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   Chapter 7 Reunion with the Yang Family

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"Uncle Jason," Daniel bowed respectfully to Jason. "I couldn't refuse the classmate reunion yesterday, so I didn't come. I'm sorry to disappoint you."

Jason held his hand and patted him on the shoulder, smiling:

"Your father is so lucky now. Daniel has grown up. You don't have to be sorry. Uncle Jason and your father are best friends. "

Tiana looked around the mansion of the Yang Family wearily and marveled at its luxury.

Looking at the girl who was looking around, Jason asked with a smile, "is this Tiana?"

"Yes, sir." Daniel nodded and gently called his sister over.

Tiana stuck out her tongue and walked up to Jason. "Hello, Uncle Jason."

"Okay." Jason nodded and said, "she is so beautiful. She resembles your mother so much when she was young. Tiana, when your sister, Anna, comes back, let her take you to have fun. "

"Isn't Sister Anna here?"

"She was busy just now and went out. But she will be back soon."

Jason led them into the living room and ordered the kitchen to prepare lunch.

A few minutes later, Tiana felt bored. So she moved to her brother and whispered, "let's go out, okay?"

"Don't be childish." Daniel scolded in a low voice.

"But it's really boring!"

"Didn't Uncle Jason say that Anna would be back soon?"

Ignoring her brother's gaze, Tiana stood up and asked Jason with a sweet smile, "Uncle Jason, can I go to the garden and have a look?"

"Of course. I'll ask a servant to go with you."

Jason was about to call the servant.

Tiana hurriedly waved her hand and said, "no, I really don't need it, Uncle Jason. I can go myself. "

Daniel also said, "let her see it by herself."

Jason nodded and said kindly, "come in after a while. The sun is very hot outside."


Like a bird that had been trapped for a long time and finally freed, Tiana quickly walked out of the door.

'I'd better look at the flowers and plants first. Staying in the room was almost suffocating.'

The door was suddenly opened, and a car came in with a honk. Tiana raised her head from the flowering shrubs and saw a girl coming out of the car. She was tall, with long hair flying in the air. She walked towards her elegantly.

What a beauty! Tiana praised in her heart.

"Daddy, I'm back." Anna shouted at the door.

Jason came out with Daniel.

At the sight of Daniel, Anna was startled and staggered.

"Daniel, long time no see."

She said to Daniel with a smile.

Daniel nodded with a cold expression.

"Daniel and Tiana have been here for a long time," said Jason, putting his arms around her daughter's shoulders. "You are finally back."

"Oh, really?" Anna looked at Daniel with an inquiring expression and said, "I'm really sorry."

"It doesn't matte

r." Daniel smiled politely and said, "yesterday, Tiana and I should say sorry to you."

Immersed in his smile, Anna's heart beat faster and faster. She was so eloquent but she couldn't speak now.

"Sis Anna."

Tiana suddenly jumped up to them and smiled brightly.

"Tiana!" Anna went up happily and the two girls hugged each other tightly.

"Sis Anna, you are so beautiful!"

Tiana praised sincerely.

"No, you are really beautiful, Tiana."

As Anna said, she couldn't help but look at Daniel, who turned to look at the blooming roses in the garden.

The servants had already prepared lunch, and everyone took their seats under the greeting of Jason. Two waiters in blue uniforms stood on both sides of the table, ready to serve them at any time.

"Welcome back to J City!"

Jason raised his glass to greet Daniel and Tiana.

"Thank you, Uncle Jason."

Daniel drank up the wine in one gulp. Looking at the wine in her glass, Tiana began to worry again.

"Tiana can't drink, can you? Ivy Yang, bring her a glass of juice. "

Anna whispered to her father. Jason smiled and said to Daniel, "Daniel, you can't drink, right? Then we won't drink today. Lily Liu, go and get some more juice. I'll drink something nutritious with the children today. "

Anna looked at Daniel. Daniel understood and nodded at her to express his gratitude.

"Have your father arranged all work?"

"Yes, father has settled down. They asked me to get familiar with the environment first. There is no change in the company, and the major decisions are still decided by the board of shareholders. I'm here just to learn some experience. "

Jason looked at him approvingly, "boys must do a good job after they grow up. Uncle Jason believes you will do a good job. "

"I hope Uncle Jason can give me more advice."

"Okay, if you need any help, just tell me."

"Thank you, Uncle Jason."

"What about Tiana? What's your plan?"

"I will study philosophy in J University." Tiana cautiously swallowed the cake and said, "I've finished my bachelor's degree in Canada."

"Oh," Jason was surprised. "If I remember correctly, Tiana is only eighteen or nineteen years old this year."

"Nineteen years old." Daniel replied, looking at his sister with appreciation. "she liked studying when she was a child, and she had good grades, so she skipped several grades in a row."

"Tiana is so awesome! ?" Jason said in surprise, "I remember that Daniel also has a good grade."

"My brother has finished his master's degree in economic management."

Tiana cut in.

"Really? Anna has just finished studying economics and management. You can learn from each other in the future."

Looking at the smile on Daniel's face, Anna was overjoyed.

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