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   Chapter 46 Night Fragrance Nightclub

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Updated: 2020-09-21 00:02

He looked at her, both painful and sad.

It was because she had suffered so much misfortune that he felt pain in his heart.

It was because he could not share her misfortune that he felt sad.

But at this moment, looking at Rachel's lowering eyes and her slender fingers holding the coffee cup, he firmly said in his heart.

'Anyway, I will share her sadness.'

Unlike their old friends who were free to speak or lovers who were whispering, they ate slowly and heavily with their own thoughts.



"Don't be so exaggerated, okay?" Tiana shouted with dissatisfaction. "I'm asking my brother to listen to the music, not to go to the mountain of swords or to the frying pan!"

Daniel smiled and rubbed her hair. "Okay, I see. Just call me when you want to go. "

"That's a deal!"


"Brother, you are so kind!"

Tiana quickly kissed her brother's cheek and ran out excitedly.

Lying on the sofa, Daniel closed his eyes and saw a girl's face. She opened her red lips and sang softly.

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