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   Chapter 47 Not Rachel

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At seven o'clock in the evening, just after dinner, Tiana sent a signal to her brother.

Seeing that her daughter and son were about to leave the house, Miya asked, "Daniel, what are you going to do? It's so late."

"Mommy, I have an appointment with Anna, and brother!"

Tiana said, holding her brother's hand.

"Really?" With a joyful expression on her face, Miya said, "Then have a good time! Daniel, you have to take good care of your sister and Anna. "

Daniel glanced at his sister and was dissatisfied with her fluster.

"Yes, my brother will! I will take care of him. " Looking at her watch, Eric found that there were only dozens of minutes left before the acting time of Eric. She held her brother's arm and walked towards the car, shouting at her mother, "Mommy, maybe we will play a little late!"

"It's okay! But be careful! "

Daniel waved at his mother, got into the car, sat beside his sister, and quickly drove out of the villa.

When they arrived at Night Fragrance Nightclub, it was already nine o'clock. Daniel found that there were more people than ever. Many girls who looked like students rushed over in a hurry with friends.

The seats had been booked, but the manager with goatee still found two good seats for them. The show was as wonderful as ever. There were vigorous dance of young men and women, hot games, and screams from the crowd from time to time. But he could see that everyone was waiting for someone warmly. He couldn't help but wait.

Suddenly, Night Fragrance Nightclub boiled, as if a treasure was about to open. Sitting next to her brother, Tiana kept look

er eyes shining. "His songs are all created by himself -- lyrics, music. I bet he will become famous soon! "

Daniel didn't answer. His sister didn't seem to need his reply either. She looked up at the young man on the stage like looking up at the stars.

Looking at his sister like that, Daniel could not help feeling a little sad.

After singing "The Legend of Love", Eric sang another song. Daniel told his sister that he had something to find a friend, so he left her alone to the manager's office.

"Daniel, long time no see!"

The manager with goatee came over with a smile.

"The business is getting better and better!"

Daniel sat down.

"Yes, yes, there is another money tree!"

"Money tree?"

"There," he pointed to the stage, bending over the door. "That's my money tree!"

"I remember that you didn't hire a girl before."

"What happened? You remember? Buddy, you even..."

The manager with goatee remembered that he had recommended Rachel to his old friend. Even if he didn't take women seriously, he wouldn't have forgotten her so soon.

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