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   Chapter 12 An Anthomaniac, Tess

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"Does the head manager need to speak today?"

The assistant asked carefully.

"I have told you what I should say yesterday. Today, let's see what is really valuable."

"Should today's schedule be rearranged?"

"No, thanks. I'm going out for a walk."

Daniel stood up and walked towards the window.

Standing in front of the French window on the twenty-three floor, he saw the radiant figure of flowers all over the floor. But the girl who was setting the flowers was gone.

After the exhibition, according to the request of Manager Yang, Rachel had to transport the flowers and plants back. She asked the driver to take Tess to XY Group.

"Please come here in person again." Manager Yang said apologetically.

"You're welcome. This is our job. We have to thank you for your support all the time. "

At this time, Manager Yang's mobile phone rang loudly:

"Manager Daniel... It was. Okay... " He hung up the phone. "I'm sorry. I have something to deal with."

"It doesn't matter."

The evening glow filled the sky, like blooming red roses.

"But, Sister Rachel, have you seen Manager Daniel? Is he really so handsome? "

Tess raised her head, lost in thought.

"I'm just here to work," said Rachel, fiddling with the flowers in her hand with full attention.

"Then you can also see him!"

If it was her to work here, she would have to create an opportunity to see him. Tess was excited.

"Well, from now on, I'll leave the work here to you."

Rachel said sincerely to Tess.

"Really?! That's great! " As excited as a star chaser girl, Tess finally saw her own idol.

Not far away, Manager Yang's voice came:

"Manager Daniel, you are here..."

Tess looked up at the source of the voice excitedly and nervously.

"Look, Sister Rachel, look..." Tess shook her arms. "That's Daniel. He's so handsome. He'

s even more handsome than he looks in newspapers and TV. The super star Bob Li is not as good-looking as him... "

As if being pulled by a strong invisible force, Rachel raised her head. In the setting sun, Daniel was bathed in the golden sunshine. His body was shining brightly.

"What kind of handsome man is there in the world..." Tess continued.

Feeling the girls' passionate gaze, Daniel suddenly turned his head to look at them. He saw a girl looking at him obsessively, while the other one's eyes were full of desolation. The crimson evening glow dyed the sky red and the other girl's pale face red, like a silent blooming flower bud.

He looked at her coldly.

"He's looking at us!" With her mouth wide open, Tess looked ecstatic.

But her boss didn't touch her joy at all. She lowered her head and picked up the petals on the ground.

"I wonder what kind of girl he will want to be with." Tess was still sighing.

"Her name is Rachel Mo, the master of Whisper of Flower. Whisper of Flower is a creative flower shop. We bought flowers there. Because the quality of the flowers is very good, of course, Miss Rachel is also very good. "

After Rachel left, Manager Yang explained to the boss who seemed to have doubts.

"Really? Don't you know that sometimes, the purer the beauty is, the dirtier the uglier it is? "

Daniel said coldly.

Manager Yang looked at his boss and had an objection.

Miss Rachel, she was really a good girl. Even if the manager had met that kind of girl, she was definitely an decent girl.

"Manager, don't you like these flowers? If you don't like them..." Suppressing his dissatisfaction, Manager Yang explained to the boss, "we can change."

"No, since you think it's a good idea, just let it be."

After Manger Yang left, Daniel looked at the empty hall, feeling empty and sad.

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