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   Chapter 6 Warm Embrace

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Ethan raised his chin and took a look at Mike and left with his crutch.

Lea felt that her mouth was stuck by something, and she couldn't even say 'goodbye'. Anyway, she never knew how to flatter others and pretended to be courteous.

The arrival of Ethan could be said to be an episode.

Then Mike left not long after.

When there were only Barry and Lea left in the living room, Lea always felt a little embarrassed. The house with heating on was still cold. There was no need to think too much that the coldness was brought by the iceberg sitting beside her.

Lea unconsciously tightened her coat, and then looked at Barry carefully. After hesitating for a while, she finally asked, "Do you have a fiancée?"

"I didn't agree." Barry blurted out, with obvious dissatisfaction in his tone.

The man in front of her didn't seem to be the kind of person who would be threatened. But what was the background of Barry? He was obviously the son of Ethan, but his name was Barry Nan.

It was kind of strange.

At that time, Lea had been thinking in her mind in her mind that she had to search for the information of Barry on the Internet later. She had to figure out who Barry was so that she could well learn from him.

"You didn't agree?" Lea nodded while thinking, "But... Is there anyone you like?"

Although this man was as cold and expressionless as an iceberg, he would always meet the woman who made him fall in love with. Otherwise, people would suspect his sexual orientation...

If such a perfect man was not interested in women, wouldn't it be a reckless waste?

When Lea asked this question to him, she clearly saw a flash of pain in his eyes, but it disappeared so quickly that she thought what she saw just now was just her illusion.

"You are here to learn, not to gossip. Don't go out and talk about what you heard today." Barry ordered coldly.

Was she the kind of person who would gossip around?

Besides, didn't he ask her to stay here? If he was afraid that she would go around to publicize it, why didn't he let her leave just now?

This man was really... Confusing.

"Did you just say that the learning materials are in the study?" Lea remembered what Barry had just said, so she asked.

"Yes." Barry didn't want to say one more word.

Lea sighed helplessly. 'He is such a reticent man.'

At lunch time, Barry went out. It was said that he was going to attend an important meeting in the company. It was not easy for him to start such a big company at such a young age.

Sitting cross legged on a rosewood chair, Lea kept stuffing food into her mouth while taking out her mobile phone to look for Barry's information.

'These media must have thought too highly of Barry.

Is he really that capable?'

Barry was called the legendary figure in the economy of K City, the biggest contribution in the economy of K City now, and the genius of famous construction...

'Is Barry really so young and promising? Or are these media exaggerating? But he must have some reason to be so arrogant and conceited. Otherwise, how dare he look at others with his nose all the time?'

Lea continued to check her mobile phone, then opened her mouth unconsciously. It turned out that Barry was an orphan.

"No wonder you are so lonely and introverted." Lea seemed to sympathize with Barry. She shook her head and sighed.

"Is Barry the adopted son of that man? They don't look like the father and son at all... But generally speaking, Barry should be grateful to Ethan, shouldn't he? But why does he seem to hate Ethan? Is it because he was forced to marry?" Lea pushed the phone aside and began to speculate.

But no matter what she thought, there was no evidence.

Only they themselves knew the truth.

She just came to study, so she'd better not meddle in other people's busines

s. After all, curiosity sometimes really killed a person.

Although she had to admit that she was indeed interested in Barry, a mysterious man.

But she just wanted to know more about him and had no other feelings.

After meal, Lea came to the study of Barry and said, "This is the study."

She had hoped to get the personal guidance of Barry, but now he actually sent her to read by herself? If reading could make her progress, why would she come to him?

'This guy...'

Lea opened the door of the study and walked in. She felt that she had arrived at a huge library. In front of the door was a square desk made of gold silk wood, on which some documents and books were neatly placed. Of course, there were some basic office supplies.

On both sides of the table, there were two bookshelves as high as the roof. The bookshelves were full of books, which didn't look new. Perhaps, Barry often read them.

On the left side, there was a side door. The door was not closed, so she could see that it was a bookshelf. There were still all kinds of books on the bookshelf, which dazzled her.

"Did Barry buy all the books about architecture all over the world?" Lea couldn't help but marvel. No wonder he could achieve what he was now, but she was still a graduate who hadn't even touched the edge of construction.

A person's talent was not inborn. Even for someone as dazzling and wise as Barry, he had made great efforts.

Lea walked slowly by the bookshelf, only to find that the books she could reach were not about architecture, but about economy and management.

As the CEO of a company, Barry knew everything about this field.

But where was the book about architecture?

Lea raised her neck and finally saw a book about architecture on the top of the bookshelf.

How could Barry put the books about architecture at such a high place? What should she do, a woman who was powerless?

Well, she had to act like a tough woman this time.

Instead of turning to the cold servants outside for help, Lea decided to make her own living.

Lea saw a ladder in the corner of the wall. It should be used when Barry took books. Thinking of the noble man like Barry who climbed the ladder, a faint smile appeared on her face.

That scene should be very beautiful, shouldn't it?

With great efforts, she finally moved the ladder from the corner to the bookshelf. Now as long as she climbed the staircase, she could get the book she wanted.

It was just that she was a little afraid of heights, so it was not a simple thing for her.

But she couldn't disobey Barry, could she? That guy was not easy to deal with, and he wouldn't be nice to you. Thinking of this, she gritted her teeth and climbed up.

After climbing up a little bit, Lea began to tremble. Her acrophobia was really serious, so she did not dare to look down. If she did, she might fall down.

Swallowing her saliva, Lea had no courage to climb up further.

So she tried to get the book with her trembling hands.

She had forgotten to close the door when she came in just now, so when Barry quietly stood under her, she did not notice at all, and was still concentrating on the book.

Looking at Lea's funny face, Barry thought of a person, but this person...

They were the same, sincere and lively, enthusiastic and happy.

The room was equipped with heating, which made Lea's forehead full of sweat. She took a deep breath and was about to push herself to another step.

But she heard the faint voice of Barry, "What are you doing?"

Subconsciously, Lea wanted to lower her head to see who it was, but as soon as she lowered her head, she felt dizzy. After a miserable scream, Lea fell down from the stairs like a feather.

She closed her eyes and thought that she would fall very hard, but she fell into a warm embrace.

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