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   Chapter 5 Unable To Rest In Peace

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Summer gradually raised her voice and panted.

She was still expecting his love even though she was treated like that?

In her tearful eyes, she could only see the cold smile at the corners of his mouth. "I can't accept the love of a vicious woman. Don't worry. Since you have gone all out to marry me, I will definitely fulfill my husband's obligation."

He raised his eyebrows and said, "Of course." He put his thin lips close to her pink ones, but he did not kiss her. "I will let you feel the pain I have suffered!"

Darkness came over her eyes and she fainted. She even loosened her hands that were clinging to his shoulder.

He looked down at her condescendingly. Her face was covered with tears, and her long hair, which was wet from tears, stuck on her face. Her face was small and her eyes big. There were red marks and even a faint trace of blood on her fair neck. Her whole body was black and blue, and the several deep scratches on her snow-white ankle were particularly striking.

He suddenly stood up while she trembled involuntarily from coldness. His eyes narrowed slightly, and was even angrier. He felt she and her body were plain. However, when he saw her at the moment, he was more turned on than angry.

He reached his hand to her neck, and the pulse was gently beating under his palm. As long as he exerted more strength, he could get rid of his misery, and more importantly, he could avenge for his beloved woman... He clenched his teeth but heard another voice.

"Nick, Nick... I can't swim. Can you take the exam for me?"

"No. I'm already fifteen years old. Do you want me to wear girls' swimsuit?"

"Please... "Nick, you are the only one who can help me..." You are the best... "


When this word came out of her mouth, he suddenly withdrew his hand, as if she was a beast that would burn him.

He pulled off the quilt from the bed and threw it on her. He didn't care about her at all. She had to take care of Rain. If this crazy woman caught a cold and infected Rain, he would feel sorry for his daughter. Yes, that's it.

After their wedding came the honeymoon. Summer didn't expect to have a sweet honeymoon. When she woke up, she saw a child squatting next to her. She was still in the position that she was last night. The wedding dress was wrapped around her body, but at least there was a quilt to cover her body.

Of course, she didn't think Nick felt pity for her. He probably didn't want his daughter to see this terrible scene when she got up in the morning. She was indeed a woman who was not qualified to sleep with him, because last night, he let her sleep on the floor for a whole night...

She struggled to stand up, and her dry lips cracked when she opened her mouth, "Rain, where is your father?"

Rain looked at the bed expressionlessly. Even though there was room service, Nick, a medical student, still made the bed himself. He hated all the dirty things, including her.

Sure enough, he was no longer here. As his so-called wi

fe, she had no right to ask where he had gone.

She wrapped herself in the quilt and managed to find a bathrobe to put on, and someone knocked on the suite door. A man in black reported meticulously, "Mrs. Summer, Miss Rain, the car is ready. Mr. Nick had asked me to drive you to his apartment. Are you ready now?"

Summer came to herself after a short pause. It was the elder's idea to marry her, Nick didn't want to marry her at all. Now that he took them back to his apartment, it was obvious that he wanted the elder to stay out of his marriage life. It seemed that he would not let her live a good life.

She smiled bitterly. Hadn't she known it already? Nick pretended to be respectful to the elders, but in fact, he had his own plans. Otherwise, he couldn't have taken charge of the whole wedding so quickly that his parents couldn't say a word.

The two-storey building in the family's courtyard was even colder and more frightening. The vines was crawling on the wall and shining green in the rain, the only beings alive except her and Rain, who was quietly drawing.

That was also Nick's style. He refused all the servants sent by his parents. He didn't want to interfere in the family business, so he only accepted the position of the vice president of the hospital. Although he was busy, he liked this job better than business engagement. But now he had a free servant, and that was her.

Summer was as busy as a bee. As usual, when it was completely dark, she heard a familiar sound of brake in the garage. He went home.

She cooked a whole table of dishes. Even though she had a stomachache yesterday and was disgusted by the smell of oil and smoke, she still prepared dishes for him. As soon as he entered the room, he picked up Rain.

The child nestled in his arms, held his neck tightly and gently rubbed her face against his. He smiled faintly and walked into the kitchen with the child in one hand. He began to light the fire and cook porridge.

That again... She looked at the steaming dishes and shrugged to tell herself to give up. He wouldn't eat any food cooked by her. He was afraid that she would poison the food. He didn't eat the food she cooked last night either? His face was as dark as having taken the poison.

She went upstairs with a bowl of soup. Even though she had no appetite, she had to force herself to drink some soup, not for herself, but for the child. No one cherished her, so she had to cherish herself. She'd better not interfere them. Otherwise, they would blame her when they recall the past.

Unexpectedly, before she finished the soup, there was a little noise downstairs. Summer raised her eyebrows. Which guy screamed in Nick's territory? Did he want to die?

"Knock, knock, knock..." A loud sound came from the wooden stairs. Summer was shocked. Did that person want to go upstairs? "Is she up there? Nick, I advise you to hand her over! You said you loved my sister, but you married the woman who murdered her? She won't rest in peace."

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