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   Chapter 1 Happy Valentine's Day

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At six o'clock, Rachel Mo woke up on time. The sky was still not very bright, gray, like the face of the person in the dream.

Since she opened this flower shop four years ago, she had never got up late. It was not that she didn't want to sleep, but that she was not willing to. When she opened Whisper of Flower, she rented a shop of less than ten square meters. Four years later, there were more than ten employees of Whisper of Flower in a business hall of more than 100 square meters, with its flowers all over the streets and alleys of the city. It was impossible for her to fall asleep with such a result.

She cleaned up a room upstairs into a bedroom, and the arrangement was simple and warm. There was a small wooden bed, a desk and dresser, and a delicate chair. The wall was snow-white, with dried flowers hanging on it. It was made by her in person. The sun shone in, and the room was filled with the shadow of flowers, like a dream world.

Grandma and brother always asked her to go home and sleep, saying that it was not safe for a girl to live in a shop. But she was worried about her own shop, and she would feel uneasy if she didn't live there. Someone suggested to hire a security guard, but most of the security guards were men. It was awkward to let a clumsy man live in Whisper of Flower. She felt uncomfortable. Moreover, if she lived at home and came to work every morning, it would take half an hour to take a taxi. In that case, not only was it a waste of money, but she had to get up earlier.

She might as well live here.

But she was worried about her grandma and brother. Her grandmother was seventy-one years old, and her brother was only twenty years old. He was just a sophomore. She kept thinking about them every day, "have they eaten well? Grandma is bored at home alone. Is she safe? And how is my brother's studies? Are they healthy?" Fortunately, there was no big problem, so she was relieved to live in Whisper of Flower.

She gently opened the emerald green curtain, and the wind bell hanging on the window rang with a crisp sound. When she pushed open the transparent glass window, fresh air came in. She took a few deep breaths, stretched out her arms and smiled.

Today was Valentine's day. The roses she prepared must be very good. In this way, she could buy a better guitar for her brother, Eric, and give some bonus to the girls in the shop.

She quickly freshened up and changed into work clothes to be busy.

The display rack should be arranged in a different way, and the flowers should be placed more beautiful. The small gifts should be placed in a convenient place, and the posters of Valentine's day should be posted onto the wall.

Well, there were a lot of things to do.

She was busy, and beads of sweat soon began to form on her delicate nose.

The sky gradually turned bright, and the crimson sun rose. The sunlight gently sprinkled into the room through the clean glass window. The room was immediately filled with red light, like many rose petals flying.

"Sister Rachel, why did you get up so early? Didn't you say that we would clean it together?"

A petite girl pushed the door open and shouted with dissatisfaction while grabbing the duster cloth from the boss's hand.

"I can't fall asleep." Rachel Mo pulled her messy long hair back and wiped the sweat on her forehead.

"We are so embarrassed to see you like this every day."

"Oh, don't think so! It's my own habit to get up early. Just take it as exercise! " Rachel Mo still had a smile on her face.

"Then you must have done a great job. From now on," the girl wiped the counter and said seriously, "leave the opportunity to us."

Rachel Mo looked at her gently with a smile on her face.

The shop assistants came one after another.

"Why did you come so ea

rly, Tess? Everything is ready."

A tall and thin girl looked at the well arranged shop and said in surprise.

"It's not my work," said Tess, pointing upstairs. "When I came here, Sister Rachel had already packed up."

"But why did Sister Rachel get up so early again? !" Another girl with a round face said in surprise.

"Yes." Tess nodded, feeling sorry for her.

"But Sister Rachel --" the girls shouted upstairs together, "we must come early in the future!"

"Good morning, everyone. Happy Valentine's Day!" Rachel Mo said to everybody downstairs.

"I must come here before Rachel gets up." The tall girl swore.

"Forget it, Tina Lu," the girl with round cheeks teased. "Even if I let you live here, you won't get up earlier than Sister Rachel!"

"Damn Nancy," Tina Lu was angry. She grabbed her bag and hit Nancy, "who says I can't get up? In our family, my mother praised me for being the most diligent."

Nancy was chased all over the room, and finally had nowhere to hide. She ran upstairs and hid behind Rachel.

"But Sister Rachel, you can just keep her here for one night and see how early she can get up. If she had been earlier than you, I would have stood at the door of our shop as a monkey! "

"That's what you said. Don't go back on your words!" Tina stood in front of Rachel, "Sister Rachel, and all of you have to testify for me. Let's wait and see the beautiful monkey performed by Nancy tomorrow. "

"Okay, okay." "Leave me alone. Just follow the working hours," said Rachel, pulling Nancy behind her. Hurry up and get ready. We will definitely gain a lot today! "

"But, Sister Rachel, which flower is our star on duty today?"

A girl suddenly asked.

"You are so stupid!" Nancy ran to her, pretending to knock her head hard, "today is Valentine's day. What else can be on duty except for roses?"

The girl lowered her head in shame and muttered in a low voice, "it's my first time to celebrate Valentine's day in Whisper of Flower!"

The roses were arranged in two heart-shaped shapes and placed in the place where she saw them as soon as she entered the shop. It was a routine flower language, written with a pink water brush:

You know, I love you!

It was not the working time yet, and everything in Whisper of Flower was ready. The girls were extraordinarily beautiful, forming a beautiful scenery with bright roses.

"Happy Valentine's day. Welcome to Whisper of Flower!"

Before a man entered the room, the sweet and clear voices of the girls came.

"Sir, what flowers do you need? We will give you a discount of 20 percent off for all flowers in Whisper of Flower today."


"How many roses do you need?"

"Just one branch."

"Okay, the flower meaning of a rose is -- you are the only one for me." Nancy smiled and handed the packaged red roses and an exquisite card to the guest, "Happy Valentine's Day!"

"Thank you!"

The man paid the bill and walked out happily.

Some people came in one after another, some bought one branch, some bought three branches, some bought fifteen branches, and some bought twenty-seven branches, but the big sum they expected didn't come.

"These men are so mean! If it were my boyfriend, he would have sent me nine hundred and ninety-nine branches anyway! "

"But I've never seen a man send you flowers, even a flower..."

"That's because I don't have a boyfriend. If I do..."

"If you do, ask him to buy you 999 roses and sell them in our shop."

"Second sales? Oh, not bad... "

While the girls were gossiping, a sapphire blue convertible came over. The car stopped at the door and a young man in suit pushed the door in.

Big business came.

The girls' eyes lit up and greeted him warmly.

"Red roses! 999? ……"

The receptionist, Tess, opened her mouth wide.

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