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   Chapter 49 Happiness

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"Hey, what's wrong with you today, Eric? Don't you usually run home in a hurry?"

The colleague's words reminded Eric. He picked up the guitar and went out.

As usual, after Rachel put the dishes on the table, she had fallen asleep on the table. But the difference was that she sat up as soon as Eric entered.

"Sister, why are you waiting for me? Don't do this again. Go to your room and have a good sleep. " Eric's heart ached and he looked pitiful to her.

"I like to wait for you. Only when you come back can I sleep well."

Rachel put the bowls and chopsticks in order and sat opposite her brother. As usual, Eric wolfed down the food.

"Slow down. Don't eat too fast. It's not good for digestion..." Rachel reminded her brother worriedly while pouring the soup into his bowl.

"Are you tired?"

"No." Eric shook his head and suddenly thought of the man who appeared in Night Fragrance Nightclub tonight.



Eric smiled and still felt that he couldn't tell his sister about it. "Oh, I just want to ask, how is Darcy?"

"Him?" "He's fine." said Rachel, rubbing her hands unnaturally

"He is very kind to you."

"Yes, we are friends!"

Seeing that his sister was eager to explain, Eric smiled.

Her sister was so cute. Every time som

may come back very late, or perhaps I can't come back..."

"Really? What friend? Do I know her?" Standing on the door, Eric asked with concern.

"Oh, you don't know her. Yes, she was my classmate in high school."

"I see. Then you will have a good relationship with her, won't you? "

"Yes," said Rachel. She didn't dare to look into her brother's eyes, fearing that he would expose her lie. "We... We were good friends at that time... "

"That's good." Eric was relieved. "Then you can just have a good time with your old friend. If it was too late to come back, then don't come back."


Looking at the watch on the opposite wall, Eric said, "I have to go. Sister, get dress up. Show your friend how beautiful Rachel is! "

"Okay, I know."

Seeing her brother go downstairs, Rachel leaned against the door and slid down feebly.

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