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   Chapter 48 The Invitation From Daniel

Crazy First Love By Meng Fanhua Characters: 4733

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"So I wonder why she is not here."

"Are you really interested in that chick?"

The man with goatee wanted to know the answer from Daniel's eyes.

Daniel felt very uncomfortable when his friend called Rachel "that chick". But he just smiled lightly and said, "How could it be? I'm not interested in that kind of woman at all. I came here just for Tiana. She seems to like this singer very much. "

"You mean Eric, right? Tiana is not the only one who likes him. Look at those young girls. He has been here for a month and has a lot of fans. " The man with goatee narrowed his eyes into a thin line. Eric had also brought him a lot of money.

"How did he come here?"

"You don't know? Oh, of course you don't know. He came here by himself and said that he would take the place of Rachel. It looked good, really good! I didn't expect that Rachel have such a brother with a good voice. Look, the sister and brother are really my God of wealth. Since Rachel came in, I have already made a great deal of profit. Now, Eric let me make another fortune... Hey, why are you leaving? "

Not in the mood to listen to the man with goatee who had fallen into the money expressing his theory of the God of wealth, Daniel walked out of the gate of Night Fragrance Nightclub. The blazing sound came from inside, shaking his nerves. Looking at the moon, he thought of that woman. He paid for the contract, but he still got

iana found her brother, she was overjoyed. "What do you think? It's good, isn't it?"

Daniel said nothing.

"I really like him so much!"

Tiana continued to have an anthomaniac face.

"If that's the case, you can go to see him and I can help you."

Daniel said to his sister kindly.

"What did you say?" Tiana was a little confused, but she immediately responded, "No, brother! Now I just want to listen to his song. It's good to listen to his song without bothering him! " Then she walked out of Night Fragrance Nightclub and jumped into the moonlight. Daniel shook his head and smiled secretly. He clearly saw the uneasiness and diffidence in his sister's eyes. He guessed that she was not ready. She had to stand in front of the person she liked very much in the best state. It must be like that.

Seeing the girl and her brother walk out together, Eric clenched his hands and stood at the door for a long time without moving.

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