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   Chapter 15 She Is Not that Kind of Person

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"That's Whisper of Flower." Manager Yang said, pointing at a shining shop on the roadside. However, the boss next to Manager Yang just looked up and did not respond.

But Manager Yang thought of the bright smile and gentle expression of the owner of Whisper of Flower, and continued, "Miss Rachel is the strongest and the most capable girl I've ever seen. I've heard that she lives with her grandma and her brother who goes to college. In this way, she worked hard, accumulated some money and opened a flower shop. At the beginning, it was very small, only this scale-- "he compared the drawing with his hands," it was so small, only her as the employee. But after efforts, Whisper of Flower has developed to today's scale. "

"How can you be sure that this shop was her hard work? Is it... " Looking at the light, Daniel asked, "Can't there be, for example, a man, to help her?"

Hearing the boss's words, Manger Yang's heart rose with anger: Although you don't know this girl and don't know how hard her journey is, how can you deny and guess her like this? Even if you have never seen such a diligent girl, even if you have experienced what you said - a woman who lives on men, how can you insult a kind and unfortunate girl like this?

At that moment, Manager Yang was strangely disgusted with the man beside him: a person, who was born in a rich family and had never experienced hardships in his life, wouldn't know what the meaning of life was!

Although he was full of dissatisfaction and anger, he was still a person who relied on others' salary to live. Therefore, he tried his best to suppress his anger and said calmly but firmly, "she is not that kind of person!"

She was not that kind of person! Daniel was shocked. Once he also said so resolutely and affirmatively that she was not that kind of person! But the truth was... He secretly laughed at his subordinates who were too naive.

Through the glass window, they saw the main character of their argument -- Rachel was pushing the glass door open and coming out. She removed the poster on the wall and wiped it with a duster cloth.

At this moment, at such a warm night, when the colorful neon lights lit up, shouldn't she sit in the candlelight and enjoy love with a smile? Or, was she really as hardworking as his subordinate said?

All of a sudden, the car light shone on her. Rachel stopped wiping the wall to cover the dazzling light. The silver gray car whizzed past her like a ghost. She stared at the car for some reason until it melted in the thick night. Inexplicably, a kind of heartache and uneasiness quickly spread in her heart. She sat on the steps in front of the door and looked around blankly.

Since they had made an appointment to be good friends in a French restaurant, Darcy often came to Whisper of Flower. Perhaps it was because Darcy had let go of his feelings, or perhaps he could really be a friend, he was not as serious and reserved as he used to be. But most of the time

he came here, Rachel was busy, so he sat down, appreciated the new flowers on the shelf and quietly watched her busy. Occasionally, when a customer came, Darcy would also come and get involved. For example, when someone bought a rose, he would tease, "My girlfriend told me that women are vain and greedy. A rose and one hundred roses express my love for you, but the meaning is very different in their eyes. "

The man who bought the flowers looked at him with interest, so he continued, "it's better to send roses in the hall. You must know that criticism should be confidential, and praise should be made public. A man sending flowers to a woman was like saying, "I appreciate you the most in the world.". But if she is given a rose in public, she will feel very insincere. "

The man listened attentively and nodded, "that's the truth."

"Is it your first time to send flowers?"

"Yes, sir." The man scratched his head shyly.

"You can't just send one."


"99. If you send 999 flowers, it will be difficult to surpass them in the future. So, you just need to buy 99 flowers. "

Finally, when the man walked out with the roses in his arms, Whisper of Flower exploded.

"Oh my God, Darcy, if you were here, the business of Whisper of Flower would be ten times better."

"Yeah, why is your analysis so reasonable?"

Hearing the girls' sincere praise, Darcy felt a little embarrassed. He looked up for the master of Whisper of Flower and found that she was looking at him in surprise. At this moment, she smiled at him, with a touch of touching red clouds on her delicate face, and the dimples at the corners of her lips like dancing stars.

"Can I take you as my teacher?" "In this way, it won't be long before Whisper of Flower becomes more spacious." Rachel admired him.

"Of course I can. You don't need to pay the tuition. You can graduate at any time!" Darcy joked happily.

Rachel thought it was good.

It was really good to make friends with such a man.

She wouldn't feel uneasy and guilty because she couldn't accept his love. However, she was not sure if he really treated her as a friend. Most of the time, she could see his passionate eyes as if they were not just friends. It was impossible for a man to develop friendship with the woman he loved. However, Darcy was really a good man. Even if he couldn't hide his feelings, he didn't mention his love to Rachel again.

Of course, let nature take its course. Rachel confirmed their friendship in the bottom of her heart. Although sometimes she thought it was unfair and she was like a clumsy ostrich, she just kept dodging and thought everything would be fine as long as she buried her head in the sand and couldn't see.

But in this way, it was better than being in a relationship with a man. What was love? Although it was sweet when it came, once it was lost, it made people heartbroken.

She couldn't bear another pain.

She couldn't hurt him anymore.

Or anyone.

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