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   Chapter 9 Summer's Missing

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"Damn it! Why is the kitchen on fire?" The principal was so angry that he stamped his feet. The fire was burning, but the water poured could not stop the fire at all. It seemed that the fire could only be controlled after the firefighting truck arrived. Fortunately, all the children had gotten out.

"Wait a second!" Summer broke in cold sweat in her back, "A child is missing? Where is Rain? Who saw Rain? !"

"Teacher, the little dummy ran back into the classroom just now!" A boy said, "She must have gone back to take her paintings!"

Summer's eyes darkened. She gritted her teeth, turned around and grabbed the water barrel. She wet herself with cold water. Though shivering with cold, she ran straight into the fire.

"Summer, are you crazy?" Larissa shouted behind her.

Hot air blew over Summer's face. Her dormitory was the closest to the kitchen, and it was already on fire. When Summer kicked open the burning door, the fire had burned her long hair, and the smell of burning pervaded her nose.

It was hot and painful... It seemed that her whole body was about to burn up...

"Rain..." She shouted in a hoarse voice, "Answer me!"

In the blazing fire, Summer's breath stopped when she saw the little girl stood in the corner, holding her little album stiffly, with tears in her eyes.

Summer pounced on her, took off her wet coat and wrapped it around the child. Then she rushed out toward the door with Rain.

"Bang!" Something fell and tripped the two of them to the ground.

The fierce fire engulfed the door, and the roof beam above her head made a crackling sound. Summer looked up and found that the roof beam was shaking and was about to fall off. She screamed and pushed Rain out of the door with all her strength. Rain fell at the door, and the roof beam fell on Summer's shoulder blade.

The beam hit her wound on the shoulder that was not completely healed. Summer stared at Rain who was still stunned at the door and shouted, "Run! Send someone to save me!"

She didn't know if Rain had understood her. Rain stumbled out of the room. Summer gritted her teeth and wanted to stand up, but the heavy wooden roof beam made her unable to move. Thick smoke rushed over, and she coughed violently and kept shedding tears.

Now that Rain was safe, she didn't owe her any more... The most painful thing was that if she really died here, the baby in her belly would not even have a chance to see the outside world...

I'm sorry, honey. It's mommy's fault... If that hadn't happened...

She slowly lowered her head. She had inhaled too much carbon monoxide that she lost consciousness...

Perhaps, her death was a relief for both herself and him...

"Do ECG monitoring for the patient and pay close attention to him 24 hours a day. When he passes the dangerous period, he can be transferred to the general ward." Nick removed his mask, but he was still wearing a surgical gown. It could be seen that he was weary. Anyone who had performed three consecutive operations in the morning would be in the same bad mental state as him.

"Mr. Nick!" The surgery curtain was suddenly lifted, and a nurse rushed in. "The kindergarten called and said that something had happened to your child. They asked you to go there as soon as possible."

"Damn it!" Nick threw his mask on the ground and rushed

out of the operating room. Stupid Summer. How did she take care of Rain? Was Rain bullied in the kindergarten and was black and blue all over?

Thinking of the inexplicable wounds appeared on Rain's body from time to time, a feeling of regret and anger surged in his heart. He was unwilling to admit that there was a hint of disappointment in his anger. He stepped on the gas at full speed, not caring about the ticket he was about to receive.

His car was forced to stop when it was still a short distance from the kindergarten. Thick black smoke spread in the air. He coughed, covered his mouth and nose with a handkerchief, hurriedly got out of the car and walked to the kindergarten. He shouted in his heart: He had lost Snow. He couldn't lose Rain anymore!

If he was to go through that kind of pain again... He...

The ambulance siren and police whistle were sounding in the air. He was not relieved until he saw his daughter standing at the door, close to the fire.

"Rain!" He shouted and rushed forward, hugging the little body. "Did you get hurt? Let me have a look at you..."

The numb girl was turned around by him. There was fire in her eyes and faint black mark on her face. Besides that, she looked no different from usual. He was finally relieved. The principal was shouting in a hoarse voice, "Please take your children away as soon as possible. It is dangerous here, and there may be an explosion..."

Without hesitation, he picked up the child and said, "Let's go, Rain. I'll take you to the hospital for a check-up..."

Although Rain was reticent, she was obedient. But when she heard his words, she struggled hard. Nick was not prepared and almost lost his grip on the child. He gritted his teeth and said, "Rain, be good. What's the matter?"

Rain pointed at the kindergarten. Suddenly, it dawned on Nick, "Did you leave your album in it? It doesn't matter. I'll buy you a new one and draw with you, okay?"

The child was struggling harder and harder. "All right, I know you are waiting for Summer, but she has to deal with other children. I..." I only care about you! He didn't know why he couldn't say that at this moment.

Out of the corner of his eye, he looked around, but the disgusting figure did not appear in his sight. She was the teacher of this kindergarten, so she must be busy with dealing with many children... She must...

He didn't expect that Rain would cry after he said this. Nick didn't know what to do. It was Summer who's in charge of taking care of his autistic daughter. Was he unable to handle his own daughter without that woman?

He sighed, "Let's go. Dad will take you back first. We can contact her later." She left Rain and was nowhere to be found. He hadn't blamed her yet! And now she needed Rain to worry about her safety now? He really didn't know why this woman was so cunning. In just a few days, Rain had forgiven all her wrongdoings, including killing her mother...

Rain struggled, but she was not as strong as her father. She was forcefully held away by Nick, and she only said one word, "Mom..."

"You can draw her again." Nick said perfunctorily.

He had just taken a few steps away with the child in his arms when Larissa's voice came into his ears from the crowd. "Oh my God, principal, Summer seems to have disappeared... Who saw Summer?"

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