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   Chapter 5 Reunion of Classmates

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"Daniel, you've become more handsome!"

A tall young man hugged Daniel and exclaimed.

"Didn't I look handsome before?"

Daniel raised his eyebrows and deliberately made things difficult for his old friend.

"In the past... Of course you were handsome in the past. Otherwise, so many girls would not worship you crazily! But after your buddy left, they finally realized that I was the best man in the world! "

With his bean sized eyes narrowed, Tom Zhao indulged himself in his dream.

Seeing the interesting expression on his brother's friend's face, Tiana couldn't help laughing.

"This beautiful lady -" with his pupils dilated and shrank sharply, Tom Zhao continued, "this beautiful lady..."

"Nice to meet you!" Tiana stopped laughing and politely greeted his brother's friend.

"…… meet you……" With bright eyes, Tom Zhao wished he could see the beauty into his heart.

"This is my sister, Tiana. According to Chinese tradition, you should call him brother, Tiana. "

Ignoring his old friend's sad expression, Daniel pulled his sister over and said, "it's Brother 'Zero' I told you before."

"What?" Tom Zhao turned red. "How can you tell my embarrassment to Sister Tiana?! You should tell her your romantic love story... "

Daniel's face suddenly changed color.

"Don't talk nonsense!"

"Sorry, sorry, one hundred sorry! I promise I won't say it again. " Tom Zhao raised his hands and stamped his feet in a hurry.

"A romantic story? My brother's?" Tiana blinked her bright eyes and became curious again.

Facing the beautiful woman's question, Tom Zhao smiled happily and immediately forgot the oath he had just made. "Yes, they were the most eye-catching couple in our school at that time..."

"Tom Zhao -" Daniel turned his head unhappily, and the storm on his face was about to break out.

"Oh... I'm talking about myself. " In a hurry, Tom Zhao caught up with his old friend and threw the beauty aside, enduring the pain. "I'm going to pick you up with my friends today. Let's get together. We haven't seen each other for six years. It's been six years. I didn't have a beard at that time... "

Tiana whispered in his brother's ear, "didn't you say that Uncle Jason was going to welco

me us?"

"It doesn't matter. I will call Uncle Jason and tell him that there is a classmate gathering today. I will visit him another day."

"But I..." She didn't want to be with her brother's classmates, who were all men.

"Sister Tiana, you must go. Now those who got married first will regret a lot. " Tom Zhao's face flashed with excitement, without noticing the worries of Tiana.

Then Tiana changed her mind. There must be a lot of classmates in his brother's classmate union, so she must have the chance to hear his past stories.

So she agreed happily.

Anna Yang went downstairs slowly.

"Dad, what do you think of my dressing like this?"

Jason Yang sat on the sofa and watched her daughter elegantly coming over. Her daughter was so beautiful. Although every father would think his daughter was beautiful, objectively speaking, his daughter, Anna Yang, was really beautiful. With fair ivory skin, tall figure, long black hair and elegant white dress, his daughter was so beautiful that he even felt a little dizzy as a father.

"Don't you like it?"

Seeing that her father didn't answer, Anna Yang was a little anxious.

"Oh, if I hold your hand and attend any ceremony like this, people will be envious of me and shed tears."

"Dad --" Anna Yang blushed and pulled the corner of her father's clothes shyly.

"My daughter will be the most beautiful girl in the world. Now let's call Daniel and see where they are. "

Jason Yang picked up the phone and smiled when he saw his daughter's eager eyes. "Anna, call him."

"I won't call him." Anna Yang said coquettishly and turned to leave.

Shaking his head, Jason Yang dialed the number with a smile, "is it Daniel? Yes, I'm your Uncle Jason. Anna Yang and I have prepared the dinner. We're waiting for you and Tiana. "Sorry, I can't..." "Well... If you don't have anything else to say, I'll call you another day. Bye. "

Jason Yang put down the phone. Disappointed, Anna Yang stood beside her father.

"Dad, can't they come?"

"Yes, he said there would be a classmate gathering, but he couldn't refuse." Jason Yang held his daughter's hand and comforted her, "don't worry. There are many chances. Will they leave again in one second?"

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