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   Chapter 7 Don't Think Highly Of Yourself In Front Of Me

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Lea didn't fall to the ground awkwardly, but fell into Barry's arms coincidentally.

She still felt a lingering fear. When she fell down, Lea was still cursing Barry in her heart. 'Couldn't he see what I was doing just now? Of course she was trying to get the book on the top floor by herself!

How could he ask that stupid question?'

She even felt that Barry was making fun of her on purpose.

But she couldn't return kindness with ingratitude because Barry picked her up. So she was about to say thanks, but before she could do that, Barry let go of his hands.

So the next second, she fell hard on the ground. Although it was covered with carpet, it still hurt.


He had already reached out his hand to catch me, but he loosened his hands?

Can he be a gentleman? Doesn't he know how to be tender to a woman?'

Lea frowned and stared at Barry angrily, "Why did you let go of me?"

Just now when he saw Lea lean back, he did stretch out his hand to catch her out of inertia, but then he loosened his hand out of another inertia.

Except for her, he would not spare his sprits to another woman, let alone fall in love with this woman.

It was enough to fill one person in his heart in this life.

"My hands are numb." Barry replied in a simple and clear tone.

It made Lea speechless. 'Fine, I'll put up with it. I'll put up with everything, ' she thought.

When she learnt what she want, she would give him back what she had suffered from this cold man.

It was just that dreams were beautiful, but reality was often very cruel.

Lea screamed and got up from the ground. She glared at Barry and said, "I think you did it on purpose!"

Wearing an iron gray suit, Barry looked taller. The sunshine outside the window sprinkled on his body, as if he was coated with a layer of gold, dazzling and eye-catching.

He glanced at Lea indifferently, "You should be okay since you can still speak so loudly."

"Should be okay? How it be possible? I have bruises on my back!" Lea was still accusing Barry of being an inhuman beast.

No, maybe even a beast was more human than him.

Now she suddenly felt that there must be something wrong between her and Barry.

Barry squinted his eyes and said coldly, "You have bruises on your back? Do you want me to apply medicine for you?"

Barry's words made Lea face turn red. She was speechless again. She could only clench her fists and look at Barry with dissatisfaction.

Barry raised his chin slightly and said after a while, "There are servants outside, don't you know?"

"I thought..." She thought she could get it by herself. No, she could have gotten it by herself, but Barry appeared suddenly...

If it weren't for him, would she be frightened? If she was not frightened, could she fall down?

"Don't think too highly of yourself in front of me." After saying that, Barry turned around and walked into another room with all kinds of books.

Lea muttered, cursing Barry.

'I think you are the one who think too highly of yourself!'

But she had to admit that this man had the ability to look down upon everything. He was outstanding in appearance and talent, and was crowned with various titles of honor at a young age. He had reached a height that many people could not reach, which was unparalleled.

And this man had completely isolated himself from the outside world. Perhaps there was a reason for his loneliness.

At the thought that he was an orphan, Lea sighed. She thought that she was broad-minded and no need to argue with him.

Not long after, Barry came out of the room again with three books and handed them to Lea. "Read these books."

"Don't you teach me?" Lea looked at Barry in surprise. Did he really just want her to read books?

"You want me to teach you how to read?" A touch of irony flashed through Barry's eyes.

Lea took the books from his h

and obediently, "I mean, you should give me some guidance, shouldn't you?"

"As a top student graduated from a well-known foreign architecture university, do you need my guidance?" Barry looked at Lea disapprovingly.

"There is a long way to go. Even if I am a top student, I still have to be honest to ask for advice." Lea looked at Barry with a smile. It was said that people would never hit a smiling man. She would smile more at this iceberg in the future, maybe she could change him.

Barry seemed to agree with her. "I'll teach you when it's the time."

"Teach me when it's the time? So when is the right time?" Lea had little confidence in what he said.

Barry pressed his lips tightly and said coldly, "When you can figure out all the design concepts of these buildings."

If she had the ability. She had been an elite in the construction industry, but she didn't want to be laughed at by Barry, so she had to nod slightly to agree.

"Do you have any questions?" Barry had dealt with all the trivial things in the company, so he was a little tired now.

"Actually, I have a question... Have you read all the books in the study?" Lea felt that she was always very insignificant in front of this man. He was so knowledgeable, while she had always relied on little intelligence, but in fact, she did not have any real talents.

"Do you have any questions about it?" Barry didn't give a direct answer.

It seemed the truth. Lea started to respect this man.

There were so many books in the study and Barry had read them all.

No wonder he became such a boring person. It turned out that he was also a bookworm. He just was a little more handsome than those bookworms, and he was incredibly handsome so that the flowers and plants would immediately turn pale.

This man's appearance even made her jealous.

Noticing that Lea looked at him with disgust and sympathy, Barry got goose bumps all over his body. He asked with a straight face, "What are you looking at?"

Lea quickly drew back her unscrupulous gaze on Barry, and grinned, "Nothing, teacher."

"So why do you still stay here?" He asked her to leave.

Lea curled her lips disapprovingly and left the study with the book in her arms.

Looking at Lea's back, Barry felt warm in his heart.

He had never known that it was such a feeling to have someone to talk with him at home.

He couldn't remember when he left the Yan family and lived here alone.

All in all, it had been many years.

And he had already been used to living alone. He closed himself in a lonely world. Although lonely, it was a way of self-protection. Some people wouldn't hurt each other if they didn't touch each other, and he was afraid of being hurt by love.

On the second day, Lea had meal with this iceberg. He had the ability of bringing coldness around him, so even sitting in a room with full heating, Lea still felt cold in her feet unconsciously.

She wondered how a man as tall as 1.85m could maintain such an elegant eating posture. Moreover, he read Financial Weekly aside while eating.

How could he enjoy breakfast with relish when he read that kind of thing?

On the contrary, for a woman like Lea who was not interested in finance and even a little allergic, she would never do something that would affect her appetite during the meal.

Therefore, compared with Barry who was enjoying his breakfast elegantly, Lea's way of eating was more than wolfing down.

Hearing the noise of chewing, Barry couldn't help but frown. Then he put down the Financial Weekly in his hand.

His indifferent eyes fell on Lea, who was chewing the food in her hand, felt a chill, so she raised her head uneasily and met someone's cold eyes.

Didn't he even give her the right to enjoy a breakfast quietly? She was a little worried that she would have indigestion if she ate at the same table with him.

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