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   Chapter 4 I Can't Love You In This Way

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She ran so fast that her feet had rubbed raw by the ground and left a faint trace of blood. She stumbled, but she had never stopped. She didn't know that the man behind her had pursed his lips.

"Rain..." When she pushed the door open and was about to turn on the light, a familiar voice came from the room. Summer's heart trembled and quickly said, "Okay, okay. I won't turn on the light. I won't scare you. I'm sorry, Rain..."

She fumbled forward slowly. At the door of the studio, Nick had blocked all the light with his large figure. Summer couldn't see anything and was tripped by the chair under the child's feet. Then she fell heavily.

Summer didn't cry out for pain. She fumbled in the darkness with her hands using her memory and said, "Rain, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to marry your father, nor did I mean to lie to you... Many things... I'm sorry... " She sobbed, but the next second she held Rain who came out from under the table.

"I found her! I found her!" She hugged Rain tightly. The light in the room suddenly was lit up, and Nick, who hadn't been able to do anything, rushed over. Rain screamed and buried her little head deep into Summer's arms.

Summer's forehead had just been broken by a chair, and her hair was messy. She was not as elegant as she was at the wedding. She lowered her head, feeling ashamed and handed Rain back to Nick. "She might have been frightened. She will be fine after a sleep."

Without saying a word, Nick took Rain and strode out of the drawing room without looking at her. Summer felt a sharp pain in her ankle. She held the chair next to her and struggled to stand up, with her hands subconsciously holding her lower abdomen.

She was pregnant with Nick's child... But she had fallen down several times since she was pregnant, yet the father of her child had never turned around to help her or worried about her. She swallowed the bitterness in her heart.

'Baby, I'm sorry. He doesn't love me, so he doesn't love you either. But it doesn't matter. You have me. I will love you. You must hold on, live, and when everything is over... How about we two spend the rest of our lives together? Okay?'

She slowly walked out of the kindergarten with the support of the wall, and watched the car driving away. She was stunned. She wanted to chase after him, but stopped after a few steps. Of course... She smiled bitterly. He took her here only to find his daughter. Now that he had found his daughter, she was useless. Why would he wait for her?

She walked to the bus station step by step, huddled herself in the corner, waiting for the last bus and staggered back to the hotel.

She was cold, hungry, and dizzy, but she held on. She crawled to the trash can in the bus and vomited.

He was right. The world was big, but she had no home!

When Summer got off the bus, the driver looked at her with disgust. When she returned to the hotel room in a trance, Rain and Nick were sitting on the floor. This presidential suite was prepared for their wedding night, and Rain had to sleep in the side room.

Holding the album in her arms, Rain was drawing something. Looking at her silently, Ni

ck's eyes turned red. When Summer entered the room, she seemed to have startled Rain, who put away the album in her arms and sobbed out, "Mom..."

Nick was shocked. He reached out to caress her hair and said, "Rain, if your mother was still alive and heard you finally call her, she would be so..."

The child shook off him and ran back to her room. Summer's heart ached when she heard Rain locked her room. She took a look at Nick who had already stood up abruptly and walked quickly towards her. He smelt of alcohol like her.

Summer was like a frightened deer, almost jumping up. Of course, she didn't think he was drunk from the wine, but it was enough to make him angry.

She staggered to the door, but he had slammed the door before her, almost breaking her hand. She screamed and found herself hanging in the air. She wanted to vomit again.

"Put me down!" She kicked and kicked, "I'm going to throw up..."

She felt everything was spinning in front of her. When she was conscious, she was actually on the soft carpet. She struggled to get up, but he pressed her arms and said, "Throw up? I didn't throw up when I see you. And you want to vomit?"

She opened her mouth but didn't know what to say. The sound of clothes being torn rang in her ears sharply. The splints flew in the air, and the wedding dress designed by the famous designer suddenly became a piece of rag.

She covered herself in panic, "Are you crazy! Your daughter is still in the next room. You... You... "

Her chin was pinched hard by him. "I am crazy? Yes, I'm crazy. From the day you killed my beloved woman, I've been driven crazy by you. It's all your fault, Summer! You can brainwash my parents and make them believe that you are innocent, but now I tell you, you will always be a murderer in my heart! "

He stared into her eyes and said, "Didn't you want to sleep with me? Okay, I will grant your wish, but we will only do it on the floor."

He pressed himself on her and bit her neck mercilessly. She raised her smooth neck in pain. "No, you can't do this to me. I'm pregnant with your child. You will hurt the child!"

His breathed close to her earlobe. But his words said in a low and mellow tone, was enough to suffocate her, "Hurt? Do you think I care about your baby? It shouldn't have existed in the first place, no matter it is my child or not!"

His words completely broke her heart. She lost her strength. He tore the wedding dress into pieces rudely as if it was her, and took her body as if it was a shabby doll.

She had saved her virginity for him and had dreamed many times how they would make love, but it seemed to be the beginning of misery.

Like a helpless sailboat, she was cast up and down, completely at the mercy of the sea. She cried and struggled. She shook her head until her hair was messy. She even bit his shoulder with her teeth, but she couldn't stop him.

It was not that she didn't love him... But she couldn't love him in this way...

"Nick!" She cried hysterically, "If loving you is a mistake, I admit that I have made a huge mistake. Let me go... I don't want to lose my child... Please don't... Ah... "

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