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   Chapter 46 He Is Missing

Kill Me With Your Toxic Love By Gong Moxi Characters: 7370

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When they rushed to the first floor, a pillar on the first floor had collapsed and smashed down. Fortunately, it did not hit these two people.

In this chaotic situation, Lea and Barry were trying to avoid the stones, because from time to time, there might be something like broken stones smashing down on their heads, and once they were smashed, they might be injured or even lose their lives.

Lea was dragged here and there by Barry.

When they were about to rush out of the crumbling building, a big stone fell from above and hit Barry's arm.

In fact, Barry would not have been injured, but he was hit to protect Lea.

The big stone itself was sharp, so when he was hit by it, his arm began to bleed.

Lea saw the bright red mark on his arm at a glance. "Barry! You are bleeding!"

Barry glanced at Lea unhurriedly and said, "Let's leave here!"

He didn't think too much about it, nor did he care about his bleeding arm. All he wanted was to save Lea from the building.

At least for now, he couldn't let anything happen to Lea.

Because she was a chess piece to help him start all his plans.

Without this chess piece on the chessboard, he might fail, not to mention that Lea was the chess piece that played the main force.

Even for his own plan, Barry had to risk his life to save her.

When Julie saw Lea and Barry appear at the gate of the building, she was relieved. Fortunately, Barry was fine!

But he still saved Lea, which made her look down.

If only Lea could be buried in the ruins like this.

The more Julie thought about it, the angrier she felt.

When Barry and Lea rushed out of the building, about three to five seconds later, the building collapsed completely. Almost after the two of them ran to a safe place, the building turned into ruins with a loud noise, which made people's hearts palpitate.

Especially when they saw such an amazing scene, they felt a lingering fear.

Because they had been at stake.

"Barry, what's wrong with your arm?" Julie saw the bloodstained arm of Barry at a glance, so she immediately walked up to him and asked with concern.

Lea also looked at Barry with a guilty look. It could be said that he was injured fo

red something related to Morris, she would completely lose control and sanity.

"No! I want to find him. I must find him!" All of a sudden, Freda shook off Seth's hand and continued to dig the stones.

Her delicate hands had already bled because of the friction with the stone. The shocking blood dripped on the stone, which was particularly dazzling.

As if she didn't feel such pain, she buried her head in digging the broken stones and other building stuff on the ground.

Many workers on the construction site were also injured, and some of them might be buried under the ruins.

In the next hour, Freda kept digging the stones. When the medical staff came later, Freda's delicate and white hands had become bloody and mangled. Seeing this, Seth, who was standing behind her, really felt sorry for her.

He had never known that in Freda's mind, Morris was so important.

It turned out that this man's leaving would cause such a big harm to her.

It was the first time that he knew that not all rich ladies were ruthless and arrogant.

In fact, some of them also had the most honest side.

Standing not far away, Lea looked at Freda like a piece of wood. She couldn't do anything now.

She could only look at her helplessly and pray silently in her heart, hoping that things would not become worse.

However, the ruins piled up with a terrible aura made her inexplicably unconfident. She always felt that the situation was not very optimistic.

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