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   Chapter 14 Absolutely Not

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"Brother, are you okay?"

Wiping her wet hair, Tiana walked up to her brother and asked with concern. She didn't know what was wrong with her brother. As soon as he came back, he fell into the sofa with a cold expression. Not only that, but also, Tiana suddenly thought of a word - hatred. She was shocked by her own thoughts. Didn't he say that he had dinner with Anna? I heard that you were going to the best French restaurant in the city. In order not to be the third wheel, she endured the pain and stayed at home, hoping that her brother would come back happily. However, after he ate with a beauty, he had such an expression!

The person in the sofa was like a puppet, without any reaction.


Tiana couldn't help but reach out her index finger and gently tapped her brother's shoulder.

Daniel suddenly stood up, and the towel in his sister's hand fell to the ground in panic.

"What happened?" Tiana covered her chest and asked, "Brother, what's wrong with you?"

Ignoring his sister's scream, Daniel walked to the window and looked through the bright and clean glass. What happened in the dining room was like a movie in his mind.

She was talking and laughing with a young man, merry.

He wouldn't allow it.

After she betrayed him, she could still enjoy other people's love without scruple.

When he was extremely disappointed in love and hated it to the core, she could still accept other people's love with a smile.

No way.

Absolutely not!

Seeing her brother's back straighten, Tiana clenched her fists. She returned to her room and was more curious about why her usually numb brother would react so violently.

"My head hurts..." Covering her head, Rachel stumbled downstairs.

"You have drunk so much! People who seldom drink with us at dinner actually drink so much. It's strange that they are not drunk! "

Nancy handed over a glass of water, and her tone was full of dissatisfaction and complaint, like a jealous child.

Taking the water and taking a sip, Rachel was about to explain why she drank so much. At this moment, someone spoke.

"For fun!" Tess blinked

his eyes and said, "Because we were happy, Rachel drank a little more!"

"Happy?! But Sister Rachel didn't accept Darcy. Will you really be so happy to be with a man who has been refused by you? " Speaking of this, Nancy nodded hard, as if she was very sure of her deduction. "Yes, the reason must be that she is in a bad mood and drowns her sorrows with wine. Then Rachel drank so much!"

Rachel was surprised to see the employees expressed their opinions on her drunkenness word by word. She couldn't help but marvel at their imagination. Now that they had the answer, there was no need for her to explain. She drank up the water and went to decorate the flowers. Holding a lily in her hand, she couldn't help but think, "then, why did I drink so much? Just as they said, was she really so happy to face a man who had been refused?

Then, was she drowning her sorrows in wine? But why should I be worried?

Her head was getting more and more painful. Rachel sighed remorsefully and decided to leave it alone.

She worked the whole day with a heavy head. At night, she called her grandmother, Joanna.

"Grandma, I'm busy these days and can't go home to see you. If you have anything to eat, tell me and I'll send it to you."

"Nothing. Just focus on your work." Joanna said happily on the other end of the phone, "I have been accompanied these days, playing mahjong and taking a walk. I'm living a good life."

"Really? That's great!"

Rachel smiled happily. "I want to thank those who have accompanied you. When I get home, I'll treat everyone to dinner. "

"Okay, okay!" Joanna answered happily and said to the people around her, "Rachel said she would invite everyone to dinner!"

Hearing Joanna's happy voice, Rachel felt very warm. If she could earn more money, she could buy a house nearby and go home to take care of her grandma every day. She calculated in her heart that if this was the case, at most two or three years, this wish would be realized. As if she really saw the dream come true, Rachel laughed happily. Her little dimples at the corners of her mouth seemed to be filled with happy wine.

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