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   Chapter 4 The Past in J City

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At the airport of Canada...

A beautiful and lively girl of seventeen or eight years old held the arm of a man in his twenties intimately and waved at a middle-aged couple standing at the entrance——

"Dad, mom, you should go back now!"

"You should listen to your brother when you get there..." The elegant lady shouted at her daughter.

"Got it." The girl agreed, but she couldn't help whispering, "it's over if I listen to him."

When the man heard this, he glared at her fiercely. The girl quickly put on a big smile. "Ha ha, listen, listen, of course listen! Absolutely! "

"Daniel, you must take care of yourself. Don't worry too much about work. We'll go there after your father and I finish the work here. "

"Got it."

Without looking back, Daniel Situ answered impatiently to his mother and dragged his sister's suitcase towards the boarding gate.

"And..." The beautiful lady looked at her daughter who was going out and wanted to say something more. The man beside her pulled her back.

"I have something to tell them."

The woman broke free from her husband's hand and said with dissatisfaction.

"Don't worry. You've talked a lot. Don't mention them. I'm tired of your words. "

"Well, that's..." The woman faltered.

"What do you want to say?"

"Well, Rachel..." The woman said in a low and nervous voice, as if the name was a bomb that would explode if she was a little louder.

The man was stunned. He frowned and said after a while, "it's been so many years. He should give up since she hurt Daniel like that."


The woman was worried.

"We'll be there in a few months. It's better not to mention it now."

The man walked out of the waiting room, went to the front of the silver car and opened the door, indicating his wife to sit down.

"Alas..." The woman sighed, "that's the only way."

"Please fasten your safety belt. Flight * * * is about to take off." The broadcaster said in a clear and beautiful voice, "wish you a happy journey."

"Brother," the girl was wearing the seat belt, and her face was full of curiosity and excitement. "I don't even remember what kind of place J City is. You must remember, brother."

"I don't remember." Daniel Situ's face was as cold as his sister's excitement.

"You're right. It's been six years. It's not easy to remember. But brother, you have lived there for so long. There must be a lot of unforgettable things, right? "

Daniel Situ remained silent.

"There must be some good friends, unforgettable people, unforgettable stories..."

"Tiana," Daniel Situ looked at his chattering sister and said, "I'm tired and need a rest."

"Okay." Tiana Situ replied in a low voice, "then have a goo

d sleep. I won't disturb you anymore."

Daniel Situ slowly closed his eyes.

The plane whizzed past the clouds. Tiana Situ's excitement had not subsided. She looked out of the window at the large clouds, her eyes sparkling.

Beside her, Daniel Situ closed his eyes tightly as if he was asleep.

The plane roared and flew towards the city on the other side of the continent.

J City.

What kind of past was there and what kind of old friend was there?

"Sister Rachel, have you prepared the bonsai that TY Group wants?"

Beads of sweat were running down from the tip of Tess's nose. She asked in a hurry.

"All right." "I'll call Mr. Li over. You can go with him." Rachel raised her head in roses.

"Okay." Tess agreed and ran out.

"Sister Rachel, Darcy hasn't been here for a long time." Amy squatted down, waiting for the boss's response with her bright eyes.

"Uh." Hearing that, Rachel was slightly stunned, as if she had understood something. But after a moment, she lowered her head and said gently, "he may be very busy."

If it were her, she would have wisely retreated after being rejected.

However, it was a pity for her to miss such a chance like him. If it were another woman, she would never refuse so decisively and cruelly.

"But why don't you like him, Sister Rachel?" Amy wanted to get to the bottom of the matter, "he is really good. He is not only good-looking, but also elegant, and so rich. If I... "

"If he loved you, you would have run away with him."

Tina joked.

"Go away. I'm serious." Amy pushed her discontentedly.

"Yes, but why don't you like him, Sister Rachel?" Tina squatted down with a curious expression. Looking at the concerned and curious girls in front of her, Rachel's heart suddenly ached.

"It's not his fault," she said as she placed the roses and sniffed them gently. "It's me. There's something wrong with me." She pointed at her heart and continued, "it's wrong. It can't fall in love with someone."

"……" Amy and Tina looked at each other in confusion, but they were deeply affected by the indescribable sadness, so they quietly walked over to do their work and did not ask any more questions.

Walking out of the door, Rachel found that the sun in early summer was a little hot. She raised her head and saw the blue sky, with white clouds gently floating, like a long spring dream. A plane whizzed over from the southeast, drawing a dazzling white light in the sky.

If people's past could also be like a prosperous spring dream, and after waking up, there would be no trace, then would there be less helplessness and pain in their lives.

Looking at the dreamlike blue sky, she couldn't help but sigh in her heart.

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