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   Chapter 48 Break Up With Her

Kill Me With Your Toxic Love By Gong Moxi Characters: 7180

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Of course, Freda stood up at the first time, and then rushed to the doctor quickly. Seeing the tiredness on the doctor's face, she was afraid that the operation wouldn't be too easy. After all, it had lasted for nearly two hours.

"Doctor, how is he?" Freda's voice was a little trembling, while Seth stood behind her and looked at the doctor calmly.

"The situation is not optimistic. We have tried our best. But we don't know if he survive the most dangerous stage. It depends on the patient's will to survive. After all, the patient was seriously injured. So you got to get ready for that." The doctor sighed.

After hearing the doctor's words, Freda fell backwards. Fortunately, Seth held her in time, or she would have fallen to the ground.

Indeed, she was weak all over and her scalp was numb.

She felt that she had fallen into a nightmare. She felt that she was about to be devoured by this terrible nightmare. But was this really just a nightmare?

It didn't seem to be true. Because her heart really felt the pain as if it was cutting her skin. Wasn't it a joke?

"What? His condition is not good? Dangerous period..." With glazed eyes, Freda could only repeat these words.

"He will be okay. Don't be like this..." Seth didn't know how to comfort Freda when he saw that she was in despair, so he could only say so.

It was the most common consolation.

But when she was filled with worry and uneasiness, she would think that these words were really just comforting.

"You can go to the ward to visit the patient later." The doctor took a look at Freda and left.

"Thank you, doctor." Seth said to the doctor, holding Freda tightly.

Clenching Seth's sleeve tightly, Freda's eyes were full of expectation and fear. "He will be fine, won't he? You told me that he would be fine, right? You won't lie to me, will you?"

Because of endless fear and fear, Freda asked questions over and over again.

Seth nodded seriously, "Of course."

"You can't lie to me, okay? You can't lie to me..." Tears welled up in Freda's eyes as she spoke.

Seth didn't know what was wrong with him. The moment he saw her crying, his h

ime behind her, but her eyes had always been fixed on another man.

So it made sense for him to be so angry.

Lea's anger seemed to be completely gone at that moment. She looked at Barry with some guilt. Seeing that he frowned subconsciously because of the pain from his arm.

Besides, she also saw self mockery and disdain on his face. He must be angry and cold hearted.

"Barry..." There was still blood on Lea's lips. She wanted to apologize to him, but she didn't know where to start.

Barry raised his hand to wipe off the blood from the corner of his mouth. Then he looked up at Lea, with a slight smile at the corners of his mouth. She heard the cold laughter from his mouth.

"Now I finally know how unimportant I am to you." Barry grabbed his coat stained with blood with one hand and paused, "From now on, please move out of my house."

"Barry..." Before Lea could stop Barry, he turned around and left.

There was still the smell of Barry between her lips and teeth, but it inexplicably made her want to cry.

Did he really love her? Did he really like her? Did he love her so much that he could save her regardless of anything?

It looked like he loved her so much. Otherwise, how could he rush in the building and save her at the risk of being buried in ruins?

But she hurt him, and he was seriously injured.

He wanted her to move out of his house. Did he want to break up with her completely?

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