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   Chapter 10 He Won't Marry Anyone Else

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"Your brother asked you to live with a man?" Sherry was also surprised.

"In fact, it's not what you are thinking of..." So Lea told everything that had happened in the past few days to Sherry and Anna.

After hearing this, a hint of coldness flashed through Sherry's eyes, but it disappeared in an instant. She looked at Lea with admiration and said, "Do you know how many women dream of living under the same roof with Barry?"

"I don't have such an ambition, and I don't want to die early either!" Lea said discontentedly. She had no admiration for Barry but endless complaints and dissatisfaction!

"I don't want either!" Said Anna.

"You just want to live with my brother, don't you?" Lea knew Anna's admire to her brother.

Lea's words made Anna blush, who rolled her eyes at her and said, "Don't speak it out! Lea! Don't make fun of me!"

However, a trace of coldness appeared on the face of Sherry who had been active just now, and she even began to be absent-minded.

So Anna shook her hand in front of Sherry and asked, "What's wrong with you? What are you thinking about?"

It was not until now that Sherry came back to her senses. She looked at Lea and then at Anna and said with a smile, "Nothing. I'm just thinking when Anna can get Mike who is a golden bachelor."

As soon as Sherry finished her words, Lea laughed. She immediately patted her chest and promised, "Don't worry. I have already regarded you as my sister-in-law! So my brother won't marry anyone else except you! "

Anna knew that in the past few years, Lea had been trying to help her, but the gap between her and Mike was getting bigger.

When they were at school, Mike was a big shot in the school, the prince charming in everyone's eyes, and she was the kind of girl who was left in the corner and no one would notice.

At that time, she looked up at Mike, who was like a bright star.

But now, she was a rookie in the workplace, but Mike had already been the CEO of the company. The status gap between the two was even greater, which made her more unconfident.

A tinge of sadness flashed through Anna's eyes, but soon she laughed heartlessly and said, "Well, don't talk about that unrealistic thing! Our main purpose today is to welcome our Lea!"

"Would you like to the bar later?" Sherry took out a cigarette from her bag and lit it expertly. The smoke soon drifted away from her delicate face.

Anna was used to this scene, so she didn't have any reaction. But Lea looked at Sherry in confusion and asked, "You can smoke?"

"Is it strange?" Shrugging her shoulders, Sherry let out a sigh of relief naturally.

In others' eyes, it might be a bad habit, but for her, it was a good way to dispel loneliness and loss.

Because her life was more suffering than others. Sometimes, if she didn't rely on smoke to paralyze herself, she didn't know how to paralyze her aching nerves.

"Since when?" Lea sighed slightly. She knew how hard it was for Sherry.

After exhaling another puff of cigarette, Sherry looked at Lea and said, "About after you went abroad."

"For what?" Lea frowned.

"Well, don't ask so many questions. Lea, I found that you are getting more and more verbose!" Anna said discontentedly.

Lea bit her lips and didn't ask any more, but she felt something different in her heart.

A few years had passed, and many things had changed without her noticing.

As time went by, their relationship was also changing slightly.

Their friendship used to be pure, but could they still be so pure now?

"I'll take you to the club later. Do you want to go?" Lea suggested. She didn't want to talk about anything heavy, because she felt that the atmosphere was getting colder and colder.

An almost invisible smile appeared on the corner of

Sherry's mouth. Perhaps this was the difference between her and Lea.

The princess from the rich family were often club members, enjoying high-end service. People like them who were struggling at the bottom of the society could only go to the noisy bar to vent their recent sadness.

She didn't expect that time would bring such a gap between them.

"Of course I want to go," said Anna, who liked to join in the fun.

"What about you?" Anna turned to ask Sherry.

Sherry threw the cigarette into the ashtray beside and said slowly, "As you like."

"Great! Let's go!" After saying that, Lea stood up.

Soon, the two of them sat on the new Maserati Lea bought after she came back, and Anna sat on the passenger seat, looking very happy. "It's so comfortable! I've always dreamed of sitting in such a luxury car!"

"It would be real if you marry my brother." Lea joked again.

Anna felt a little embarrassed, so she patted Lea on the shoulder and said, "Lea!"

"Why should you feel embarrassed? Sister in law..." Lea started the car as she spoke.

Sitting in the back seat, Sherry slowly closed her eyes and said nothing. She listened to the two of them talking and talking, and she directly ignored some of the problems between the two of them.

Lea sensed the change in Sherry, but she didn't ask. What she had experienced these years!

In the past, Sherry was lively and enthusiastic, but now, she was sometimes enthusiastic and sometimes cold, which made Lea feel a deep sense of unease and fear.

She didn't have many friends, so she cherished these two friends very much.

What's more, Anna might be her sister-in-law.

Through the rearview mirror, Lea saw that Sherry was taking a rest with her eyes closed. She seemed to be very tired, and compared with the pressure on her body, she might have to bear more in her heart.

When they arrived at the club, a valet came over and stopped the car for Lea.

Arm in arm with Anna and arm in arm with Sherry, Lea walked into the club.

They could enjoy many high-end services here, and there was a tea room on the other side where many people would choose to talk business inside.

Of course, there were also many leisure places and gyms.

Behind the club, there was a large golf course.

"Let's go there." Lea pointed at a road sign above her head and came to the business area.

Here, they could enjoy a lot of delicious food and choose a comfortable box to catch up on the old days.

However, as soon as the three of them reached the entrance of the business area, they saw Julie.

She just met Julie this morning, and Lea didn't expect to meet her here again. What coincidence!

She was not lucky today.

"Lea." Julie called out to Lea in a defiant tone.

Lea felt a chill on her neck and her feet. She slowly turned around and saw Julie in sportswear. There was a towel on her neck and her long hair was tied up high, which made her looked more domineering.

Both Anna and Sherry couldn't help but look at Lea. 'This woman doesn't look like a good person.'

Seeing that Julie was going to talk about the old days with Lea, the other women with Julie left sensibly. "Julie, take your time. We'll have a rest over there, you come to us then."

"Okay." Julie answered without looking sideways.

"Isn't this Miss Julie?" Anna knew this woman, who was known as the unruly rich lady.

Without saying a word, Sherry just stood behind Lea and watched her quietly. Anyway, she couldn't get involved in this kind of thing.

"What a coincidence! You are here too?" Then Julie walked up to Lea and said, "I didn't know you are the daughter of the Xiao family until now. I thought Barry just found a random girl to be his girlfriend. It seems that you quite deserve Barry."

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