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   Chapter 10 The Entry of Daniel in the Company

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"Sir, the exhibition is about to begin." The secretary came over and carefully reminded the new manager, the son of his boss.

"Okay, I'll go now."

Daniel stood up from the sofa, straightened his clothes and strode towards the venue.

Today was the day for him to officially work in the new company. For this, the group had specially planned an exhibition, which not only introduced the products of XY Group, but also introduced their new manager to the insides and the outside world.

In the exhibition hall, many reporters were holding their cameras and discussing in a hurry. As soon as they saw Daniel, all the cameras flashed at him.

"Mr. Daniel, will XY Group change a lot?"

"I heard that the share price of XY Group has fallen sharply these days. What do you think?"

"When will Chairman Jacob come back?"

"Does your father want you to take over the company?"

Daniel's face was cold and his eyes were sharp.

"Thank you for coming to this exposition, colleagues and media friends from different industries. As always, XY Group will look for a win-win or even all-win mode. There would be some exploration and improvement. We welcome friends who want to cooperate with us to talk about relevant matters... "

The reporters were busy recording his words, and someone began to show a surprised look:

"It seems that it's inevitable for XY Group to revive in J City."

"I didn't expect Jacob to have such a powerful son."


"If you have any questions, please ask my assistant." Daniel looked around and said, "I hope we will have a pleasant cooperation!"

As soon as he finished speaking, a young man stepped onto the stage:

"If you have any questions about the investment in the entertainment industry of XY Group, I will answer them on behalf of the manager..."

Daniel nodded with satisfaction, turned around and left.

The exhibition was elegantly and warmly decorated with flowers, and the faint fragrance floated in the air. He frowned, restless and restless, as if his heart was gently opened by an invisible hand.

He saw a pot of blooming orchids in front of him, and the red tempting flowers swayed gently in the wind, looking a little dazzling.

"Clivia is a real noble flower," he seemed to hear someone say, "she is beautiful but not coquettish, fragrant but not vulgar..."

In his memory, someone had praised this kind of flower like this.

He couldn't help but squat down and smell the beautiful flowers.

The fragrance was faint, as if it spread from a long memory.

He shook his head and stood up.

If he thought about it again, his memory would turn gray.

He looked around and admired the good match of flowers and plants. He didn't know where his subordinates found such a unique flower shop to decorate the venue.

"Miss Rachel, I'm sorry to keep you waiting for so long. The manager said that he would double make up for your loss."

Secretary Liu in a silver gray business suit said apologetically to Rachel, who had been waiting for a long time.

"It do

esn't matter. I should thank you for your trust and support for Whisper of Flower."

"Today's exposition is well arranged," Secretary Liu praised sincerely. "I'll bother you next time."

"It's my pleasure." Rachel said politely and walked out anxiously.

"Bye." Secretary Liu said with a smile.

"Okay, bye." Rachel walked out and pressed the button of an elevator in the middle. A moment later, the door opened and she hurried in. The door closed slowly and went downstairs. The other elevator stopped and Daniel walked out.

"Manager Yang is out," Secretary Liu looked at the handsome and serious new general manager and felt a little flustered. "Do you want to call him back?"

"No, thanks."

Daniel turned around and went downstairs by the elevator.

Rachel walked in a hurry. Unfortunately, she accidentally kicked a stone, but fortunately she did not fall. She turned her ankle and continued to rush to the gate.

The sky in June was blue and quiet. Several dove flew over people's head, tittering happily. A rose shaped cloud floated freely in the sky.

Daniel looked up at the sky outside the building with a relaxed smile. But suddenly, his eyes were attracted by the back of a girl:

It was a slender and delicate back, but it was very straight, as if telling others that the fragility was just an appearance. The girl's long hair was waving rhythmically, shining brightly in the sun. She was wearing a white T-shirt, light blue jeans and light blue high-heeled shoes.

She walked in a hurry with her feet jumping.

In his memory, there was a girl who had such a dexterous jump.

Looking at the back, he felt familiar, but he couldn't tell the name.

"Miss Rachel, Miss Rachel, please wait for a moment..."

Manager Yang, who was in charge of the exposition, ran over from a fork in the hall and shouted at the girl who was rushing to the door.

Someone turned around curiously, and Daniel also stopped.

"Miss Rachel," Manager Yang said breathlessly, "I have something to tell you."

Rachel turned her head gently.

The sun was like dancing petals, gently dancing in XY Group's building. Daniel's eyes instantly lit up.

The girl who turned around had a round face, a dimple on the corner of her left lip, fair and smooth skin, bright eyes like the moon, and ruddy and beautiful lips.

It was the girl he had forgotten and he swore to forget.

As if Rachel had been fixed, she was stunned in place. Her eyes were wide open, full of some incomprehensible expression. Her face was like a rose without any delicate color.

She stood still, blankly, blankly, blankly.

Manager Yang also stopped and pursed lips in bewilderment. He didn't understand why Rachel suddenly had such an expression. Following her gaze, Manager Yang saw the new general manager walking over coldly.

Could it be that they...

Manager Yang was even more confused. The manager had just come back from Canada.

Without looking sideways, Daniel walked towards the young girl who was trembling slightly at the door.

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