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   Chapter 6 Anger

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Another man was also shouting, "Brother, that woman must be upstairs. The law can't punish her. Let's do it ourselves! I'm so angry at the thought of my sister's tragic death and that woman enjoying herself like this!"

Summer was shocked and almost spilled the soup in her arms. She quickly stood up from the edge of the bed and looked around. It was Rain's two uncles! She looked out of the window and felt dizzy. It was not like yesterday. If she jumped down from this window, she would definitely lose her baby.

The footsteps were getting closer and closer. "We Shangguan family are not to be bullied like this! Nick, if you don't give us an explanation today, we won't leave!"

There was a hint of forbearance in his voice. Summer was even more flustered. After all, they were the brothers of his beloved woman. Would he hand her over?

At the thought of the two rude men, her hair stood on ends. Just as she was in a hurry, the door had been kicked open. Summer screamed, and a rough hand had reached out and pulled her out. "I was right. You are really here!"

"Let go of me!" Summer kicked him and said, "I'm not a murderer! How many times do I have to tell you! Your sister's death was an accident! The court has made the judgment. Do you need me to show it to you?"

The man roared, "I don't care. Even if you didn't kill my sister, her death has something to do with you! But now you are the mistress of the An Family. What about us? We are heartbroken that our sister is dead" He slapped hard on Summer's face and said, "I see. You two must have an affair and killed my sister together. I tell you, I'm going to sue you..."

Summer's head was buzzing with the slap. She fell to the ground, and her hair was grabbed by the man. "Let's go to the court! No, let's go to the police station!"

"You madman..." Summer was so painful that tears welled up in her eyes. She covered her belly tightly and said, "OK, let's go to the police station and let them check my wound and let people see that it's a shame for you to treat a weak woman like this!"

He gave her a hard kick on the back. She almost spat out the blood. Before she could catch her breath, her hair was pulled up and her eyes were punched heavily.

She was so painful that she almost fainted, but Nick who was standing aside didn't say anything.

The two men just came to extort money. Seeing that Nick was indifferent, the one who didn't make a move couldn't help but reach out to hug Rain. "In that case, Rain is our family's child. My sister is gone, it's reasonable for you to give us the child..."

Summer snickered. Now Rain was everything to Nick. Did these two men finally find that they could use Rain?

However, the man who was beating Summer shook her off in a hurry. He ran to his brother and shook his head repeatedly. "Brother, no... This child... " He winked at his brother so hard that his eyeballs almost fell out. 'Are you kidding me? Is this Nick heartless? He didn't say a word when his wife was beaten. If he thought the child was a burden and wanted to give this dummy back to them, they wo

uld be miserable?'?

Besides, it took them a lot of effort to convince Nick that the child was his. If they took the child back, even their dead sister would come to them to settle accounts!

However, things went more smoothly than they expected. Rain screamed and hid herself in the arms of Nick. At the same time, Nick's expression changed greatly. Obviously, he was more nervous about his daughter than Summer. "Rain is my child! I am her first Guardian! I'm sadder than anyone else about her death..." He gritted his teeth.

"Sadder than we do?" The man shouted, "After our sister passed away, you married this woman. The two of us are so angry that we have heart failure! Pay for our medical fees, or..."

Summer couldn't help laughing and said, "He is a doctor and vice dean. If you need him, he can arrange for you to have a check-up. Really, at worst, you will have a heart pass..."

The two men were so angry that they almost couldn't breathe. But Nick pushed Rain out of the door. After closing the door, he took out a checkbook and said, "Name your price. If it happens again..." He raised his eyes and looked at the two indifferently. "I won't treat you as the brothers of Snow Shangguan anymore."

The two men looked at each other and named the price greedily. Then Nick wrote it down. When he was about to tear off the check, one of the men said, "By the way, Summer killed my sister. I can't let her go. If you let us take her away, we will never come to bother you and Rain again..."

Summer almost cried out. The man who spoke turned around and looked at her up and down maliciously. She shuddered all over. If she was handed over to these two men, she couldn't imagine what would happen to her!

She closed her eyes and didn't want to show her weakness. For the sake of Rain, he would definitely hand her over. She was already thinking about what she should grab to end her own life.

The moment she closed her eyes, she missed the gleam in his eyes. "I've just told you to name a price and we are even." Slowly, he put the pen back into his pocket, grabbed the check with his slender fingers, and sneered, "If you want to try my patience..." He slowly torn the check into pieces, "Congratulations, you have succeeded."

When the last sentence came out, the two men were already expressionless. The younger brother still shouted, "You have married this woman, aren't you afraid that Snow Shangguan will be sad..." Before he could say the word "sad", a hard punch had hit his chin. He fell to Summer's side. Summer screamed and quickly shrank away.

When she moved, the scars on her face were exposed. On her pink face, her eyes were red, eye socket black and blue and lips smeared with blood. Clenching his fists, Nick said in a cold voice, "Get out! If you want to be my enemy, be my guest!"

The elder brother didn't dare to resist, so he could only help his brother to run away. "You heartless man," he cursed after running far away. "Snow Shangguan is blind to fall in love with you. Her body hasn't cold yet, but you married the woman who had killed her..."

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