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   Chapter 9 His Kiss

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"Do you have any questions?" Barry put his arm around Lea's shoulder.

Lea was almost choked by the food in her mouth. Did she really become his girlfriend for no reason? Although he just used her as an excuse.

"Why haven't I heard you mention this woman before? 'Do you find a passer-by to drive me away?' Obviously, Julie didn't believe it. This woman had a good-looking, but she was not Barry's cup of tea.

'Haven't we seen each other for such a long time that Barry changed his type?'

"Do I need to report to you what happened between me and Lea?" After saying that, Barry looked at Lea affectionately, with rare tenderness in his eyes.

Lea put down the bread in her hand unconsciously, and then turned to look at Barry. His gentle eyes almost blind her. 'Is it real Barry who showed such a gentle smile to me?'

What made her even more surprised was that Barry reached out his hand and touched her face with his fingers. Such an intimate action made her stop in place. This man might not only have a cold side.

The scene in front of Julie completely irritated her. She walked to Barry and her face was too dark to see. "It's impossible! No way! Even if you don't like me, can you forget her? Can you do it? Tell me! Have you forgotten at all?"

Lea didn't know who she referred to was, but she noticed that the look in Barry's eyes suddenly turned cold. And that "her" must have an unusual meaning to him.

Barry felt a stabbing pain in his heart, so he frowned unconsciously.

Lea could see that he was irritated by Julie so that she was more sure how important was the "her" to Barry.

'Is she his ex-girlfriend? Or someone to him?'

The reason why Barry could stand at the top must be his extraordinary talent and unimaginable experience.

Barry's eyes twitched. Then he turned to look at Julie and asked, "Do you still like to mess around like this?"

"Am I? You are the one who's making trouble!" Julie clenched her fists and said, "Do you know what will happen if you don't marry me?"

"I'm curious about that. Is it because your Yan family can't live without me, or because I can't live without your family? You should know better than I do." Barry said contemptuously.

Barry was very clear about the significance of himself to Sky Construction, so he didn't care about the meaningless threat from Julie at all.

Although Sky Construction, a subsidiary of the Yan family, was once very prosperous, it absolutely had no current status without Barry's contribution.

Julie was clear that she couldn't threaten Barry on this matter.

"As for her, I just fall in love with her. It's not because she is better than other women, I just like her for no reason." Barry turned to look at Lea again.

The next second, Lea saw a handsome face constantly enlarged.

Lea's eyes widened. 'What is he doing now? Taking advantage of me?

But why is he so elegant even when he is a hoodlum?

And now I have a request from him, so I couldn't push him away at all! That's why this bastard dares to take advantage of me, doesn't he?'

Seeing such an intimate scene, Julie was on the verge of breaking down. But even if she continued to mess around, she would come to no good end. So she turned around and left angrily.

Even if her figure had disappeared from the living room, Lea could still hear the sound of her high heels knocking on the marble floor. Was she trying to express her dissatisfaction and grievance with such a noise?

After Julie left, Barry let go of Lea.

Lea was almost out of breath. She gasped for b

reath. When she was about to scold him, Barry had turned around and left.

The sadness in his eyes was exactly seen by her.

'But why does he suddenly become so sad?

Is it because of the person mentioned by Julie?'

Lea's heart sank. She had no choice but to be softhearted, especially when facing a handsome man.

After all, it was a society that depended on one's face now.

'But does Barry plan to give me an explanation? How could he just leave like this?

Can't he even say a "thank you" to me?'

But when she saw the sadness on Barry's face, why did she feel a little uncomfortable?

She couldn't even say a reproachful word.

In fact, he also had a woman he loved so much. It was just that relationship hurt him, so he began to close himself.

But now it was not the right time to think about it. She had to get rid of the kiss from her memory as soon as possible. She had to go out to see her best friend.

She didn't have many friends since she was a child. To be exact, there were only two who could play with her.

They were Sherry Gao and Anna Fu.

Knowing that she's back, two of them planned to welcome her.

Even though, Lea was the person who would pay the bill in the end.

But she had already accepted these two "fake" friends.

They had agreed to meet at a restaurant in the city center. They used to come to this restaurant a lot at the gate of middle school, which was very lively as usual, but because it was a holiday now, the restaurant was a little quiet.

In this way, the three of them could have a good talk.

When Lea arrived, Sherry Gao soon came up to her. This woman still kept herself as enchanting and beautiful as before. When she was a student, she was the goddess in her class, with countless pursuers, and Lea was easily overshadowed by her.

Because Sherry Gao was always the most outstanding.

But Lea was willing to be a decoration beside such a beauty.

"Our Miss Lea is still the same, and I think she is getting younger and younger." Sherry Gao gave her a big hug.

Compared with the enthusiastic Sherry Gao, Anna Fu was much colder. She sat quietly in her seat and impatiently waved her hand. "Isn't it enough for you two to show off your love? Can you look at me? Hello! You two! You treat me as air again?"

Sherry Gao made a funny face speechlessly and pulled Lea to the other side and sat down. "How are you? Why didn't you contact us immediately when you came back?"

Once mentioned it, Lea remembered that she had been thrown out like rubbish by Barry. She sighed helplessly and said, "You don't know what kind of life I am living now."

"You have nothing to worry about. What else life can you live? Of course you are well-dressed and own everything." Anna Fu glanced at Lea discontentedly. It seemed that Lea never knew what satisfaction was.

Anna Fu was born in a poor family, so she had to worry about life every day.

Lea shook her head and said, "You know? I have to get along with an iceberg every day. Can you imagine? What the feeling of being ignored, And being despised without dignity is?"

"Are you living with a man?" Sherry Gao immediately felt something wrong, so she looked at Lea with an ambiguous expression.

"In a sense, I am." She did live with Barry, although it was temporary.

"With whom?" Anna Fu looked at Lea curiously, but then she couldn't figure it out. "You don't live in your own villa, but live with someone? Did your father and brother agree?"

"It's my brother's idea." Lea looked at Anna Fu and nodded noncommittally.

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