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   Chapter 6 Long Separation

Crazy First Love By Meng Fanhua Characters: 6792

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In Romantic Restaurant, Tom and his friends raised their glasses frequently.

"Guys, cheers for the reunion!"

Five or six young people raised their glasses together, and Daniel also raised his glass. "Thank you for remembering me. This glass of wine, to all of you!" After saying that, he raised his head and drank it up.

"Brother, you can't drink like this." Tiana was frightened by the men's drinking posture. These were liquor. Wouldn't it make people sick if they drank like this? Besides, her brother was in poor health.

"Don't worry," Daniel patted his sister's head gently. "It's not easy for the classmates to be together. It's okay to drink a little."

Someone had already filled his glass with wine. Looking at her brother, Tiana wanted to dissuade him, but he could do nothing. At this time, Tom came to her with a glass of wine. "Sister Tiana, welcome to J City. No, you are back to J City, back to the great motherland."

"I... I have never drunk spirits." Embarrassed, Tiana stood up and looked at her brother for help.

"It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if you don't drink it," Tom drank it up in one gulp. "This glass of wine represents my personal will. I'm so happy to see you. I'm really happy... "

Everyone present had seen through what had happened, but they didn't say anything and just waited to see a good show.

"Daniel, you are really not a good friend. You haven't contacted us for 6 years!"

"Yes, we don't know what's going on with you. We haven't heard from you yet. You just went without any notice."

"Students have parties every year, but you and Rachel are the only ones who are absent..."

Daniel's face darkened and he forced a smile.

"I thought you and she would be together forever. If I had known that you hadn't contacted her for a long time, I would have pursued her. " A man said half jokingly.

Tiana looked at her brother. His face flushed and there seemed to be something in his eyes that he was trying to hide.

'Brother, what's the relationship between him and the girl called Rachel? What happened between them? Why hadn't anyone mentioned it for so many years?'

Late at night, when Tom announced the end of the meeting, everyone was drunk.

"Let's go. I'll drive you home." Tom stumbled to open the door.

Ignoring his friend, Daniel took out his phone and dialed a number:

"I'm Daniel. Please come here... Romantic Restaurant. "

"What? You mean you won't take my car?" Tom crawled out of the car. "I'm not drunk. I'm really not drunk. It's for the sake of Sister Tiana -" he searched for the figure of Tiana. "For the sake of Sister Tiana, I will also send you home safely..." As soon as he finished speaking, he fell to the ground and fell asleep.

"Brother, are you okay? Do you feel uncomfortable?'

Tiana looked at her brother worriedly.

"I'm fine." Daniel looked at his sister lovingly, "just a few glasses of wine."

"If Dad and mom know that you have drunk these glasses of wine, they will be very angry."

"Okay, I know. I won't drink it anymore."

"That's good."

Although it was summer now, the wind was still a little cold. Daniel took off his coat and put it on his sister.

"Brother, I'm not cold."

"Put it on even if you don't feel cold!"

"You are so kind to me!" Tiana held her brother's arm and said gratefully.

"Silly girl," Daniel smiled and patte

d his sister's face. "I'm your brother."

"But I'm still so moved."

"Well, you can continue to be moved. But now I have to do something to make him moved. " Daniel broke free from his sister's arms and said, "we have to get him into the car."

Tom was as drunk as a pool of mud, and it was the worst mud. It took Daniel a long time to move this pool of mud to the back seat of the car and let him lie down. After a while, a silver car sped over and stopped beside them. A young man in a suit of more than 20 years old got out of the car and walked up to them, shouting respectfully.

"Mr. Daniel, Miss Tiana."

"You drive his car and send him back." Daniel gave him an address. The young man looked at the woman sleeping inside and immediately drove away in the night.

Daniel also stepped into a car and his sister drove to the courtyard where they had been separated for many years.

"The Situ Family has come back and become the controlling shareholder of XY Group again. Jacob Situ's beloved son came back to China to organize billions of family business... " Holding a newspaper in her hands, Tess read it with great interest.

"What? What? I can't hear it clearly." Amy didn't understand what she meant. She grabbed the newspaper impatiently and said, "Wow, he is such a handsome man. Is he a movie star? Why haven't I seen him before?"

"What a fool! He is not a movie star. Didn't you see the big title? !"

"The Situ Family has come back and become the controlling shareholder of XY Group again... XY Group... XY Group is the one we provide flowers all the time! ?"

"Is there a second XY Group in J City? !"

"Is he the son of the CEO of XY Group?" Amy held the newspaper and magazine and screamed.

Rachel walked in.

"What happened? Why are you so excited?"

"We, we found the most handsome man in the world!"

Rachel couldn't help laughing. Amy was a typical anthomaniac. She couldn't bear to see a good-looking man. This time, which star made her crazy?

"But Sister Rachel, come and see if he is very handsome. Really very handsome."

Amy was so excited that her eyes almost popped out. Rachel took the newspaper from them.

On the newspaper, there was a handsome young man, whose eyes were full of arrogance and cynicism. At this moment, he was staring at her...

"But what's wrong with you, Sister Rachel?"

Amy couldn't help but shout, because her boss's hand holding the newspaper was trembling, and her face was also losing color.

Hearing Amy's cry, everyone stopped their work and looked at the boss with concern and doubted. But their boss put down the newspaper and calmed down.

"Nothing. Go ahead with your work."

Then she turned around and went upstairs.

"Amy, what are you screaming for? It's so scary."

Nancy complained.

"No," Amy felt very aggrieved. "Just now, but there was really something wrong with Rachel. Her face is so pale. I thought... "

She thought she was sick.

Sitting quietly on the small bed, Rachel lost in her thought.


This name, which she had tried her best not to forget in the past six years, was like a bomb exploding her peaceful life.

Why? Why did he come back? Why did he appear in her world cruelly when she was about to forget him? She leaned her head against the wall and felt weak. She didn't know what kind of plot and ending her fate would give her.

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