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   Chapter 49 Don't Lie To Me

Kill Me With Your Toxic Love By Gong Moxi Characters: 7313

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Lea stood still, staring at the direction in which Barry left.

It was a long corridor, but no one else passed by.

So there was only Barry in the corridor.

She looked at his back, which was full of loneliness and sadness.

However, her feet were stuck by something. She could only stand there, unable to move.

In other words, she didn't dare to run to him just because she was timid.

Could he really have a good ending with her?


Or, even if there was love between them, it would still be broken into pieces someday, turning into a broken dream.

In her life, there were some people who really couldn't be hurt.

Because if she hurt this person, the price she had to pay may be the happiness of her whole life.

And would Barry be the one who brought her happiness all her life?

If she hadn't been hurt in love, she might have been much braver than she was now. However, she had become a coward in love and prevented herself accepting reality all the time.

Half an hour later, she came to her senses.

Because she stood still and repeated what had happened between her and Barry recently, she suddenly realized that Barry had left so many marks in her life, and some of them were so deep that she could not forget.

That's to say, some people's appearance and break in caught her off guard.

What's more, his appearance may bring about the chaos of her whole life.

But without this person, her life may become boring from now on.

She walked to the ward step by step. Lea stood at the door for a long time and put down her hands several times. But in the end, she gritted her teeth and opened the door.

The moment Freda heard the door open, she stood up from her seat. Like Lea, his face was as dark as ink.

With an expressionless face, Freda looked at Lea and kept silent.

Lea just stood at the door, not daring to step in. Now she was like a sinner, as if she was coming to a trial.

And she was doomed to be guilty.

At this moment, when she faced the haggard and pale face of Freda, her heart was filled with guilt, and such guilt almost made her unable to raise her head.

Finally, she lifted her foot and walked in. As so

," Lea smiled bitterly. She knew better than anyone else that if Morris could get out of danger this time, it must be her who supported him to live on.

However, she had no choice but to lie to Freda.

She used to despise people who always said what was certainly false, but now she gradually became that kind of person.

Sitting on the edge of Morris' bed, Freda looked at Morris quietly. His face was covered with a lot of gauze, and she believed that every part of his body was seriously injured. "If that's the case, then everything will be fine."

"It must be like that." Lea pretended to be firm, but such a sentence was even unable to convince herself, but she should use such words to comfort Freda.

When Lea left the ward, she had run out of strength. As soon as she walked out of the ward, she almost fell to the ground. Fortunately, Seth, who was walking not far away, held her up in time.

She thought she would fall to the ground awkwardly, so Lea held the wall with her hand and stood firm. She looked at Seth and smiled faintly, "Thank you..."

It was so embarrassed.

Seeing that Lea had already stood firm, Seth released her arm and said slowly, "You must be Lea, right?"

"Yes. I think I should be very famous now, because I have become Barry's girlfriend..." Lea laughed to herself. Thinking of Barry's lonely back, a trace of helplessness and sadness flashed through Lea's eyes.

She really didn't know what to do now.

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