her was a snow-white wall.

The familiar smell of disinfectant rushed into her nose. She lay down on the bed again dejectedly, in fear. "Don't save me, don't save me..." She was still thinking about her falling into the water six months ago. "Snow was dead. If I stay alive, Nick will think that I killed her... I have to save her..."

She lay flat on the bed, tears streaming down her cheeks. She heard footsteps approaching, "Nick, if you don't give me an explanation, I... I won't recognize you as my son. I'm so angry! "

She suddenly turned to the door of the ward. A tall white figure stood at the door. Behind him, a lady wiped her eyes and pushed him away.

"Go away! I have never seen so heartless a person... How can you treat your own child like this? Why are you so heartless?"

Seeing Summer waking up, Ellie sighed and walked up to her. "Summer, how are you feeling? Are you feeling better?"

"Mom..." Summer called out. When she was about to lift the quilt and get up, Ellie stopped her. "Hey, don't move now... Just lie down and take a rest..." Her voice was choked with sobs. "Don't be sad, although the baby is gone, you can..."

All of a sudden, Summer grabbed her hand and asked, "What... What? The baby is gone? How could it be?" Her tone had changed. Looking at Ellie whose eyes were red, she pressed her lower abdomen madly.

Baby... She was just pregnant and she lost it before it could move...

Was it because she drank wine on their wedding night? Or was it because that she hit the table when she went to save Rain?

She hit her head and screamed, "No, my child... It's all my fault. It's my fault..." Tears streamed down her face. "It's not true, is it?"

She had fallen before but the baby was fine. How could it suddenly...

Ellie turned around and glared at Nick. "You should ask your husband about this! I have never seen a father as cruel as him..."

Summer jumped off the bed. She had been in a coma for a day and a night, and she couldn't even stand still. When she rushed in front of Nick, she fell before him. "Nick, the child, our baby..."

"I think the child might be deformed.

It's better not to have it. So I did the abortion for you..."

Summer felt dizzy and darkness came to her eyes. She grabbed his robe and said in a cold voice, "No... Even if the child has a defect, it is still my child... Nick, how could you..."

How could he kill his own child?

Rain had a severe autism, but Nick loved her as much as he loved himself. Because she was Snow's child.

However, the unborn baby was deprived of the right to come into this world just because he thought it was defected. She didn't even have the chance to have a good look at it. Did he do that because it was her baby?

She cried bitterly, clenching her fists and pounding the ground hard. The blood oozed and left red marks on the ground, just like her bleeding heart.

He didn't reach out to help her. Ellie came to her side and said, "Summer, don't cry. You are young, you can have another baby in the future. Don't blame him. I've already scolded him... It was his fault... Be good, don't cry. It's bad for your eyes..."

Summer cried out all her tears. She pressed her belly tightly, as if she could keep her unborn child as long as she pressed her belly.

Others may have another child in the future.

But she knew that Nick would never have a second child with her. Because neither of them had expected that she would be pregnant. What's more, it was also a stain that Nick wanted to remove, that's why he chose to end his child's life without hesitation.

She was helped back to the bed and huddled up in a corner numbly. Nick walked toward her and waved his hand to Ellie who sighed and then left the ward, leaving the newly married couple alone.

Summer huddled in the corner. When he sat on the edge of the bed, she seemed to be frightened. She trembled all over and tears fell down.

"Why? Why?" She was more like asking herself than asking him.

He had never seen her so glum like this, so he could only say, "Take it easy. I drank a lot that night and the child might have some defects. Do you want him to be as lonely as Rain?"

"No!" She tore her hair. He had to hold her tightly in case she continued to hurt herself. "But you are the father of our child... Didn't it break your heart when you killed our child? How can you be so heartless?"

She blamed her. He gritted his teeth, but his hands were trembling. Of course he was sad. But he couldn't tell her that within half a minute after the injection, the pulse of the baby became weaker and weaker, and finally it stopped?

This child was lost because of Rain. In this case, he was willing to take all the blame. Anyway, there was nothing except hatred between them...

She cried and sank her teeth deep in his arms that held her tightly. She bit so hard that her body trembled.

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