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   Chapter 50 A Monster Isolated From The World

Kill Me With Your Toxic Love By Gong Moxi Characters: 7913

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"Everyone in the company knows about you," Seth said, raising his eyebrows.

"It seems that you always hear others talk about me and Barry?" Since when she had been closely connected with Barry?

But their relationship was really short.

Yes, as long as everything was over and they took what they needed and got what they wanted, they would go their separate ways.

But why did it seem that Barry began to be serious about their relationship?

And what she should worry about now should be that Barry asked her to move out of his house. Would he not teach her any knowledge related to architecture from now on?

Was she going to lose the most authoritative teacher in the world?

"I usually don't talk to them. I'm busy with my own business. Maybe it's because I don't fit in

She didn't even dare to call her in a loud voice, because Anna was like a porcelain doll now, breaking into pieces at the touch.

"Anna..." Lea called in a soft voice. She didn't know if she could bring something to Anna when she came back now, but she was sure that she could at least accompany Anna.

It was easy for people to feel lonely. They always needed companionship.

Hearing Lea's voice, Anna slowly came to herself. She had heavy dark circles under her eyes. She must haven't slept well recently.

Anna wanted to accompany her grandma, because she would never have such a chance in the future.

"Lea." Anna forced a smile. She just wanted to prove that she was fine, but it seemed to go against her will.

The more she behaved like this, the more worried Lea was.

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