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   Chapter 2 Nine Hundred And Ninety-nine Roses

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When Rachel saw this, she hurried forward to greet the customer.

"Please wait for a moment. We'll prepare the roses for you right away." She quickly pulled out a chair for the guest and served him tea.

The girls were excited and they carefully packed the man's order. It was a large bouquet of roses and definitely needed a very strong and powerful man to hold it.

"The roses are packed." Rachel smiled as she showed him the final product. "Since today is Valentine's Day, we'll be giving you a 20 percent discount. Your total bill is 7, 992."

The man took out a dozen one hundred dollar bills from his expensive wallet and handed it to the cashier without any expression.

"Here's your change of 8 dollars. Thank you once again for shopping here. Happy Valentine's Day!"

The man did not respond. His face was cold and didn't seem to be the type of person to send flowers to his girlfriend.

However, the girls didn't care about his expression. They took the money and carried the roses to his convertible.

When the man walked out of the flower shop and got in the car, Tess couldn't help but exclaim, "We made it to 999 roses!"

"Oh, I wonder who this lucky girl is! She has such a rich and romantic boyfriend." Nancy's eyes were filled with envy.

When Rachel heard that, she couldn't help but feel a little lonely. She didn't expect that someone would give her and her employees a single rose, even if it was the Valentine's Day.

For a while, they envied the people who got flowers and sighed. Regardless, they continued to greet their customers with their most beautiful smiles.

By noon time, all their roses were sold out.

"Thank you for all your hard work," Rachel happily exclaimed to her employees. "Let's go to the Love Garden tonight and have a great time!"

"The Love Garden?" The girls widened their eyes in surprise.

The Love Garden was the most famous entertainment venue in J City. It had a good environment, but was rather expensive. Rachel had never even been there before.

"Well, we've made a fortune today. Since it's Valentine's day, why can't we be happy as well?" Rachel couldn't stand the surprise on everyone's face.

"Wow, that's great!"


Dara, who liked to play around, happily jumped with joy.

Not long after lunch, the blue convertible slowly came into view.

"Look, it's the customer who bought 999 roses. I still remember the license plate number, 66866!" Nancy shouted excitedly, "He might buy another 999 roses, but unfortunately we don't have any roses left."

"You must be kidding! Why would be buy so many roses?"

"A rich man like him may have many women, right?" said Nancy. "I think it's possible that he'll buy another bunch of roses for his another woman!"

"Another woman? No way..."

"Shh." Rachel made a quiet gesture to silence the noisy girls before she walked outside.

"Ah, it's him!"

With a surprised look, the girls gawked at the person coming out of the car. However, what was more surprising was that the man struggled to move the large bouquet of roses out of his car. There was an exquisite card hanging from the bouquet. It was the same exact kind of card from Whisper of Flower.

Rachel frowned and didn't understand what was happening. She thought to herself, 'Is he returning it because there is something wrong with the roses?' This was a situation that she had never encountered before. Regardless of her confusion, she quickly walked over to help him place the roses in front of the entrance of her shop.

"Mr. Lin," she greeted with a smile. "Long time no see!"

"Long time no see, indeed."

Darcy Lin walked inside the store, his handsome face

flushed from carrying the roses.

Ever since he bought a bunch of carnations from Whisper of Flower a year ago, he had been a loyal customer. He had bought flowers from the flower shop for himself and his company—TY Group.

"Is there something wrong with flowers?" Rachel asked hesitantly, a look of doubt evident in her smile.

Darcy Lin touched his nose unnaturally. "The flowers are very beautiful and packed very well."

Rachel softly let out a sigh of relief. As long as there wasn't a problem, then everything was okay.

Nancy pulled out a chair, poured tea, and respectfully invited Darcy Lin to sit down. After sitting down, Darcy Lin drank it all in one gulp. When he placed the cup on the table, Nancy refilled it immediately. He drank it all up again. After consecutively drinking four glasses of water, he finally stood up. Assuming that he was going to leave, Rachel was about to open the door for him.

"Miss Mo..." Darcy Lin stood in front of her and summoned up all his courage to look her in the eye. "These flowers are actually for you."

"What?" Rachel cried out in surprise.

Nancy, Tess, and the other girls widened their eyes and held their breath.

"You may think that I am too being rude," Darcy Lin said with an embarrassed expression. "However, I don't want to hide my feelings for you anymore. I have been in love with you for a long time. Please take my rose."

Before she could politely refuse, he took out a rose from the bouquet and handed it to her. Without saying anything else, he rushed out the door and drove away.

"That was so romantic!" Tess touched the roses with admiration.

"Yeah, it was so romantic. The largest bouquet of roses sold here in Whisper of Flower was for our boss!"

"But what should we do with so many roses? Rachel, are you going to sell them? If you do, it'll be a pity."

Of course, Rachel would not resell the roses. That would not only sell out Darcy's friendship with her, but would also be an insult to him. But could she accept the roses?

Darcy Lin was definitely a good man. He was handsome, easy-going, successful and gentle. She even felt that these words were not enough to describe him. Furthermore, he had always been very supportive of Whisper of Flower. She appreciated his efforts and was grateful for him. But red roses represented love. She couldn't afford it, let alone reciprocate his love.

Moreover, she would probably never have love in her life.

When she thought about this, her heart suddenly ached. She tried to calm herself down and thought about how she would respond to him.

The next day, Darcy's secretary had surprising news for him.

"Miss Mo sent us a lot of flowers today to express her gratitude for our continuous support. She also asked me to give these to you." The secretary handed him a bunch of lilies and a blue envelope.

Waves of emotions surged in Darcy's deep eyes. He tried his best to control his disordered heartbeat as he opened the tightly sealed letter. Rachel's graceful handwriting greeted his eyes.

"Thank you. I didn't say that to you yesterday, but thank you very much.

Thank you for all your support and for putting your trust in me for such a long time.

Thank you for making me have one more friend.

And thank you for sending me the roses.

I've heard people say that one of the greatest recognitions and praises that man can do for a girl is to give her a bouquet of roses. So, thank you.

However, please let me be your friend, okay? Like a lily, we should have a pure and bright friendship with each other, okay?"

Darcy Lin stared at the note for a very long time, his face contorting into a deep frown.

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