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   Chapter 31 Do You Know Who I Am

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"In this world, I can lose everything. But I can't allow anyone to hurt Lea. Whether you tell this to Freda or not, I won't let you touch Lea today," Morris said in a firm tone.

He bent down and gently helped Lea up from the sofa chair.

Lea opened her eyes slightly, with sweat all over her forehead.

Her vision began to blur, but she could still vaguely tell who was holding her up at the moment.

If she hadn't had an illusion, the person who came to save her at the moment was Morris.

But how could it be him? Shouldn't he be with his wife now?

How could he have time to care about her life or death?

Lea gently put her hand on Morris' shoulder. He carefully held her and took her out of the room.

Squinting slightly, Leroy sneered, "Do you think I will make it so simple? Wouldn't it be too easy for you to tell Freda directly?"

Not long after Morris helped Lea out of the room, he stopped.

Because of the arrival of Barry.

Lea was in a state of near coma, with cold sweat all over her body. She was really hot, but there was no way to save her from such deep distress.

"I can take care of my girlfriend myself." As soon as Barry finished speaking, he winked at the two men behind him. The next second, the two men stepped forward, pulled Lea out of Morris' arms, and handed her to Barry.

Hugging Lea with one hand, Barry said, "I hope you won't meddle in other people's affairs in the future, Mr. Lin. If my memory serves me right, you have your own girlfriend, so you'd better not interfere in other people's domestic affairs. Otherwise, it is very likely to make people fantasize."

Morris looked at Barry. He didn't dare to confront or conflict with this man who was like a God, because he would suffer losses in the end.

He also knew that Lea was the nominal girlfriend of Barry. But he, Morris, had

't you think it's too much for you to slap me before you figure it out?"

"But you..." Lea turned her face away. She felt that her face was so hot that she could boil eggs on it.

Barry lifted the quilt and got out of bed.

Lea turned around in a hurry.

However, Barry didn't take it seriously. He picked up the clothes on the ground one by one and put them on slowly.

Lea turned back tentatively. When she saw that Barry was almost dressed, she said, "Can you go out first? I want to change my clothes."

"No problem, but I have seen everything last night." After taking a glance at her, Barry still walked out.

Lea changed her clothes one by one. It took her a long time to pluck up the courage to walk out of the room. When she walked out of the room, Barry was already waiting for her in the living room.

Her face flushed again. She mumbled a few times, but still said nothing.

As if he had seen through Lea]'s mind, Barry said first, "I won't tell anyone about it."

"But we... You won't let me be responsible for you, will you?" Lea looked at Barry worriedly.

Although Barry was a perfect man and she wouldn't lose even if he asked her to be responsible for him, she still felt a little reluctant.

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