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   Chapter 47 Tie Up Her Wound

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Barry stood beside Lea silently, while he gritted his teeth and endured the pain from his arm. He couldn't go to the hospital now, because he had to stay here to protect Lea.

He couldn't let anything happen to her. He had to stay with her so that he could rest assured.

Now all her attention was on Morris. Had she completely forgotten that he hurt his arm in order to save her?

Barry was a little annoyed.

Later, the medical staff successfully rescued Morris from the ruins. When the medical staff carried the stone pile not far away to the ambulance, Freda immediately stood up from the ground and rushed over. She tightly grabbed the two sides of the stretcher and looked incredulously at Morris, whose face became paler.

It could be vaguely seen that her pale lips were trembling slightly, and she couldn't say a word. She didn't even have the strength to call Morris' name.

"Are you the family of the injured?" The paramedics saw the paleness on Freda's face, so they asked.

Freda nodded dully, still unable to speak.

At the same time. Lea, who was not far away, also walked quickly over. She didn't dare to look at Morris too carefully, but she knew that he was seriously injured because she saw the red blood all over his body from the corner of her eyes.

"Come on in! The injured need emergency treatment, and he has to be sent to the hospital immediately." A nurse wearing a mask said.

Then Freda followed the medical staff into the ambulance.

Lea, Barry and Seth also got in the car.

As for Julie, she left first. Because of the collapse of the building, she had to contact Ethan and discuss countermeasures as soon as possible to reduce the unavoidable loss.

In the ambulance, no one spoke. The atmosphere in the car was very serious, and everyone's eyes fell on Morris.

He only wore a light blue shirt today, and now the shirt on him had already lost its original appearance. It had become old and shabby, stained with a lot of dust and blood.

And the part that had been grazed by the stone had become blurred with his flesh and blood.

His handsome face was also covered with scars of various sizes, probably scratched by those smashed things.

But it was still worth celebrating. After all, his head was not injured.

Lea held her breath. She s

ven Morris hadn't applied medicine for her like this. Although she had been hurt in the past few years, she was usually treated by a private doctor. Morris never treated her like this.

And she always thought that men didn't like to do such things. It was romantic to help a woman apply medicine in her eyes, but in Morris' eyes, it might be a waste of time.

But now, the strange Seth was so patient and carefully bandaging her wound.

Freda sniffed and couldn't help but feel sad and wanted to cry.

She was becoming more and more sentimental recently. Even she herself felt that she was sentimental.

"No. I'm not that fragile," Freda replied.

Seth had already helped her apply the medicine. Now he began to dress the gauze and then began to bandage for Freda. His movements looked very skillful.

Seeing that Seth had bandaged her hand, in fact, Freda was grateful to him from the bottom of her heart. At least, when she was so helpless, there was someone accompanying her.

"All right." After wrapping the gauze, Seth put Freda's hand back on her thigh and smiled faintly.

At the same time, Lea, who was standing not far away, looked at the door of the operating room. She wanted to step forward, but she dared not. She felt that she was really a little timid.

Finally, about two hours later, the door of the operating room opened.

The moment Lea heard the sound of door opening, her nerves were on edge. She fixed her eyes on that direction and clenched the corner of her clothes tightly with her fists.

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