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   Chapter 8 The Fire

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"One or two catty pork is just a little. It's not enough to cook porridge. It's OK to gain a little weight..." He had been beaten by her for saying that, but now...

Her tears fell into the bowl and she wiped them in a hurry. "I will prove myself with time." She gritted her teeth and said, "I'm really not the kind of person you think I am, Nick..."

"Stop it." He stood up abruptly. His was too soft on her today. "The silly girl is dead in my heart. Thank you for giving me a chance to know you again. Get ready."

"For what?" She put down the bowl.

"The baby will be three months old soon," he said with his back to her. "Do an amniocentesis some time."

Summer was shocked. "No, I won't do it!"

"It's not up to you!" He turned around and glanced at her belly coldly, "Or you think what your father, sorry, Mr. Lin said is right? The baby in your belly is not mine?"

"No!" She gritted her teeth and said, "You have to trust me. You know clearly that I was a virgin when I am with you, that was, that was mine..."

"Your first time, right?" With a faint sneer at the corners of his mouth, he said, "But I only had sex with you once. God knows..."

"Fuck off!" She grabbed the bowl and smashed it at him. The ceramic bowl was smashed into pieces on the wall beside him, but he stared at her without blinking.

She didn't shed tears for previous beating, but now she had tears all over her face. She should have known that he could hurt her ten thousand times deeper than others! She would rather he hate her and torture her than doubt her feelings for him!

"I will send someone to pick you up then." He patted his sleeve expressionlessly, turned around and left. He didn't forget to close the door for her.

She cried heart-brokenly in the empty ward...

The wedding leave came to an end on the day when Summer's eyes were no longer swollen. When Summer took Rain back to the kindergarten, her colleagues were all shocked. They even stammered, "I thought you would have 15 days off. Why does your husband agree you to work?"

For her best friend who had been immersed in the love story in the novel, Summer just smiled faintly. "Anyway, I don't have anything else to do, so I come to work." She was out of love. How could she live if she lost her job?

Larissa nodded. She stroked Rain's hair and said, "Come here, Rain. Say hello to Miss Larrissa? The kids have been missing you while you were away! "

Rain shrank back behind Summer. Larissa was not surprised. The child was only close to Summer, and now the two of them became a family. They were more close than ever. "I thought you would take a few more days off. I heard from the principal that you still have to do the amniocentesis. What is it anyway?"

Summer's body stiffened. Where there were women, there were rumors. When she married into the An Family, many female teachers in the kindergarten were very jealous. The malicious gossip spread fast, and only her best friend, who was so naive, would be kept in the dark.

"Nothing. It's just a routine examination." She hugged more than twenty enthusiastic kids rushing towards her and secretly covered her lower abdomen. She had searched a lot of information about amniocentesis these days. If anything went wrong, it would hurt the developing fetus. More

importantly, she had a clear conscience, so she would never do this operation.

"That's good." Larissa smiled innocently, "Mr. Nick has always been nice to you. I think you must be very happy. If this inspection is risky, he will not let you do it."

With her back to her, Summer frowned and lowered her eyes with a faint smile. If he hadn't taken his mother's thoughts into consideration, he would have dragged her to have an abortion as soon as he knew that she was pregnant. How could an undesirable child to be loved by his father?

But she swallowed all the bitterness alone and took Rain to other kids.

Rain held the album tightly in her hand. Summer encouraged other children to draw with her, but Rain turned around and faced the wall. The brush in her hand seemed to have wings. In a moment, a lifelike house was drawn on the paper.

Summer picked up the pen and drew a pink rabbit for her in front of the house. She said softly, "Rain, is the rabbit cute? Let's have one too, okay?"

Rain raised her head to look at her, but didn't refuse. Summer was overjoyed. Perhaps it was a good start that autistic Rain accepted rabbits, and maybe she would gradually accept other children, and finally accept the whole world.

"Then let's go buy one after school, okay?" She smiled from the bottom of her heart, which made her face more beautiful. Larissa covered her mouth and smiled.

"You have spent too much time on Rain. Her biological mother may not care about her as much as you do."

Summer just kept silent. After lunch, a group of kids rushed to their bed to take a nap while Rain got into Summer's bed.

Summer patted her back and sang the lullaby. She had done it for more than a year and was adept in it. Rain slipped into her arms. Her heart ached inexplicably, and tears fell down her face.

Rain wiped away the tears with her small hand, and Summer cried harder. She whispered into Rain's ear, "Rain, have you forgiven me?"

She lowered her head and looked at the child nervously. The child's lips moved. Although he did not make a sound, the shape of her mouth was clearly saying: mom.

She hugged the child tightly. For a child with a clear mind, it was so easy to earn her forgiveness with care and companionship, but it was a different matter for Nick...

The baby fell asleep soon. Summer was tired of crying and slowly closed her eyes. She didn't sleep well this afternoon. She was woken by the smell of burning instead of by the alarm clock.

As soon as she got up, she saw the billowing smoke outside the window. She was so shocked that she took a deep breath. She quickly pushed Larissa, who was snoring beside her, awake and said, "Hurry up. It seems that there is a fire outside. Take the children out quickly!"

She slipped off the bed, held Rain in her arms and rushed out with another child.

More than 20 lives were in their hands, so they must act quickly.

As soon as Summer rushed out of the room, she coughed. With thick smoke billowing outside, the cries of children and the curses of women could be heard everywhere. Fortunately, she and Larissa woke up early. After leading the children out, the firefighting truck hadn't arrived yet. Summer ordered Larissa to call the children's parents while she counted the number of children.

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